Obama’s Moderate Taliban, What?

taliban-fighters“Obama’s comment resemble a dream more than reality,” said Waheed Mozhdah, an analyst who has written a book on the Taliban. President Barack Obama’s proposal to reach out to moderate Taliban, end the Afghan insurgency.

Nobody knows why Obama is talking about moderate Taliban and what it means? Im sure Obama don’t know what he’s talking about, I guess he didn’t have that teleprompter with him. Afghan President Hamid Karzai welcomed Obama’s proposal but analysts were doubtful.

“Where are the so-called moderate Taliban? Who are the moderate Taliban?” asked Mozhdah, who was an official in both the Taliban and the Karzai governments. Than the question “‘Moderate Taliban’ is like ‘moderate killer’. Is Obama dreaming here? Obama’s proposal to reach out to moderate Taliban was also aimed at splitting the movement. The violence has also risen, as the Taliban have stepped up their campaign to force out Western troops.

70,000 foreign troops, 38,000 of them American, are due to be joined in coming months by another 17,000 U.S. soldiers. The Taliban are very rigid in their demands and they don’t want to talk.


Easy As Taking Cells From An Embryo

embryo7President Barack Obama signed an executive order on today that ends the federal government’s 2001 restrictions on federal funding for some embryonic stem cell lines. Again FEDERAL FUNDING. In August 2001 Bush allowed tax dollars to support studies to 21 already-existing cell lines. That meant that a provision renewed by Congress every year since 1996, banning research in which embryos are destroyed, no longer stood as an absolute barrier to the stem cell work.

Obama’s new executive order will open the door wider. That’s right WIDER. We are talking about embryonic stem cells and for those that are not aware embryonic stem cells are harvested from the inner cell mass of the blastocyst seven to ten days after fertilization. You pick your argument from here. I have to remind you who your dealing with, Democrats, Liberal Democrats that criticized the Bush administration for politicizing embryonic science. Democrats that criticize Bush but celebrate Obama on the same issue, some very typical of the Liberal Democrats.

Don’t get me wrong in this topic. Stem cell research is still considered to be the gateway to finding cure for debilitating neurological and muscular diseases, Parkinson’s, diabetes and Alzheimer’s, something that can be done with Adult Stem Cell. See there is a difference. Adult stem cell lines isolated from mature tissues and commonly used in stem cell research, as are cells isolated from umbilical cord blood, not embryos. Adult stem cells are not totipotent or pluripotent like embryonic stem cells, but rather more specialized cells that are multipotent. Already, abortion opponents are bracing for a battle over the stem-cell policy.

President Obama’s Executive Order open up federal funding for stem cell research. He acknowledged that studying stem cells extracted from human embryos, which are destroyed in the process, is deeply divisive. Do you really think he cares, NO! In making his announcement, Obama made some reference to human cloning, he was running off to make himself sound smart, anyway cloning and embryonic stem cell has been a mixed issue since single genes were isolated, that debate will exist forever.

Obama said this and remember this statement, he would ensure that his administration “never opens the door” to cloning for human reproduction, adding, “It is dangerous, profoundly wrong and has no place in our society or any society.” Yeah Right !!!

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Watch Me Pull A House Out This Hat !

grfPresident Barack Obama’s magic has just amazed the country. Im waiting for the Masked Magician to reveal his secrets. The illusions Obama has performed has taken the country by surprise, and we sit and wait for the next trick as the Obama administration prepare us for another ‘watch me pull a rabbit out this hat’ trick.

While we were focused at the stimulus bill last week, Obama pull a quick $275 billion housing rescue program from the Magician’s Hat. The administration has dubbed this the “Making Home Affordable” initiative. The idea is not to prevent all foreclosures, but to push aside those the government deems “unnecessary,” loans to responsible borrowers trying to keep their home during rough economic times.

