Man On Knees Begging To Obama

A man gets on his knees next to a car carrying U.S. President Barack Obama as he pulls away from Valois restaurant in Chicago, October 31, 2010.

1-in-7 Americans are now considered to be in poverty, according to a report from the AP, based on upcoming census figures. 2009, Obama’s first year in office, saw a record jump in the poverty level from 13.2% to 15%. The poverty level is defined as living at $22,025 or below for a family of four.

Under Obama, Child poverty has jumped from 19% to 20% and among the 18-64 demographic, the level jumped from 11.7% to 12.4%. Blacks and Latinos were disproportionately hit, based on their higher rates of unemployment. Metropolitan areas that posted the largest gains in poverty included Modesto, Calif.; Detroit; Cape Coral-Fort Myers, Fla.; Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Record job losses and foreclosures helped push more than 170,000 families into homeless shelters in 2009, up nearly 30 percent since 2007 when the recession first gripped the nation. While the total number of homeless people on any given night fell by 5 percent from 2008 to 2009, the number of homeless families increased for the second straight year, according to the 2009 Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress prepared by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

From 2008 to 2009, the number of families in homeless shelters jumped by 7 percent, or nearly 11,000 families. And they stayed longer, averaging 36 days in shelters in 2009 compared to 30 in 2008.

A recent study by the National Alliance to End Homelessness found that from 2007 to 2008, the number of families who move in with others, or who “double up,” increased 8.5 percent.

The problem for Obama is that the best argument he can make regarding the economy is that things might have been worse had he not done what he did. The reality though is that things are actually bad, as these numbers show.

The alliance and other homeless advocacy groups have been unable to convince Congress to increase the program’s $1.5 billion funding. Only 17 percent of HPRP money has been spent. But many of the organizations that distribute the money already have exhausted or committed their two- and three-year allocations. Some organizations were turning needy applicants away because of a funding shortage.

Welcome to Obamanation!

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  1. Oh shut up and get a life.

    IF this man was kneelin at Obama’s car while he was leaving a restaurant (you and the rest of the racist anti Obama world have a tendacy to embellish things) so what? The man cant eat in a restaurant? And that man may have been homeless or down on his luck thru his own misdeeds or mistakes. You people need to get a life and stop bashin Bam for everything he says and does.

    And I guess that tag line was just to start talking about other shit that you want to blame on Obama. Wasnt something else RELATED supposed to follow that opening line? Why was he there? What did he say to Obama?

    You are an idiot and this site is a racist rag.
    Please get a life.

    • emptysuit
    • November 1st, 2010

    I know the TRUTH about Obama hurts. Got an issue? Get a tissue! Don’t be a stranger.

  2. You people wouldnt know the truth if it slapped you in the face.

    And NOTHING on this rag is the truth.

    Get over yourself and IT. He’s gonna be in that office for 2 more years.


    • emptysuit
    • November 2nd, 2010

    DATgURL, why don’t you tell “us people” the truth since you know it! We were slapped in the face when this fool was elected. Where do you see me mentioning that Obama was not my president? You people are so blinded with Obamas BS that you cant think or read straight. You REALLY need to get a LIFE with all this “you people” trash. WE THE PEOPLE ARE STANDING UP TO THE OBAMA PLAN TO TAKE AMERICA DOWN. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE DEALT WITH OBAMA FOR TWO YEARS. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE NOT SEEN ANY CHANGE. WE THE PEOPLE ARE TIRED OF OBAMA FORCING BILL, SPENDING, JOB LOSE, DOLLAR DECLINE, LYING, LACK OF INTEREST IN AMERICA, IGNORING THE MILITARY, FEEDING BS TO PEOPLE LIKE YOU. Look at how his own people are running from him. Obama can’t even hold his head up with pride anymore. Get Real…don’t be a stranger

    ps. I just want to your site, know wonder You People think the way to do.

    • Todd
    • November 2nd, 2010

    Datgurl is nothing but a racist anyway! We The People, I like that ES

    • StopPverty
    • November 3rd, 2010

    I keep thinking about the obama plan to spread the wealth. What is his plan to spread the work to those on public aid? Free TV’s and new Cell Phones? Health Care Reform is one of his plans to spread the wealth. Will he place a limit on government costs of producing crack babies and fetal alcohol syndrome babies. will he continue to increase payments to support illegitimate babies for public aid mommies. What comment do right to life advocates have on these issues? What is the incentive to stop public aid mommies from having more public aid babies?

