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Nappy Head Michelle Dances With A Turnip Ghetto Style

11339793203864Yes, that’s the first lady dancing with a turnip.

It’s a take on DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s “Turn Down for What.”

Obama is known for her commitment to health, especially among children and young people. Her “Let’s Move” campaign aims to “solve the epidemic of childhood obesity within a generation.”

So she’s not entirely uncomfortable wielding a vegetable.

This isn’t her first foray into pop culture to get us to eat our veggies.

Earlier this year, she starred in a “Tonight Show” skit called “Ew!”


Michelle Obama Too Ghetto, Heels For Tai Chi

Michelle Obama’s $8,400 Per Night And Still Hates China More Than The United States

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Michelle is staying at the presidential suite in the 5-star Westin Hotel at Chaoyang, located near the U.S. Embassy. That’s the same hotel that was deemed as too expensive for vice president Joe Biden when he made the trip in December. Michelle is on a weeklong trip to the region for what the White House described as a “person-to-person” soft diplomatic tour that doesn’t include any members of the press but is still paid by taxpayers. Her entourage includes her daughters and mother, are reportedly enjoying 24-hour butler service, a private steamroom and in-room dining at the Beijing Westin. Americans get that the president and first lady usually stay in well-appointed accommodations when they travel abroad.

There are 50 million people on food stamps and we’ve been in a five- to six-year recession.

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Satanists’ statue design ‘Sit on the lap of Satan’

225 satan_statueMembers of the Satanic Temple have unveiled their design for a 7-foot-tall statue of the devil they want to locate at the Capitol building in Oklahoma, right next to a monument of the Ten Commandments that has stood since 2012.

And to many, the design may prove shocking.

The Associated Press reported an artist’s depiction shows Satan as the goat-headed and horned figure of Baphomet, complete with wings and a long beard. The Satan figure is shown sitting on a throne decorated with pentagrams, in the middle of a few smiling children.

“The monument has been designed to reflect the views of Satanists in Oklahoma City and beyond,” said Lucien Greaves, a spokesman for the group, in a statement reported by the AP. “The statue will also have a functional purpose as a chair where people of all ages may sit on the lap of Satan for inspiration and contemplation.”

The group is based in New York, but says it’s not fair for Oklahoma lawmakers to let a Ten Commandments statue stand at the building, without also allowing monuments that reflect other spiritual beliefs, The Associated Press reported. The Ten Commandments statue was privately funded. The American Civil Liberties Union sued to have it removed shortly after it was place.


Michelle Obama “Drink More Water”

mi0333Michelle Obama’s office is holding a conference call with reporters now to tout her “New Effort To Encourage Everyone to Drink More Water,” according to the White House. The content of the call is “embargoed until 6:00AM ET on Thursday, September 12.”

“Today at 11:00AM ET, Executive Director of Let’s Move! Sam Kass, Partnership for a Healthier America President and CEO Lawrence A. Soler and industry representatives will join a conference call to preview First Lady Michelle Obama’s trip to Watertown, WI to announce a new nationwide effort to encourage everyone to drink more water. The call will also preview an around the clock, cross-network, bi-lingual day of water messages on a dozen TV shows. This call will be embargoed until 6:00AM ET on Thursday, September 12,” reads the White House press release.

“Let’s Move!, the First Lady’s initiative to ensure all our children grow up healthy, works to provide American families with simple, actionable information to make healthy choices. The new effort will bring together leaders from industry, entertainment, media and government around the simple message that water is one of the best and easiest choices every one of us can make every day. According to the CDC, more than 40% of Americans drink less half of the recommend amount of water daily, and approximately one fourth of children do not drink any water on a given day. This new effort will remind people that more water helps you have more energy and stamina so you can do more, longer and with better focus.”

Michelle Obama Says White House Like ‘Nice Prison’

Michelle Obama and her predecessor “First Lady” Laura Bush appeared together Tuesday at a summit on promoting the role of African first ladies in bringing change to their countries. In a panel hosted by ABC News’s Cokie Roberts, one particular exchange focused on whether the first lady role, and living in the White House, can be confining. Here is the relevant portion of the transcript, as provided by the White House.

COKIE ROBERTS:  … This question of “First Lady” has always been somewhat fraught.  You quoted Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Bush, but it really — particularly, I know in the United States, Americans have always been a little bit wary about first ladies — they’re not elected, and they can’t be fired — (laughter) — and they have a whole lot of power.  But it can also be a little confining, I think is a fair way to put it.

Martha Washington, our first First Lady, wrote in the first year that she was First Lady, she wrote to her niece that she felt like a “Chief State Prisoner.”  (Laughter.)  But she was able to do good — she lobbied for all of those veterans that she had been to camp with through the Revolutionary War.  And people don’t realize that first ladies have been doing that kind of thing from Martha Washington –

MRS. OBAMA:  Absolutely.

MS. ROBERTS:  And, Mrs. Obama, you talked about — you’ve talked about, wherever you go, there’s a light that shines, and that you’re able to shine that light on something that needs attention that wouldn’t otherwise get it.  Talk about that a little bit. Continue reading

Michelle Obama Dancing On Jimmy Fallon

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