John Boehner Victory Speech (Transcript)

Here is the full text of his speech, which he made at the Election Night Results Watch in the Grand Hyatt Ballroom in Washington DC:
“Let me just say this: it’s clear who the winners are tonight, and that’s the American people. Your voice was heard at the ballot box! Your voice!
“Listen, I’ll be brief, because we have real work to do – and this is not a time for celebration, not when one in 10 of our fellow citizens are out of work, not when we have buried our children under a mountain of debt, not when our Congress is held in such low esteem.
“This is a time to roll up our sleeves. To look forward with determination. And to take the first steps toward building a betterfuture for our kids and grandkids.
“Across the country right now, we are witnessing a repudiation of Washington, a repudiation of Big Government and a repudiation of politicians who refuse to listen to the people.
“Of course, this campaign is not yet over. To folks out in the West, where the polls are still open, seize this opportunity to be heard, to reject the spending sprees, the bailouts, the backroom deals, the takeovers and all the nonsense and to join your fellow Americans in putting Washington on notice.
“Because for far too long, Washington has been doing what’s best for Washington – not what’s best for America. Tonight, that begins to change.
“With their voices and their votes, the American people are demanding a new way forward in Washington. And I’m here tonight to tell you that our new majority will be prepared to do things differently. to take a new approach that hasn’t been tried before in Washington – by either party.
•    It starts with cutting spending instead of increasing it
•    Reducing the size of government instead of expanding it
•    Reforming the way Congress works and giving government back to the people
•    And for all those families asking ‘where are the jobs?,’ it means ending the uncertainty in our economy and helping small businesses get people back to work.
“The people’s priorities will be our priorities. The people’s agenda will be our agenda. This is our Pledge to America, this is our pledge to you!
“While our new majority will serve as your voice in the people’s House, we must remember it is the president who sets the agenda for our government. The American people have sent an unmistakable message to him tonight, and that message is:“change course.”
“We hope President Obama will now respect the will of the people, change course, and commit to making the changes they are demanding. To the extent he is willing to do this, we are ready to work with him.
“But make no mistake, the president will find in our new majority the voice of the American people as they’ve expressed it tonight: standing on principle, checking Washington’s power, and leading the drive for a smaller, less costly, and more accountable government.
“These are the principles our new majority will stand for, and we hope you will stand with us in the hard work that lies ahead. Because we are humbled by your trust in us. And we recognise that with this trust comes the responsibility to listen, and listen we will.
“Let’s start right now by recognising this is not a time for celebration. This is a time to roll up our sleeves and go to work.We can celebrate when small businesses are creating jobs again.
“We can celebrate when the spending binge in Washington has stopped. And we can celebrate when we have a government that has earned back the trust of the people it serves … when we have a government that honours our Constitution and stands up for the values that have made America, America: economic freedom, individual liberty, and personal responsibility.
“I hold these values dear because I’ve lived them. I’ve spent my whole life chasing the American Dream. I started out mopping floors, waiting tables, and tending bar at my dad’s tavern. I put myself through school working odd jobs and nightshifts. I poured my heart and soul into a small business. And when I saw how out-of-touch Washington had become with the core values of this great nation, I put my name forward and ran for office.
“So I want to close by thanking my wife, Debbie, my girls, Lindsay and Tricia, my 11 brothers and sisters and all my friends and neighbors in Ohio for giving me the chance to serve and the opportunity to stand before you now ready to lead.
“Thank you. God bless you, your families, and the United States of America.”

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    • Ed Fidecaro
    • November 18th, 2010

    Mr. Boehner,
    Your speech had all the right words and right sentiment, I wonder if you’ll really be working toward the smaller government the voters have demanded. I hope you embrace tea Party principles, I hate to see the dems in power again two years from now. Good Luck

  1. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

  2. one can argue that it can go both ways

  3. With my daughter, who at the time was one, my domestic life needed to take more precedent and really with my own self I needed to develop quite a bit more. So that put Blur down the list of priorities quite a lot by the time I came to thinking about it.

  4. Just ran across this speech again after a year and a half. At this point it’s pretty obvious that Boehner, as I feared is just blowing smoke. The way the GOP leadership has caved on nearly every issue since regaining the House is disgusting. I hope the Boehners and MsConells in Congress get primary challenges next time around. It’s obvious we still need more Tea Party influence in Congress.

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