Rush Limbaugh October 1, 2010 (Transcript)

RUSH:  I tell you, it has been hilarious.  The Family Guy trailer is hilarious, too, but I’m talking about the buildup to Rahm Emanuel, the press conference saying he’s leaving, something everybody knew.  My gosh, everything you’ve ever thought about State-Controlled Media was confirmed in this.  It’s Friday, folks, so let’s hit it.JOHNNY DONOVAN:  And now, from sunny South Florida, it’s Open Line Friday!

RUSH:  And Open Line Friday, a special day in the busy broadcast week.  We go to the phones, it’s your show.  Talk about whatever you want.  Whether I care about it or not, doesn’t matter.  Here’s the number:  800-282-2882.  The e-mail address,

So everybody’s known that Rahm Emanuel’s gonna leave the White House today.  They’ve known it for a week.  They know he’s going to go back to Chicago; they’ve known who his replacement is.  There’s nothing new today, not one bit of news was going to be made today.  This press conference to announce Rahm splitting the scene was scheduled at 10:30.  So CNN and MSNBC almost did a countdown type thing with a clock in the corner.  They didn’t have it there but were acting like it nevertheless.  These people were orgasming over the fact that there was going to be a big announcement in the East Room of the White House with Obama and Rahm Emanuel and his replacement.  The graphic: “Special Announcement at the White House Just Minutes Away.”  They were 50 minutes late.  They didn’t get to this ’til 20 minutes after 11, supposed to happen at 10:30.  I’m watching these people on the media, and it just cements in my — I don’t quite know how to express it.  It’s like groupies.  The president and a bunch of groupies waiting for this thing to happen and there’s no news in it.  The ruling class is making something happen today, so they all want to be in on it.  They’re making fools of themselves each and every day acting like this is some big deal, acting like people care.

I guess that’s the real point of it.  Nobody out there in flyover country cares who the chief of staff is or that he’s leaving or that his replacement doesn’t say much.  It’s irrelevant.  The country’s in the process of being destroyed and the media is all excited about a staff shakeup in the White House.  And then Obama last night, I’ll tell you, weird stuff is coming out of this guy’s mouth.  “It took time to free the slaves,” he said?  Obama says, “People are impatient, but now is not the time to quit.”  He’s trying to rally young people to his base, to his cause, trying to get Democrats excited about the election on November 2nd.  Everybody on the Democrat side is apathetic about it.  So he goes to a couple of different events and says, “It took time to free the slaves.  Ultimately we’ll make progress.”  It took time to free the slaves.  It also took a civil war to free the slaves and 500,000 dead Americans to free the slaves.  It took time to free the slaves?  You know, the streets are gonna burn in this country if something doesn’t happen.  People are not just sitting out there tepidly taking all of this.  People’s livelihoods are affected by this man’s policies, and he tells everybody, hey, be patient.  You know, we didn’t free the slaves overnight either.  What a reference.

They hired some rapper to excite the crowd, a rapper by the name of B.o.B, and this guy, I mean we can’t play a B.o.B tune on this program.  We’d have to bleep every other word.  Every other word is the N-word or some other form of slang or obscenity and we’d have to bleep it.  In fact, we put it together to show you how much that we have to bleep it.  But here’s what he said, “People are frustrated, they’re anxious, they’re scared about the future. And they have a right to be impatient about the pace of change. I’m impatient, but I also know this.  Now is not the time to quit.  Now is not the time to give up.  We’ve been through worse as a nation and we’ve come out stronger from war to depression to the great struggles for equal rights and civil rights. It took time to free the slaves. It took time for women to get the vote. It took time for workers to get the right to organize.”  I mean to exhort a crowd, to whip ’em into a frenzy to support economic policies that have led to Depression-level unemployment rates for minorities and young Americans, I mean this is sick.  Adults are supposed to look out for the younger generation.  Obama is ripping ’em off and telling them to thank him for it. (imitating Obama) “Be patient while I destroy your future, be patient.  It took a while to free the slaves.”

Let me tell you something, folks.  It will only take a few minutes to vote.  It might have taken a while to free the slaves and it might take a while for Obama to finish in the job of destroying the private sector out there, but it will only take you a relative few minutes to vote on November 2nd.  Now is the time to begin diffusing the time bomb known as Obamanomics.  You know, Lincoln, who Obama thinks he’s like, Lincoln often remarked on how it was right of every man to enjoy the bread he earned by the sweat of his own brow.  The only thing I can think, “It took time to free the slaves”?  You know, actually, some people might think we are in the middle of a civil war. The only thing not happening are bullets flying.  But we are in the middle of a civil war.  I mean one of the political parties in this country certainly does want to secede from what this country was founded to be, the Democrat Party.  But I mean to run out and exhort people into a frenzy to support your destructive policies by saying it took time to free the slaves?

