Michelle Obama’s Facelift/Bleached Skin

When Michelle appeared looking extra-youthful on The View on April 18, HollywoodLife.com consulted top plastic surgeons and dermatologists for their opinion. NY-based plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Fallek thinks there may have been minor amounts of Botox used on Michelle.

“She may have had a little Botox to the forehead and brow area for a small lift,” he said. ”No surgery suspected. On a still photo where you can’t see movement, the overly raised or arched or ‘Dr. Spock’ eyebrows are the usual give away.” NY-based dermatologist Dr. Katz agreed, saying, “It looks like her eyebrows are quite highly arched and that’s usually a tip off that someone has had Botox.” Dr. Adam D. Schaffner of Weill Cornell Medical College also thinks Michelle is using Botox. ”Mrs. Obama may have had Botox injected in the area around her eyes, between her eyebrows, as well as in her forehead, to soften the appearance of some of the wrinkles in these areas,” he explained.

Dr. David J. Goldberg, chief of dermatology at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey, doesn’t believe Michelle has had Botox but a different form of cosmetic help. “She has the classic look of the ‘Liquid Facelift,’ ” he said. “That is she has the look of the facelift…she may had liquid fillers injected and did not have surgery. In the past fillers were used only for smile lines. Now we can use specialized fillers in the cheek and along the jawline to give natural-looking cheek fullness and a lift of the jawline. These fillers are usually either Radiesse or Sculptra.”

Sarasota, Fla., plastic surgeon Dr. J David Holcomb is also skeptical that Botox was used. He points to another medical procedure. “Based on photos and compared to a previous photo in 2009 her brows are softer with a gentler arch — this may be partly due to Botox at the glabella area but may also be the result of brow shaping,” he said. “She doesn’t have crow’s feet lines with smiling but this doesn’t mean she has definitely had Botox in this area. She has a slight natural asymmetry of the eyelids seen on other photos, so it;s not the result of a Botox complication.”

She definitely has had skin lightening and plastic surgery. If I had to guess, and I am no expert, she looks like she has had a nose job, her lips taken in, and some type of jaw reconstruction. Look at those face parts on her before and after pictures. And to back this up further, here is a picture of Michelle Obama 29 years ago to show that she had the same nose shape. She may have had Botox done before, but judging from the two pictures that are 29 years apart.

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