Obama Avoid World Conflicts

The following is a list of ongoing military conflicts that are taking place around the world and which continue to result in violent deaths. This list is for the sole purpose of identifying present-day conflicts and the death toll associated with each conflict. Obama, on the other hand, finds his role as US President different. This video is from October 2009, the president position has been a party since. Where is Michelle, Michelle and her two daughters are spending this Presidents Day weekend on the slopes in Colorado. Vail(Colo.) Daily,

Start of Conflict↓ War/Conflict↓ Location↓ Cumulative fatalities↓
1967 Naxalite-Maoist insurgency India 10,500+ (1,174+ in 2010)[5]
1978 Afghan civil war Afghanistan 600,000-2,000,000 (10,461+ in 2010[6])
1991 Somali Civil War Somalia 300,000[7] –400,000[8] (3,000+ in 2010)
2001 War in Afghanistan Afghanistan 23,690-43,000
2003 Iraq War Iraq 99,328-108,514 [9] (4,000+ in 2010)
2004 War in North-West Pakistan Pakistan 30,452[10] (5,000+ in 2010)
2004 Shi’ite Insurgency in Yemen Yemen 12,833-16,439[11][12][13]
2006 Mexican Drug War Mexico More than 31,834[14] (12,456+ in 2010)
2009 Sudanese nomadic conflicts Sudan 2,000-2,500[15]

Other conflicts

There are many other smaller-scale armed conflicts that are currently causing a smaller number of violent fatalities each year. Start of Conflict

Start of Conflict War/Conflict↓ Location↓ Cumulative fatalities↓
1948[16] Korean Conflict North Korea and South Korea
1948 Internal conflict in Burma Burma ~ 100,000
1920/1948 Arab–Israeli conflict Israel and Flag of the Arab League.svg Various Arab states (changed over time). 90,000[17][18] – 150,000[19]
1959 Basque Conflict Spain, France ~ 1,200[20]
1964 Colombian Armed Conflict Colombia 50,000 – 200,000 [21]
1964 Insurgency in Northeast India India ~ 25,000 [22]
1969 Papua conflict Indonesia 75,000 – 100,000
1969[23] Insurgency in the Philippines[24] Philippines ~120,000 [25]
1975 Insurgency in Laos Laos Unknown
1978 Turkey–Kurdistan Workers’ Party conflict Turkey, Iraq 45,000-[26] 100,000[27][28][29]
1987 Lord’s Resistance Army insurgency Uganda, Sudan, DR Congo and Central African Republic ~12,000
1989 Insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir India ~68,000 [30]
1990 Casamance Conflict Senegal ~1,000
1995 Insurgency in Ogaden Ethiopia 3,500
2002 Insurgency in the Maghreb Algeria, Mali, Mauritania and Morocco 6000+
2004 Conflict in the Niger Delta Nigeria Unknown
2004 Balochistan conflict Iran and Pakistan 2,500+
2004 Iran–Party for a Free Life in Kurdistan conflict Iran 150-300
2004 South Thailand insurgency Thailand ~3,500
2005 Fourth Civil War of Chad Chad 1,140+
2008 Cambodian–Thai border stand-off Cambodia and Thailand 15-110
2009 Insurgency in the North Caucasus Russia 980+
2009 South Yemen insurgency Yemen 180+
2010 Yemeni al-Qaeda crackdown Yemen 300+
2010 Côte d’Ivoire crisis Côte d’Ivoire 296+[31]

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