Then we move to other news items.  “Osama bin Laden has expressed concern about global climate change and flooding in Pakistan, in an audiotape aired on the Internet [today] … ‘The number of victims caused by climate change is very big … bigger than the victims of wars.'”  So here’s Osama Bin Laden again joining the talking points of the Democrat Party and the American left agreeing with Algore.  Osama bin Laden: Climate change worse than wars.

RUSH: Now, I had a bunch of e-mails regarding my monologue opening the third hour yesterday.  Do you remember that monologue, Snerdley?  You remember what it was?  It was me pointing out, Obama’s not unhappy at all with himself or what has happened here, that he’s very happy, he succeeded beyond his wildest dreams.  And I also pointed out how Obama’s looking forward to Republicans winning the House and maybe even the Senate so that he can run against them in 2012 instead of having to run against his open party.  Listen to these two e-mails, both from subscribers to the website,

Dear Rush,
Assuming what you said on today’s program’s true, why vote in November?  I mean, what’s the point?  I mean, if we have no prayer, if our side winning is what Obama wants, why even vote?

Dear Rush,
Your third-hour monologue today I found to be very depressing.  I’ve always felt that elections were all we had to right the wrongs and make changes and because of that I was enthused about the upcoming elections.  You seem to indicate that our winning these elections are really part of the Obama strategy because it will give him an issue to run against in 2012.  Essentially I heard your comments to say he’s already won, we have very little we can do about it, including winning elections.  I found this to be very depressing.  I’m beginning to lose my enthusiasm.  Do you really believe that all is lost or am I misreading your comments?  I think Obama is a punk and I can’t believe you think that he’s whipped us by nature of winning the election two years ago and that there’s no way to turn this thing back around.

Now, I had not stopped to consider that anybody would react to my monologue that way, and there were more than these two, but when I read e-mails like this, “Okay, now, what did I say that made them think it was a wash?”  All I was trying to do was to keep it in context, the discussion.  There was a Rolling Stone interview that’s now out today, and the discussion was about how things are falling apart for the Democrats, how things are falling apart for Obama left and right.  I was simply trying to disagree with people who were trying to make the point that Obama’s reeling.  I think it is incumbent upon all of us to know just who we’re dealing with, just what we’re dealing with.  I have a belief that it’s still tough for a lot of people to get their arms around the fact that they elected a guy who has a grudge against the country.  I think it’s still difficult for people to accept the fact that the president of the United States doesn’t like the country and is hell-bent on changing it and making it a lesser nation and destroying the whole concept and notion of American exceptionalism.  So my monologue yesterday was nothing more than an attempt to further inform and educate.  I was not in any way suggesting he can’t be beat. I was not in any way suggesting it’s pointless to win the November elections.

I guess what I assumed people would understand was that the only way to defeat this guy is not with Republican Party wins and Republican Party triumphs, but with conservatism.  The man’s ideas must be stopped.  Now, I can understand if you get panicked when I say Obama’s going to relish his ideas being brought to a screeching halt because he’ll blame us for them.  My point here was he’s gotta be stopped politically.  The victory in November’s gotta stand for something, it has gotta mean something issue-wise.  After we win this, the people who do win are going to have to stand against this guy and buck up against the criticism that’s coming.  I was just warning of the kind of criticism that’s coming.  You know, our people tend to cave in at the first sign of criticism, the notion of bipartisanship, walking across the aisle, get along with everybody.  Obama is counting on the Republicans caving to the criticism against them, mounted by himself and the media.  I was simply delivering a monologue that was designed to get people to not chicken out and to not falter or waver after the victory.  This is just the first of many of these elections that are going to have to go this way in order to stop this ship and the direction it’s going and then eventually turn it around.

