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Rush Limbaugh “Obama’s Deadly Ebola Failure” Transcript


RUSH:  I was just telling the staff here, ladies and gentlemen, I have never felt happier, I’ve never felt better about being a hermit, about being a recluse.  Man, oh man, I thought rampant incompetence was taking place, but even I had no idea how bad it is.  No, I don’t think it’s peaked yet.  Sadly, I do not.

Greetings.  It’s Rush Limbaugh.  These the EIB Network.  We’re happy to have you here.  It’s a thrill and delight to be with you.  It always is.  The telephone number, if you want to be on the program, is 1-800-282-2882.  And the e-mail address,  ‘

Now, there’s a lot to do every day, and I can open the program the same way every day by telling you I can’t get it all in even if I try for three hours.  This may be one of those days.  I mean, we’re literally loaded.  I’ve got four or five things here that all would qualify as being the top story that I would lead with.  Ebola has to be it.


RUSH: You probably have heard by now the second medical worker at the Dallas hospital has tested positive for Ebola.  And, ladies and gentlemen, the newest Ebola patient flew Frontier Airlines the day before her diagnosis.  Not Air Africa.  Not Air Liberia not Air Nigeria.  Not Air Sierra Leone, but Frontier Airlines.

“The second Dallas health care worker who contracted the Ebola virus was on a flight the day before her symptoms,” according to the wizards at the Centers for Disease Control.  It was Frontier Airlines, flight 1143, Cleveland to Dallas. The CDC is asking all 132 passengers who were on the flight to call the CDC phone number.  Those 132 passengers will be monitored for symptoms and interviewed about the flight.

According to the crew, the healthcare worker showed no symptoms.  Wait a minute.  Wait just a minute!  The director of the CDC says that if somebody doesn’t show symptoms, you can’t get it.  Obama said it’s not coming here.  And even if it does, we are perfectly equipped to handle it.  We’re not.  And it has.  It was brought here.  We brought it here.

What are we dealing with here?  What is the point of all this?  The whole story of this outbreak hinges on a few things that the government and the Drive-Bys have tried very, very hard to hammer into truth.  One of those things is in the unlikely event anyone gets it, we’ve got protocols in place to isolate and handle this.  No, apparently we don’t.  And it’s only contagious if you show symptoms. Continue reading


Rush Limbaugh ‘For the First Time in My Life, I Am Ashamed of My Country’ (transcript)


RUSH:  Folks, I’m sorry here.  I can’t help but think that we are all being played for a bunch of fools, a bunch of suckers on this sequester business.  I don’t know.  Are you like me?  Do you really think 800,000 people are gonna lose their jobs in the Pentagon because we cut $22 billion?  Do you really think air traffic control’s gonna shut down?  Do you really think there aren’t gonna be any meat inspectors?  Do you really think that all of these horror stories are going to happen?  I don’t.

I feel like I’ve been here.  This is deja vu all over again.  I remember the 1995 budget battle.  That involved a legitimate government shut down.  That wasn’t just $22 billion we were not gonna spend.  We’re still gonna spend $3.5 trillion.  We’re just not gonna spend $22 billion, if it happens.

Now, the government shutdown in 1995, yeah, we were gonna starve kids.  That was the plan then.  I’m just kidding.  Snerdley I’m sorry, it’s all ridiculous to me.  Every bit of this.  I’ve been doing this — you get new perspective.  I’m into my 25th year, and I think I mentioned to you last week and maybe the week before, I’ve been doing this long enough now to start seeing the repeat cycles on everything.  I don’t care whether it’s the debt limit or the fiscal cliff or continuing resolution or the budget crisis of 2008 or TARP or the auto bailouts, and now the sequester, it’s the same playbook.

It is the same threats.  It’s the same danger.  It’s the same crisis.  It’s identical.  There’s nothing about it that changes, over and over.  And everybody gets sucked into it.  I try to escape, I try to get out of it, I try to leave it aside, I try to move on, but it just sucks me back in, too, until I realize that I have been sucked back in.  And then there’s a part of me that says, “Well, wait a minute now.”  You got not just Panetta, but now a uniformed military general, General Odierno, saying that he could lose 600,000 uniformed people, and the common sense of this doesn’t add up.  Now we’ve got a guy comparing this to the Oklahoma City bombing.


RUSH: Everything gets repeated. The cycle, the claims, the threats, the crisis, Armageddon, it’s the same. And we’re talking $22 billion. It’s not as though we’re not gonna spend anything. If the sequester happens, the first year is $44 billion. Half of that’s defense. We’re still going to spend $3.5 trillion or $3.3 trillion, even if we don’t spend the $22 billion. Then there’s this guy who draws an analogy to the Oklahoma City bombing. Continue reading

Rush Limbaugh Joke: Everything Started Going Downhill When Women Got The Right To Vote


RUSH: Carl, somewhere in California.  How are you, sir?

