Tiger Woods Divorce Documents

Woods’ divorce from his now ex-wife Elin Maria Pernilla Nordegren — her maiden name was restored by the divorce happened quickly. Tiger walked through the front door of the Bay County Courthouse around 12:30 p.m. Monday. By the time he left less than an hour later, he was divorced.

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Nordegren will reportedly keep one home in Florida, Tiger will retain their house in Jupiter Island, Florida. He is also likely to keep a £2 million Los Angeles apartment and their 155ft yacht Privacy. Nordegren bought a property in her native Sweden last year.

An original prenuptial agreement is believed to have given her the right to $20 million (£12 million) after 10 years of marriage. But in the wake of the scandal that was said to have been renegotiated, which could have led to her receiving hundreds of millions of dollars. Woods is understood to be keen that she never reveal details of their marriage publicly. Woods will reportedly have custody of their two children for at least one weekend a month, and possibly for longer periods.

According to the divorce documents the marriage was “irretrievably broken” and the couple had agreed to separate in early July, following Woods’ confession to a string of extramarital affairs.

Miss Uchitel, 34, a New York nightlcub promoter, was the first woman to be linked to the golfer after being named by the National Enquirer.

Jaimee Grubbs, a 24-year-old Los Angeles cocktail waitress, later claimed she had a 31-month affair with Woods after meeting him at a Las Vegas club when she was 21.

She claimed to have an answerphone message in which Woods said his wife had gone through his phone.

The voice said: “Hey, it’s, uh, it’s Tiger. I need you to do me a huge favour. Um, can you please, uh, take your name off your phone. My wife went through my phone. And, uh, may be calling you.

“If you can, please take your name off that and, um, and what do you call it just have it as a number on the voice mail, just have it as your telephone number. That’s it, OK. You gotta do this for me. Huge.

“Quickly. Alright. Bye”.

Jamie Jungers, a 26-year-old aspiring model and Las Vegas cocktail waitress, allegedly began having an affair with Woods in 2005, less than a year after he got married.

Mindy Lawton, restaurant waitress near Woods’s Florida home, claimed that she had sex with Woods, in a church car park as well as at his home during a year-long affair in 2006.

Kalika Moquin, 23-year-old marketing manager for The Bank nightclub in Sin City. The tells Us Weekly she first met Woods in a professional capacity at Las Vegas events. Moquin did have a fling with Woods and the two even spent the night of October 22 together at his MGM Grand suite. She bragged about sleeping with him. Woods would stay an extra night in Vegas to spend time with Moquin.

Theresa Rogers bragged to her friends that she showed the sports ace “everything he needed to know to be a great lover.”

Julie Postle worked as a cocktail waitress at the Roxy Night Club in Orlando when she began seeing Woods in 2004.

Cori Rist, 31, is said to have met Tiger in a New York club last year. One of Tigers friends introduced Rist to Woods, and the friend said she was quite attractive. Rist is a traveling companion of Tiger Woods. Rist, 31 likes to patron some of the better Manhattan clubs, and that is how Cori Rist and Tiger Woods allegedly met. Then Tiger Woods began to fly her to meet him while on tour, Tiger would get a suite and one of his staffers would book Cori Rist an adjoining room.

Holly Sampson, a 36-year-old star of films such as Diary of A Horny Housewife and Emmanuelle in Paradise, was also linked to Woods in media reports.

Porn star Joslyn James, real name Veronica Siwik-Daniels, also claimed to have been Woods’ mistress.

Tiger Woods Text Messages To Joslyn James (Warning: Graphic Language)

The sordid sex scandal cost Woods three major corporate sponsors — Accenture, AT&T and Gatorade — worth millions of dollars, and he lost his stature the gold standard in sports endorsements. A month after the scandal became public, Woods spent two months in therapy at a Mississippi clinic with hopes of saving his marriage.

Tiger and Nordegren were married Oct. 5, 2004, in Barbados and have a 3-year-old daughter, Sam, and an 18-month-old son, Charlie. Nordegren maiden name was restored by the divorce. Woods and Nordegren both appeared at a hearing in Judge Judy Pittman Biebel’s chambers on the third floor of the courthouse. The hearing took about 10 minutes. The divorce was filed and finalized within an hour.

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