This program has two main parts. The first part, called “Home Affordable Refinance,” is aimed at homeowners whose property has lost value. This is open only to borrowers with conforming loans backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, it would waive the requirement that the borrower have 20 percent equity in the home. The second program, called “Home Affordable Modification,” is aimed at borrowers whose payments have become unaffordable, because of a hardship such as job loss or illness, or because the interest rate has been reset higher on an adjustable-rate mortgage. The government would provide cash payments and financial subsidies to help the lender lower the monthly payment to as much as 31 percent of the borrower’s gross monthly income.

Both programs are limited to borrowers who live in their homes, owe no more than $729,750 and fully document their incomes. The plan’s came a day before the House of Representatives was expected to pass legislation giving bankruptcy judges power that they now lack to modify the terms of certain mortgages. Now lenders has to modify mortgages instead of moving to foreclosure. The Obama Administration thinks the plan can help up to 9 million homeowners. Housing may be more affordable now than at any recent time, thanks to lower prices and falling mortgage rates. The National Association of Realtors has an “affordability index” that estimates the family income needed to buy a median-price house, assuming a 20 percent down payment and monthly mortgage payments equal to 25 percent of income.

The Obama plan offers $200 billion to provide refinancing for some homeowners who owe more than their homes are now worth. 5 million of them must have their mortgages in the hands of Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Who did we just give money to? Another $75 billion in incentives to 4 million, this is to help prevent foreclosures in cases in which the homeowners are about to lose their homes. The money comes from the $700 billion bailout fund approved last October. What will be pulled out he hat next week, CAR LOANS ?

25 DVDs & A Toy, WOW ! Inexperience !

iifDo you remember during the elections the term “inexperience”, well a demonstration of Obama’s Inexperience was demonstrated to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. See Obama has no idea of what is going on, neither does his wife, I had to include this cause she is the First Lady. Prime Minister Brown took great steps to make sure the President Of The United States Of America received meaningful gifts as a tradition when visiting the White House.

Prime Minister Brown gave three presents to the President Of The United States Of America. One gift was a pen set made from the oak timbers of the antislavery ship H.M.S. Gannet, a late 19th century sloop tasked with battling the evil forces of slave trading this is a very thoughtful gift, considering Obama is the United States first executive officer elected of African decent.
Obama got a handcrafted desk ornament, made from the exH.M.S. President. He also got some Churchill books and a framed commission for H.M.S. Resolute.

The second gift PM Brown gave Zero was the framed commission from the H.M.S. Gannet’s sister ship, the H.M.S. Resolute. The H.M.S. Resolute figures into relations between our two countries as the H.M.S. Resolute was lost in ice flows back in 1855, abandoned by Queen Victoria but rescued a year later by the United States and returned to Queen Victoria and the people of the UK. The timbers from the H.M.S. Resolute, which was broken up in 1879 were used in the construction of the desk that now sits in the Oval Office. Queen Victoria commissioned a desk to be built from the salvaged timbers and presented the desk to President Rutherford Hayes in 1880.

The third and last gift given to the “Dear One” was a first edition of a 7 volume biography of Winston Churchill, by Martin Gilbert, a addition to the bust of Sir Winston that sits in the Oval Office, on loan from the British since 2001. Prime Minister Brown gave Obama’s children 6 copies of books from British authors that will be published in the US shortly. In addition, Mrs. Brown also gifted each of Zero’s children with an outfit from a recently opened British store here in the US.

This is a wonderful gesture from Prime Minister Brown and his wife. With hundreds of years of history between our two countries, gifts exchanging between leaders is one of the most respected aspects of two countries relationship. It seems like there was great thought in these gifts for our President Of The United States Of America.

Now you ask what did Obama, the President Of The United States Of America, Leader of the most powerful country in the free world, The man of ‘change and hope’, the ‘messiah’ to many, give to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown….. collection of Top 25 American movies on DVD and his sons got toy versions of the president’s Marine One helicopter.

Again, where is the Media? How embarrassing.

I Got An Answer, Earmark

emarkI asked the question, ‘Where Is The Money’, well I got my answer. Wanted to share with you. Why such directed corrupt and wasteful spending. We got Obama in office, remember the what Peggy Joseph said, “You know, if I help him, he’s going to help me.”, I posted that video, you may have seen it. Well this was not excluding pet projects that congressmen, senators and governors wanted. Obama is just returning the favor.