  3. what does “you people” mean, cretin?


    Everything ya boy Bush did except you accepted his bullshyt for 8 years! And asshole dont forget that all this shyt-declining dollar, job loss, etc was created by your boy in those 8 excruiating years.

    the rest of that bullshyt is just that: bullshyt.

    you didn’t go to my site, little man, because if you did you be educated by now…


  4. fuck you Todd. You dont know shyt about me. you just tryin’ to to ride ES’s dhyck. You doin a good job too.

    • emptysuit
    • November 4th, 2010

    datGurl!, now you don’t understand “you people?” I did go to your racist site that had the kkk and a black man hanging in front of a house. YOU need to get real, get out your slave mentality and GROW UP. This site is going to show you what Obama is doing, that the truth, Wonderland is somewhere else. You proved my thought of you with the first three words in that comment you made to Todd.

    • Todd
    • November 4th, 2010

    DatGurl, I wouldn’t fuck you if you were the last lady on earth. Anyway, your boy Obama is continuing everything Bush started. That’s why you PEOPLE got you ass kicked out Tuesday.

  5. did you read the story asshole? You CAN read cant you? No because if you did you would see its about one of ‘you racist white people’ puttin that shyt up as a Halloween decorations. Now tell me mofo what does a KKK figure and a Black man with a noose around his neck have to do with Halloween? Nothing. And y’all quick to call someone else a racist. smh.

    Fuck what you think of me cretin. Thats something that surely doesnt count in my world-what some faceless, scary-ass racist mofo who cant even show sorry his face-now THAT would be standing by your word-or spell worth a fuck- thinks about me. Fuck you and Todd. You think someone who just hit the board can assume and insult me and Im not gonna say anything? You have me royally fucked up. Todd IS a dickrider, and you like it. so what.

    Dont talk about my shyt till you read it bitch. Im not a racist and you can call that shyt all day long it doesnt make it true. Did you see the story about the white boy beat down because he was listening to rap music? I said those boys needed they asses whupped just as bad and then thrown under the jail, charged with a hate crime coz that was what it was. called it like i saw it-something you bigots will never do.

    You cant hurt me with that slave mentality shyt- Im born and raised in America mofo and anybody in my family related to slaves is long dead and gone. I dont trip off that. I live in today. and I AM grown woman. Hey your the one trollin the net for pics of Michelle and what she’s wearing today. Or postin pics of Obama with no explanation of your point whatsoever. Thats what started this shyt.

    Go find a job, some pussy (Todd’s dyck?) or something to more productively occupy your time, dude.

  6. (Another faceless cretin with a big mouth)
    Oh yes you would Todd. Dont lie because your still on the dyck ride, boo. All white men LOVE black cooch, whether they admit it or not. And will pay dearly if they have to…

    I wouldnt fuck YOU Todd. Im not partial to tiny pink dycks. sorry boo~*

    Follow the same directions for ya boy ES. stir accordingly.


    • emptysuit
    • November 6th, 2010

    Datgurl, I did read that piece of crap you posted “whole ass” You are so far stuck in black/white issues you can’t see reality. You start the racist calling on this post, because you are a racist. Then when some call you a racist you can’t take it. You ghetto ass racist need to stick your “little” inner circle and fuck each other for all I care. I had you profiled before I even went to your sorry site. Anyway, YOU are on my site commenting with your foul ass language, insulting guest, YOU came to ME, how many times have you visited and posted on MY site. You are nothing but a dumbass blaming white people for your problems. I don’t give a fuck where you were born and raised, you’re still slave doctrinated, and can’t get past that. You don’t live in today, you’re stuck in the 60’s even with the profile name you use. As far as this site goes, It’s MINE, I put what ever I want to on it. If you don’t like, don’t bring you ass here.

    Todd, im sorry that you have been insulted by a visitor with on thing on her mind. Understand that this site is about politics and these that don’t agree with OBAMA attack those that do. People like Datgurl can’t resist calling people racist, not the list line of her first comment, “You are an idiot and this site is a racist rag.” This post had nothing to do with RACE. It was talking about poverty, according to a report from the AP. Datgurl only saw the opportunity to throw race into it. That’s how “those people” think. Readers, I’m apologize for the language I have used, that’s the only language, Datgurl probably understand.

  7. BWAHAHAHAHA! That just what y’all do. If you cant take the heat get your ass out of the kitchen, boo.

    Blame white people for my problems? Never that. I truly believer your life is your responsibility and what you make it. Thats why I understand your miserable existence and why you really dont have one outside of this rag.

