Democrats Boo The Use Of God On Their Platform

With the entire world watching on live TV, the Democratic National Committee railroads its own delegates in a vote regarding God & Jerusalem. DNC asked for a late amendment to the platform. Ted Strickland read the amendment, lots of cheers.. then Antonio Villaraigosa asked for a vote, needing 2/3rds to affirm. First he asked for Yeas.. and it was pretty loud. Then he asked for Nays and it was MUCH louder. He frooze. Then we went.. umm.. maybe I need to read the amendment again. Asked people to vote again.. and at least 50% of the voters responded NAY. He turn turned to someone who ran onto the stage, said something about “just let them do whatever they are going to do”.. then asked them to vote again. Again, more then 50% (by volume) voted NAY.. and then he just turned and said, with 2/3’rds of the members voting AYE, the amendment passed. And the place boomed in boos.

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