CALLER:  Oh, fine, sir.  You know, my thought is, going back to the problem of Obamacare and going back to the problem of how Obama got into the White House, I was looking at the Constitution the other day thinking about when we repealed the 18th Amendment, and I thought the 26th Amendment, which gave us the right to vote for 18 year olds. If we’re gonna look back on this in 10 or 15 years and think this is where the problem started, we would not have — I mean the dynamic was set up to have somebody that was this foolish get elected.

RUSH:  Nah.  I can do one better than that.  When women got the right to vote is when it all went downhill, because that’s when votes started being cast with emotion and maternal instincts that government ought to reflect.

CALLER:  Well, you know, before 21, the 18 year olds, their only financial knowledge is, “Hey, I need money, I’ll ask Mom for it.” And with the state of education these days, I’m not sure there’s that much history or government taught.

RUSH:  Look, I’m joking about the women’s vote.  I’m just a little frustrated here.  But, look, that young people don’t vote enough, I appreciate what you’re saying.  I don’t think it’s quite applicable yet.


RUSH:  Yes, of course I was kidding about the women’s vote.  But you know who believes that is Ann Coulter.  She’s actually written it.  She has written that the major problem in our welfare state is the women’s vote.  The guy was talking about the problem with the 18-year-old vote.  I was just making a joke, “No, the problem is the women’s vote.”  And I told him I was kidding.  But her point is the women bring this maternal instinct in that the government should take care of everybody, including her family, and that women will vote for bigger government every chance they get.  That’s her point.  She’s seriously written this.  And she’s taken her share of heat for it.  But she has written that.

I don’t want to be accused of stealing from Ann Coulter.  I just want to tell you that that’s a position that she’s posited for a number of years.  But I’m told that’s not even her original idea, that she got it from somebody else.  Nobody ever really does anything on their own.  There’s always a hidden source for somebody’s idea.


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Rush Limbaugh: Obama Puts Out Figurative Bounty On Supreme Court (Transcript)

April 03, 2012

RUSH: Obama and his attack on the Supreme Court yesterday.  It happened toward the end of the program in the last half hour and it was happening on the fly.  I didn’t really have enough time to listen in detail to what Obama said, and thus I didn’t have a chance to, in detail, reply.  I’ve now listened to what Obama said.  I’ve got three sound bites here.
When I got home yesterday at about six o’clock last night I got a flash encrypted message from a friend who says, “You know, somebody in the court leaked to Obama. That’s why he went out there and did this today. Somebody called him. He lost the vote, the preliminary vote on Friday. He lost it, and somebody leaked it.” And that became an active theory that began to be bandied about amongst a lot of people that I know. Because people were saying,
“Why go out,” as Obama did yesterday…? It was in the form of a question. We must remember that he was asked a question about this. He didn’t launch into this on his own, but once he got the question, it was, “Katie, bar the door,” and he was off to the races.
And the question everybody was asking is: “Why do this? Why attack the court? Why intimidate them, why threaten them if they had voted to uphold the mandate?” And I have an answer for that. See, I know these people. I know liberals. I don’t want that statement to sound bombastic. You people here — new listeners to the program — that’s not a braggadocios statement. It’s not bombastic. It’s not outrage or any attempt to shock. I just know them, and so when somebody asks me, “Why would Obama say that if he didn’t have to? If he had been told that the preliminary vote on Friday was in his favor, why take the attitude that he took?” There is an answer to that. I don’t know if it’s right, but there is an answer.
He’s a thug.
And again, I’m not trying to be provocative when I say this. I’m just quoting Bill Clinton, folks. Bill Clinton referred to Barack Obama as a Chicago thug during the 2008 presidential campaign. This after Clinton some years earlier had told Juanita Broaddrick, “Put some ice on that lip” after she said he raped her. (I mentioned that for this “war on women” that supposedly the Republicans are waging.) But there’s every possibility that Obama feeling his oats, being told that the vote went his way, would still go out and do this, ’cause he knows there are more votes to come. I’m not predicting it. I’m just saying I could understand it.
It’s easier to understand that somebody leaked to him that the preliminary vote went against him and that the mandate fell by whatever the preliminary vote was and that explains his attitude yesterday. But I can see him saying what he said if the vote went in his favor as well, as a means of further intimidation, making sure they don’t change their minds or whatever. You might say, “Well, how would that work? Wouldn’t that just kind of make them be more resistant?” The reason this is all a crock in the first place is that (and we will go through this as we play the Obama sound bites) it is obvious that to the left this is an entirely political process.
There’s nothing judicial going on here. There’s nothing legal. This isn’t even really about the Constitution. This is about politics, pure and simple, and Barack Obama’s reelection. It’s all it is. But he says things in these sound bites which you’ll hear coming up and they’re chilling to me. “The court has to understand…” “The court must understand,” is one of his sound bites. No, the court must not — does not have to — listen to you. What is this, “The court must understand”? That is a threat! How many of you think it possible that Obama will make a trip to the Supreme Court before the vote, before the final vote? Can you see it happening? I can.
I’m not predicting it. (interruption) You’re shaking your head. You don’t think it would ever happen? Why would he be…? Why would Obama visiting the Supreme Court between now and June be any more unconscionable than what he did yesterday? (interruption) It’s a visual? No! He’s just going up to say hi to Kagan. He’s going up to say hi to Kagan and Sotomayor, to see how they’re doing. (interruption) He called ’em out of the State of the Union right to their face. Remember that with Justice Alito? Anyway, let me take a break. We’ll come back and we will get into some of these sound bites and we’ll tear this down as it happened sometimes line by line. Mike, be prepared when I say, “Stop.” There might be some frequent stops and starts as we go through this.
RUSH: Reuters was just as excited as they could be over what Obama did. “Obama Takes a Shot at the Supreme Court Over Health Care — President Obama took an opening shot at conservative justices on the Supreme Court on Monday, warning that a rejection of his sweeping health care law would be an act of judicial activism that Republicans say they abhor.” Warning? Warning? And Reuters is happy! (That’s right! You take it to these conservatives!) Judicial activism? You know, the debate is constantly held: “Is he really this ignorant or naive, or is this just strategic?”
Everybody knows that judicial activism is not what Obama is explaining it to be. Judicial activism is the court MAKING law. Judicial activism is the court WRITING law. What Obama is trying to say here is that the court will be engaging in judicial activism if it judges the law according to the Constitution. That’s not what judicial activism is. I know exactly what they’re doing. They’re trying to take this term, and they’re trying to redefine it publicly to fit their needs and redefine the language (as they constantly are). But, folks, I’m gonna tell you something. It is preposterous, and it’s even a little scary to hear such abject ignorance from a supposed constitutional scholar. This is a man, Barack Obama, who was once paid to teach law, constitutional law, and he doesn’t even know the meaning of the term “judicial activism.” No one ever accuses any judges of judicial activism for following the Constitution! Judges are accused of judicial activism for not following the Constitution, for legislating from the bench, for writing their own law. This is basic knowledge. Now, maybe this is why we’ve never seen Obama’s grade transcripts, if he really doesn’t know the difference. But I suspect that he does know the difference, and I suspect that he’s trying to redefine terms here to fit. Because this has become a template argument for the left.