$1.8 million for swine odor and manure management in Iowa, $238,000 for organizing Hawaiian sea voyages in ancient canoes, $200,000 for tattoo removal in Mission Hills, Calif., $1.9 million earmark for the Pleasure Beach water taxi service in Connecticut, $190,000 for the Children’s Medical Center of Dayton’s pediatric trauma unit and emergency center ,$190,000 to build a nursing school at the Middletown Regional Health System, $466,000 for the Ohio-Israel Agriculture Initiative, $95,000 for cataloguing and preservation activities at the Columbus Museum of Art, $95,000 to help the Cleveland school district with technology upgrades to improve math, language and science proficiency, $404,000 for facilities and equipment at Mercy Medical Center in Canton, $122,821 for the Greater Toledo Arts Commission to market and develop support for local artists, $2.192 million for greenhouse and hydroponic research complex at University of Toledo, $959,000 for corn and soybean research in Wooster, $95,000 to the Cuyahoga County commissioners for a teacher training initiative, $1.225 million for runway improvements at Cuyahoga County Airport ,$450,000 to help the Ohio attorney general with a forensic crime lab in Toledo, $95,000 for Visiting Nurse Association Healthcare Partners to purchase equipment, $145,000 for Defiance College’s forensic science program for genetic analysis equipment, $238,000 to help the Hattie Latham Research Institute in Mantua provide services to pre-school children with autism, $333,000 to help Lakeland Community College develop a health information technology curriculum, $85,000 for a traffic signal preemption system in Willoughby, $142,500 for the Summit Bike and Hike Trail in Summit County, $200,000 for childhood diabetes and obesity outreach at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital, $143,000 for Akron General Health System’s Edwin Shaw Rehabilitation Center, $100,000 to help the Summit County sheriff upgrade bomb detection equipment, $475,000 for improved accessibility to Cuyahoga Valley National Park, $167,000 for the University of Akron’s science, technology, engineering and mathematics initiative, $285,000 for Akron General Health System’s West Emergency Care Center, $1.27 million to help Cincinnati with law enforcement communications equipment, $230,000 for the Clermont County sheriff’s multi-jurisdictional drug task force, $570,000 for road improvements in the Eastgate area of suburban Cincinnati, $190,000 for Ohio University’s Appalachian Rural Health Institute to disseminate diabetes information in Appalachian counties, $ 200,000 for Zane State College curriculum development, $1.36 million for research of the North Appalachian Experimental Watershed in Coshocton, $143,000 for exhibits and equipment at the Dayton Society of Natural History, $950,000 Greater Dayton RTA bus replacement, $570,000 to extend Great Miami Boulevard in Dayton, $238,000 for math and science teacher training at the Southeast Ohio Center for Education in Mathematics and Science, $688,750 for Ohio University Airport improvements, $50,000 each to help the Athens County, Belmont County, Columbiana County and Scioto County sheriffs with law enforcement technology, $381,000 for facilities and equipment for Hospice of the Western Reserve ,$190,000 for North East Ohio Neighborhood Health Services for facilities and equipment, $381,000 for purchase of equipment at Miami University, $257,000 for electronic records and dental imaging at at the Winton Hills Medical and Health Center in Cincinnati, 476,000 for facilities and equipment at a child advocacy center at Children’s Medical Center of Dayton, $381,000 for an early literacy intervention program in Ohio’s 7th Congressional District, $190,000 for facilities and equipment at Ohio State University’s James Canver