    Boo I dont have any problems to blame u imbeciles for. I have a wonderful family, a job, a home (family owned-no rent), a car (paid for), kids grown and married (no bastards here dude, sorry) and on they own, 11 beautiful grandkids, spend all my money the way I want, my mother and father are both still livin’, and a wonderful man who thinks the sun rises and sets in my ass. What problems do I have boo?

    The rest of that trash is not worth addressing.

    Apologize to Todd? For what? For me not allowing him to call me anything when he knows nothing about me and had just entered the thread and the conversation? He should learn to keep his ass out of folks business untill he knows what the h3ll he’s talin about. And he’s still a dyck-rider.

    This site isnt about politics. Its about bashing and name calling people who are not like you. Its about finding everything you can to criticize these BLACK people for the way she wears her hair to ugly pics of monkies and chimps, and calling people inhuman. Oh I forgot- that is the Rethuglican/Conserv/Tea Party Boo Boo type of “politics”.

    “This post had nothing to do with RACE”

    Then what the h3ll DOES it have to do with? You blamin’ Obama for all the proverty and unemployment in the U.S. when you KNOW that is not the case? Did the AP throw Obama’s name under all those stats or did you? And I guess those links calling Michelle a monkey, and commenting on her weight, the racist jokes and Obama called a “shoe shine boy” are all in good clean fun? You and all your lil dyck-riders comments are nothing but racist, and IM insane for calling you one?

    You believe way to much of your own bullshyt…

    As you can see you can move me with drama and name slingin’. Im mature enough and comfortable enough in my own skin to know that the dribble coming out of your racist mouth is not about me and who I am or what I believe. It all about you and your warped racist way of thinking.

    “…that’s the only language, Datgurl probably understands.” And your inbred ass didnt have any problems usin’ it either. You understand quite a bit yourself, cretin.

    I will come back here and often as I like and call you on your shyt, especially when I see more of this Obama-bashing, racist crap.

    Have a nice day.
    I know I’ll see you in the funnies again!~

    • Gregg
    • November 6th, 2010

    DATgURL = troll alert

    • WowSux
    • November 29th, 2010

    “Boo”??? More like Boo-Hoo… just more inane whining about racists and BS that those with the victim mentality like to haul out when they aren’t getting their way.

    And who you think your fooling there datGurl? You know damn good and well Michelle looks like she’s been hit in the face with an ugly stick. So stop trying to act like someone is insulting Beyonce or something.

    Obama doesn’t care about Americans or black Americans, he’s just using both. Why don’t you go read some background on your boy there and learn what his real agenda is?

    Black Americans are nothing to him. He only respects those that reject all things American. Black Liberationists and the Radical Black agenda is his game. His anti colonialist beliefs are what move him, not the plight of black or white America.

    You are being manipulated and used by Barry, Boo. And don’t even try to pull your ghetto crap on me, you can’t start me.

    I know better…now it is your turn to know better.

    Obama intends to break America down and hand it over as just another world state. But real Americans won’t let that happen.

    Real Americans… the black ones, the white ones and all of the others that understand what an exceptional country we live in. Americans that can see through the lies and manipulations of the elitist like Soros and Maurice Strong.

    Ah…Boo…you have some homework to do.

    • Jim Henderson
    • January 27th, 2011

    To datGurl!
    Well, well, now we are all racists if we dare to look analytically at our esteemed president.
    I think it’s obvious who the racist is here.
    And we are idiots as well – just mention the president and his record and instantly you are an idiot racist.
    Wow, what intellect, what towering wisdom.
    Yes Ms datGurl, you are the true Obama supporter!

    • Jim Henderson
    • January 27th, 2011

    Come on, admit it:

    datGurl is really Michelle!

    • Jim Henderson
    • January 27th, 2011

    Your site is a little too deep in poop to negotiate.

    Your boy doesn’t quite compare to President Bush. Maybe you just don’t believe in statistics.

    And with your diction and spelling, I wouldn’t be discussing education if I was you.


    • Jim Henderson
    • January 27th, 2011

    Spoken like a true hooker.

    • Jim Henderson
    • January 27th, 2011

    This clinches it, you are Michelle!
    Hey, you need to lose that red dress 1st lady – it makes you look like a gorilla – you know , those arms, – I’m just saying – the way they hang down past your knees and all.
    And that big ol’ square behind – whoa

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