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Obama Visits Great Wall In China

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Obama’s Image In Tomb

716Obama, Obama, Obama, chill with that EGO!!! President Obama took a tour of the pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. Giza was the last stop on the president’s Egyptian visit.

During that tour Obama went to the Tomb of ‘Qar’, Oar is described as a well-known priest, scholar and judge in ancient Egypt. On the wall there are hieroglyphs of Qar, he was a thin man man with big ears. When Obama saw this he said “That looks like me!”, “Look at those ears.”

Obama in that case, every dame stick person I have drawn the past 47 years look like you. Do you think Egyptians were thinking about you in 2589-2566 BC (based on Khufu the builder of the Great Pyramid at Giza aka “Great is Khafre”). If they were, were in deep trouble, I take that back, Egyptians are the ones deep trouble. Then Obama called his top aides to take a look at the Qar hieroglyph, and repeated, “Look, that’s me,”. Naturally no one disagreed.

After reading more on this, some considered the image to look like Mr. Spock of “Star Trek”, not our president, he still claims ‘It’s Him’. Get ready for the Kool Aid Drinkers to run with this.

Is it Obama or not?