Hospital, $237,000 for street widening in Grandview Heights, $475,000 for a runway safety area at Akron-Canton Airport, $70,000 for the Community Mediation Center of Stark County, $1,049,000 Mormon Crickets, Utah Bennett $475,000 Sidewalk Construction in Ashland & Cherryland, CA Lee ,$225,000 Everybody Wins! LaHood, $200,000 Tattoo removal program in Mission Hills, CA Berman, $190,000 Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Cody, WY Cubin, $237,500 Theater renovation, Merced, CA Cardoza, $75,000 Totally Teen Zone, Albany, GA Bishop, Chambliss, $500,000 National History Day Several Lawmakers, $570,000 Ronald Reagan Parkway, Boone County, IN Buyer ,$100,000 Gulf of Maine Lobster Foundation Allen, Snowe, Collins, $332,500 Build a school sidewalk, Franklin, TX Edwards (TX), $381,000 George Eastman House, Rochester, NY Slaughter, Schumer, $380,600 Versailles Borough Stray Gas Mitigation Doyle (PA), $75,000 Wayne Gomes Youth Baseball Diversity Foundation Scott ,$381,000 Jazz at Lincoln Center, New York, NY Nadler, $5,813,000 Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the Senate, Boston, MA Kerry, Byrd, Harkin, Durbin, Mikulski, Dodd, $950,000 Bus and Bus Facilities, Lawrence, KS Moore, Roberts, $300,000 Montana World Trade Center Rehberg, $2,673,000 Wood Education and Resource Center President, Byrd, $380,000 Lemon Street Reconstruction and Enhancements, FL Bilirakis, $17,500,000 FDR Presidential Library renovation Gillibrand, Reid, Schumer, $2,000,000 LBJ Presidential Library Hutchison, $22,000,000 JFK Presidential Library Markey, Lynch, Kerry, $300,000 GoGirlGo! Boston, MA Capuano, Kennedy, Kerry, $285,000 Kansas Farm Bureau, Manhattan, KS Brownback, $6,838,000 John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Several Lawmakers, $427,500 Bicycle/Pedestrian Pathways, Provo, UT Cannon, Hatch, $950,000 World Trade Center of St. Louis, MO Bond, $725,000 Illinois Height Modernization Johnson (IL), LaHood, $298,257 Small business program, Florida Department of Citrus Boyd, Putnam, Martinez, $237,500 Sidewalk Construction, Vienna, VA Davis (VA), $190,000 Bishop Museum, Honolulu, HI Inouye, $100,000 Police Athletic League of Buffalo, Inc Slaughter, $206,000 Wool Research Conaway, Rodriguez (TX), $475,000 5th & Market St. Transportation Improvements, PA Specter, $494,000 Business incubator, Arkansas State University Berry, Lincoln, Pryor, $400,000 Salisbury House, Des Moines, IA Harkin, Grassley, Boswell, $138,000 John Nance Garner Museum, Austin, TX Rodriguez (TX), $190,000 Sidewalk Improvements, Williamstown, VT Leahy, Sanders, $870,000 Red Wolf Breeding Facility Relocation Shuler, $190,000 George C. Wallace Community College-Dothan, AL Everett, $142,500 Pregones Theater, Bronx, NY Serrano, $6,623,000 Formosan Subterranean Termites Research Landrieu, Vitter, Alexander, $1,903,000 Landfill Gas Utilization Plant in NY Schumer, $475,000 Replacement of Bus Fleet, Topeka, KS Boyda, $285,000 Widening of County Road 222, Cullman, AL Aderholt, $2,192,000 Center for Grape Genetics, Geneva, NY Schumer, Walsh, Hinchey, Arcuri, $1,791,000 Swine Odor and Manure Management Research, Ames, IA Harkin, $950,000 Bossier Parish Congestion Relief Plan, LA Landrieu, Vitter, $712,500 Replacement Buses, Detroit, MI Conyers, Levin, Stabeno, $4,545,000 Wood Utilization Research Several Lawmakers, $200,000 Oil Region Alliance Peterson (PA), $2,565,000 Renovate the Cox Building, Maysville, KY McConnell, Davis (KY), $400,000 Minnesota Teen Challenge Ramstad, Coleman, $190,000 Berkshire Theater Festival, Stockbridge, MA Kennedy, Kerry, $4,750,000 Shiloh Road, MT Baucus, Tester, $143,000 American Ballet Theatre, New York, NY Maloney, Schumer, $100,000 Ready, Willing & Able, Philadelphia, PA Brady (PA), $250,000 Lederer Theater, Providence, RI Reed, $1,187,500 Wolf Trap Performing