Continue reading

Rush Limbaugh’s Slut Transcript

RUSH: Oh, yeah, I’m gonna deal with this. I’m gonna deal with it. I think this is hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. The left has been thrown into an outright conniption fit! This is “phony soldiers” times ten. Oh, ten times worse than phony soldiers. The reaction that they are having to what I said yesterday about Susan Fluke — or Sandra Fluke, whatever her name is — the Georgetown student who went before a congressional committee and said she’s having so much sex, she’s going broke buying contraceptives and wants us to buy them. I said, “Well, what would you call someone who wants us to pay for her to have sex? What would you call that woman? You’d call ’em a slut, a prostitute or whatever.”

That has sent them into orbit! Pelosi’s in orbit and Sheila Jackson Lee. They’re still talking about it on the House floor. The Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee sent out an immediate fundraising letter with a picture making me look like Dracula. I mean it is… (laughing) I’ve got the original story here that all this feeds off of, so all of you sit tight. Look, at least I didn’t call her “a woman driver,” and I’ll tell you this, you people on the left: I’ll happily buy her all the aspirin she wants. Snerdley, you would agree. We would happily buy Sandra Fluke all the aspirin she wants. What could that possibly cost. But contraceptives? So much sex at Georgetown?

The headline: “Sex-Crazed Co-Eds Going Broke Buying Birth Control, Student Tells Pelosi Hearing Touting Freebie Mandate — A Georgetown co-ed told Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s hearing that the women in her law school program are having so much sex that they’re going broke, so you and I should pay for their birth control.” Cybercast News Service. So what would you call that? So I called it what it is. And, bam, boy, you nail these people with the truth! So I’m offering a compromise today. I will buy all of the women at Georgetown University as much aspirin to put between their knees as they want. Well, here’s the thing about that. Where are all these guys?

