Charlie Hebdo Returns With Prophet Muhammad On Its Cover

BN529 Just one week after Islamist gunmen slaughtered 12 people in an attack on its offices, the weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo returned to newsstands across France on Wednesday with a depiction of the Prophet Muhammad on its cover.

In some places, vendors reported that it had sold out before daybreak, and demand was so intense that copies of the newspaper were being offered on eBay for hundreds of dollars.

The frenzy offered a vivid backdrop to the sharpening debate between proponents of press freedom and defenders of religious proprieties that has seized France as it reels from the shock of three days of attacks last week in which 17 people were killed by Islamic extremists.

The onslaught has left the French authorities struggling to find ways to confront an unfamiliar form of terrorism, by lone militants or groups that are difficult to detect.


When Will Charlie Hebdo Publish This?


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