Arts Multi-Use Trail, Fairfax, VA Moran, $3,800,000 Old Tiger Stadium Conservancy, MI Levin, $294,500 Jackie Joyner-Kersee Center, East St. Louis, IL Durbin, $143,000 Historic Jazz Foundation, Inc., Kansas City, MO Cleaver, Emanuel, $1,000,000 Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation Ruppersberger, Mikulski, Shelby, $237,500 Street Rehabilitation, Doral, FL Diaz-Balart (Lincoln), $49,134 Bronx Council on the Arts Serrano, $475,000 Pedestrian Bridges, Iowa City, IA Loebsack, $167,000 Autry National Center for the American West, Los Angeles, CA Schiff, McKeon, Bono, Boxer, $315,000 Music education, Carnegie Hall, New York, NY Maloney, Schumer, $122,821 Greater Toledo Arts Commission Kaptur, $950,000 55th Street East Grade Separation, Minot, ND Dorgan, Conrad, $951,500 Energy Efficiency Street Lighting, Detroit, MI Kilpatrick, Levin, Stabenow, $143,000 Stockbridge-Munsee Museum, Bowler, WI Kagen, $475,000 Italian American Museum, New York, NY Ackerman, Nadler, $1,217,000 Citrus Canker, Greening, FL Several Lawmakers, $900,000 Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum, Chicago, IL Jackson, Jr., Emanuel, Davis (IL), $142,500 Bus Replacement, Culver City, CA Watson $2,150,000 Wisconsin Height Modernization Obey, $1,900,000 Hattiesburg 4th Street Improvements, MS Cochran, Wicker, $71,000 Dance Theater Etcetera, Brooklyn, NY Velázquez, $333,000 Museum of Aviation, Warner Robins, GA Marshall (GA), Isakson, $1,235,000 Reconstruction and Upgrade 2300 West Street, Lehi, UT Hatch, Cannon, $380,000 Revitalize Aliceville, AL Shelby, $150,000 Nashua Police Athletic League Youth Safe Haven Hodes, Gregg, $237,500 Paving, sidewalks and streetlights, Islip, NY Israel, $238,000 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA Kennedy, Kerry, $1,425,000 I-85 Widening, NC Burr, Dole, Hayes, Watt, $285,000 Sun Valley Lighting Project, CA Berman, $119,000 Children’s Discovery Museum, San Jose, CA Honda, Lofgren, $385,000 World Trade Center Utah Bishop (UT), Bennett, $300,000 Shakespeare and Company Olver, Kennedy, Kerry, $476,000 National Council of La Raza in Washington, DC, Menendez, Bingaman, $508,000 Karnal Bunt, Manhattan, KS Brownback, Roberts, Moran, Boyda, Tiahrt, $300,000 Fairplex Trade and Conference Center Dreier, Napolitano, $237,500 SR-91 Congestion Relief, Orange County, CA Miller (CA), $380,000 Construction of On/Off Ramps, Midland, TX Conaway, $380,600 Carbon Neutral Green Campus, NV Porter, Reid, $150,000 Manufacturers Association of Central New York Walsh, $475,000 Calhoun County Highway 1 Resurfacing, IL Hare, $45,000 Weed It Now on the Berkshire, MA Olver, $24,000 A+ For Abstinence, Waynesboro, PA Specter, $819,000 Catfish Genome, Auburn, AL Shelby, Rogers (AL), Everett, Davis (AL), $196,514 Beaver Street Enterprise Center, Jacksonville, FL Brown (FL), Martinez, $75,000 Chattahoochee County Family Connection Bishop, $2,188,450 Bismarck State College Center Of Excellence Laboratories, ND Dorgan, $469,000 Fruit fly facility, HI Akaka, Inouye, Hirono, $800,000 Oyster rehabilitation, AL Shelby, $238,000 Ed Roberts Campus, Berkeley, CA Boxer, $475,000 55th Street Extension, Rochester, MN Donnelly, Lugar, $300 million to buy “green” cars for federal employees, $98 million for a “polar icebreaker” – a ship for the Coast Guard, $200 million to “design and furnish” the Department of Homeland Security headquarters, $144 billion in mystery funds to be allocated by local and state governments – possibly including a $6 million “snowmaking and maintenance facility” at Spirit Mountain ski area in Duluth, Minn, $198 million in payments to Filipinos who fought for the United States during World War II, $2 billion to battery companies for development of “advanced vehicle batteries”, $8 billion for high speed rail projects in California and Nevada