Is it any wonder, Clinton wanted to go to this law school and why Hillary went to Wellesley? Is it any wonder? Where are the guys here? Do they not have a role here? We assume they’re having sex with guys. (interruption) Well, we’re talking about birth control, Snerdley. So you gotta assume having sex with guys. So, do they not have some responsibility? (interruption) Well, two women… I have to ask sex expert Snerdley on this, but I’m not aware that two women without another device can get pregnant on their own using naturally endowed accoutrements. I don’t think times have changed that much. (chuckles)

Now, I am 61. Maybe something I haven’t heard about that two women together would need contraception. That’s a whole new ball game if that’s the case. But I don’t think we’re talking about that. So it means there are men involved and that would mean there’s some responsibility on the part of the men. Do they not have condoms? Why don’t these women go ask the men to buy them contraception? Why go before a congressional committee and demand that all of us — because they want to have sex any time, as many times and as often as they want, with as many partners as they want — should pay for it? Whatever, no limits on this. I mean, they’re going broke having to buy contraception! They’re getting back-alley pills, folks. That’s what this leads up to.

I want to go back and get this out of the way ’cause I’m sure that there is voluminous tune-in today to hear about this controversy that has arisen with my blunt talk about Sandra Fluke.  We’ve run some numbers on t Continue reading

Rush: Drudge Screwed Up ABC’s Plans For The Marianne Gingrich Interview

January 19, 2012

RUSH:  All right, folks. I just saw the Marianne Gingrich video, and I think — I’ll be honest with you — I think the Democrats may have to give Newt a second look here.  Well, follow me on this.  Newt Gingrich, aside from the budget deal in ’95 and being made to ride in the back of Air Force One, Newt got along with Clinton pretty well, if you recall, and Newt treated Hillary with respect, even sat on the couch with Nancy Pelosi.  Now, there’s an accusation out there that Newt wanted an open marriage, just like Bill and Hillary.  And, in fact, Newt even had the politeness to ask permission for it.  Do you think Bill ever did that?

Now, if Newt can hold onto enough of the Republican base, he might take 20% of the Democrat vote with this.  You know how this stuff is a resume enhancement in the Democrat Party.  I wouldn’t make too many snap judgments here.  I don’t understand why the media’s pretending to be so upset about these charges coming from Marianne.  I mean, it’s all about sex and how many times are we told that somebody’s sex life, even if they’re president, doesn’t matter. It’s nobody’s business as long as it doesn’t affect the job.  And how about all the sex stories from Obama’s former girlfriends?  That’s right: What stories? What former girlfriends?  In fact, have we ever found out anything about any of his students when he supposedly taught law at the University of Chicago or buddies at Harvard Law Review?  I mean, we still don’t know anything. “Mr. Limbaugh, this is very clever of you trying to disguise the fact that Mr. Gingrich is…”  No, I’m just reacting here.  In fact, I got a great note.

I got a great note from a friend of mine.  “So Newt wanted an open marriage.  BFD.  At least he asked his wife for permission instead of cheating on her.  That’s a mark of character, in my book.  Newt’s a victim.  We all are.  Ours is the horniest generation.  We were soldiers in the sex revolution.  We were tempted by everything from Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice to Plato’s Retreat, Deep Throat to no-fault divorce.  Many of us paid the ultimate price, AIDS, abortion, or alimony for the cultural marching orders we got.  Hell, for all I know we Continue reading

Rush Limbaugh This Is About Blacks And Hispanics Getting Uppity (transcript)


RUSH:  You know, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, folks.  After all of these years, none of us should be surprised, but I still am.  Look at how quickly what is known as the mainstream media goes for the ugliest racial stereotypes they can to attack a black conservative.  You know who’s laughing himself silly today is Bill Clinton.  (imitating Clinton) “Yeah, I really did it.  Ha-ha.  They praised me and they went as far out of their way as they could.  Even my old buddy Carville is out there and he’s saying, ‘Look what happens when you drag a dollar bill through a trailer park, you get Paula Jones.’  I have everybody defending me and they’re going after this black guy, and they’re going after him with some of the ugliest racial stereotypes I have ever seen.  That’s how our side does it; we get away with it.  I just love it.  I love watching it.”

What’s next, folks?  A cartoon on MSNBC showing Herman Cain with huge lips eating a watermelon?  What are they gonna do next?  No, Snerdley, I’m not kidding.  The racial stereotypes that these people are using to go after Herman Cain, what is the one thing that it tells us?  It tells us who the real racists are, yeah, but it tells us that Herman Cain is somebody.  Something’s going on out there. Herman Cain obviously is making some people nervous for this kind of thing to happen.


RUSH: Let’s do this Herman Cain story.  I started out by talking about Clinton, and Bill Clinton must be laughing himself sick over this hit job from The Politico on Cain.  And Cain now has denied it, without question.  He has categorically denied any of this.  But a story like this involving Bill Clinton, why, Clinton would be getting high fives, millions of dollars of campaign contributions from the NAGs.  If this story were about Bill Clinton, the left would be circling the wagons doing everything they can to fend off the charge.  I mean this story is a joke that can only truly be appreciated by Clinton and other sexual predators.  The sources, which include the recollections of close associates and other documentation, describe episodes that left the women upset and offended. Continue reading