Muammar Gaddafi Leaves Libya

Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi has left his country for Venezuela or Brazil, as protests calling on him to step down have turned violent, a report says. Government’s crackdown on people to put down the protests against Gaddafi’s 41-year rule turned out to be counterproductive as demonstrations continued. The repression became bloodier when security forces opened fire on thousands of people gathered to mourn for those killed on Saturday clashes in Benghazi.EU and US have condemned the suppression of pro-democracy protesters and expressed concern about “disturbing reports and images coming out of Libya. Obama Avoid World Conflicts

” The rights group Amnesty International has also urged the Libyan government to stop its crackdown on peaceful demonstrations. Meanwhile, Libyan envoy to the Arab League Abdel Moneim al-Honi and the country’s Ambassador to China Hussein Sadeq Al Misurati, have resigned to join the protests. Al-Honi has submitted his resignation “in protest against the acts of repression and violence against demonstrators.” Al Misurati told Al Jazeera TV that he was not “honored to represent a regime that kills its people.” An opposition leader has said that all tribes across the country have joined the anti-government protests, reports said. Latest figures show the death toll from clashes in Libya’s massive popular uprising is nearing 300.

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