Got the answer ?

Where’s The Money !

milliondollars Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, My question to you is, will you tell the American people to whom you lent $2.2 trillion of their dollars?” Bernanke replied, “No,”. When pressed on whether would name the firms that borrowed from the Fed, the central bank chairman and started to say that doing so risked stigmatizing banks and discouraging them from borrowing from the central bank.

Bernanke said the Fed’s lending programs were not gifts or subsidies but rather over-collateralized loans. “My question to you is, will you tell the American people to whom you lent $2.2 trillion of their dollars?” Bernanke replied, “No,” You read this right, when Senate Budget Committee, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders pressed on whether Bernanke would name the firms that borrowed from the Fed, the central bank Bernanke replied, “No,”. And more money was just pumped tobernanke1 AIG’s pockets.

What is going on here? hint: They took the money but they don’t want to be public about the fact that they received it. Sanders wants the Fed to publish those details on its website and update them at least every 30 days. “Let me just say this, Mr. Chairman. I have a hard time understanding how you have put $2.2 trillion at risk without making those names available, those institutions public.” Sanders added. No one is questioning Obama about this action, remember CHANGE ! Well we got a change, take money, give money and don’t tell who got the money. And then you listen to all these uneducated, new to politics, bloggers talk say, “we need to pass the stimulus bill for jobs and get the economy back”. Hell! they will not tell you who got the money.

I read some of these bloggers and just shake my head at the stupidity I read. How many of you OCGAWA (Obama Can Get Away With Anything) freaks, are asking this question, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, “My question to you is, will you tell the American people to whom you lent $2.2 trillion of their dollars?” their reply, “None”.

Can I Have A Glass Of Tea

megan0228bSomebody is not agreeing with the decisions that the Obama administration is making. Citizens in major U.S. cities are protesting the government throughout the nation. The excessive government spending may get out of control some feel the government is spending money wastefully. Tea Parties that reflect the Boston Tea Party of 1773 are surfacing.

Called the National Chicago Tea Party, protests took place all over the country. Friday, conservatives and free-market advocates gathered for a “Tea Party” rally. Tea Party embraces new media new style of protest. Tea Party supporters signed tea bags and mailed them to their Democrat Congressman. Some participants used the Internet, social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to have their voices heard.

Yes we’re giving out trillions of dollars in stimulus packages, some say the plan will work some say the plan will not work. Some governors will not accept any funds. What ever the case billions of dollars needs to be use wisely and needs to be accounted for.

Those that attended: Washington, DC,. Chicago,. Dallas, Texas,. Atlanta,. Orlando,. Fort Worth, Texas,. Pittsburgh,. San Diego, CA,. Tulsa, OK,. Nashville,. St. Louis,. Houston,TX,. Portland, Oregon,. Kansas City,. CLEVELAND,. Denver,. FAYETTEVILLE NC,. MICHIGAN,. OMAHA,.COLUMBIA SC,. GREENVILLE SC,. SHELBY County ALABAMA,. SEATTLE,. PHILADELPHIA,. LOS ANGELES,. MISSOURI,. SPRINGFIELD,. SARASOTA,. PHOENIX AZ,. TAMPA,. OKLAHOMA CITY ,. NEW YORK CITY,. FT. WORTH,. SAN ANTONIO,. ASHEVILLE NC,. AUSTIN TX ,. HARTFORD CT.