RUSH:  Here’s the point that I’m really trying to make, and I’m gonna expand on this, because I’m trying to inspire people here, not trying to depress anybody.  The real battle is going to start when and if the Republicans take the House of Representatives.  All I’m trying to tell you is, if you think the Republicans have been ripped to shreds in your life up to now, wait ’til this victory happens.  It is going to be a daily avalanche.  You have no idea what’s coming.  The lies, the distortions… Once the Republican Congress is sworn in, if it happens next January, then Obama’s going to submit a flurry of proposals designed to save the economy and get us out of the recession/depression.  And, of course, it’s going to be stuff that no Republican, no conservative, could ever support, so they’re gonna oppose it, and then the caterwauling of obstruction — it’s going to be right out of the playbook.  It isn’t going to be anything new, but it is going to be oppressive.  You’re not going to be able to get away from it, and it’s the kind of stuff in the past that Republicans have not stood up to very well.  They’ve run away from it, they don’t want to hear it, they don’t want to be criticized this way.  I’m simply predicting to you what the future holds.  This win, if it happens, is going to intensify the battle.  And it’s going to be, if it means anything, the first of many such victories and elections.  And, as I say, the real battle is gonna start after all of this happens.  It’s gonna take a lot of energy, it’s gonna take a lot of stick-to-itveness.  It’s going to require a lot of commitment, because the effort to get the Republican majority to break and to cave is going to be intense and unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Speaking of Bin Laden, the scary thing is, Osama Bin Laden could shave his beard, shave his beard, get rid of the imam cap, and run around — now, I’m dead serious about this — he could run as a Democrat anywhere in this country and get elected.  Well, look at his agenda! America’s the problem in the world.  Ditto.  Democrats believe that.  Global warming destroying the planet; America’s responsible.  Ditto.  Democrats believe that.  Global warming, killing more people than wars.  Right.  And the second greatest killer of people is wars, and who’s responsible for those?  America and Republicans.  You take that imam cap off his head, you shave his beard, and Osama could get elected anywhere in this country as a Democrat.  In fact, he wouldn’t have to shave the beard if he ran in Michigan.  He wouldn’t have to get rid of the imam cap and he wouldn’t have to get rid of the beard. He could still get elected as a Democrat in most places in Michigan.


RUSH: By the way, one of the places that Obama went to rally the troops last night talking about “it took a while to free the slaves,” was at the home of John Phillips and Linda Douglass.  Now, Linda Douglass is a former reporter and commentator for CBS News and ABC News.  In other words, Linda Douglass is a journalist.  She used to be a regular panelist on the Brinkley Sunday show, This Week with David Brinkley on ABC.  She quit journalism to join the Obama White House, to become the national spokesman for Obamacare, because she said, I’m paraphrasing:  You know, I just can’t get enough done as a journalist.  I need to go where I have even more power.  So Linda Douglass admitting that journalism is activism she wasn’t able to get enough done, she had to go right into the belly of the beast.  So it’s at her house with her husband, a guy named John Phillips, that they had this little deal for Obama, $30,000-a-head fundraiser for Obama.

These people are very wealthy.  Linda Douglass and her husband John Phillips, they have a vacation home in Italy, in Tuscany, and Obama actually said to them, kinda chided them because he’d never been invited.  He’d never been invited to their Italian place, said he needs a break, would love a little Tuscan sun, maybe a little pasta.  So this is incestuous.  It’s a revolving door.  Linda Douglass was always a spokeswoman for the Democrat Party.  Wherever she lived and worked, be it ABC, be it CBS, she just didn’t have the title until Obama hired her to be the official spokeswoman for health care.  She and her husband very, very wealthy, home in Italy, $30,400 fundraiser.  Obama says, “I’ve never been invited, I need a break.”  I know he’s trying to be funny, but that is who these people are.  Time to free the slaves.

RUSH: Jay in Scottdale, Pennsylvania.  You’re next, Open Line Friday.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  What a pleasure to talk to you, sir.  Thanks for all you do.  Just one quick point, you were talking about the strategy with the Democrats and things like that.  I personally believe that Rahm Emanuel is gonna go be mayor in Chicago to get him experience in running government and he’ll probably be the next candidate after Obama if they rig the election and put him in office again.

RUSH:  Oh, you think Rahm’s going to run for president?

CALLER:  Wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

RUSH:  Well, how do you feel about it, ’cause, frankly, I couldn’t care less what Rahm Emanuel does, but how do you feel about him running for president?  See, I’m not enamored. Rahm Emanuel is five foot four, he was a ballerina, I don’t care.  I don’t give a rat’s rear end.  Okay, so the media is gonna spend two hours today on Rahm Emanuel resigning and everybody knew it was gonna happen. I don’t care.  Let him go be mayor of Chicago.  Why should we care about Rahm Emanuel? I’m not getting mad at you, Jay, for caring about Rahm Emanuel.  I just don’t.  I don’t care what any of these people do except lose.  I want them to lose.  Now, he’s not going to lose running for mayor of Chicago probably.  Well, some Democrat’s going to be mayor of Chicago.  If it’s not Rahm, it’s going to be somebody.  Let him run for president, fine and dandy with me.


Rush on Family Guy

RUSH: At we have a longer trailer for Family Guy.  Fox has released this, and this has excerpts of a stand-up interview that I did with Seth MacFarlane after we taped the final taping session of the episode a year ago.  So we put it at on both the free and subscriber sides of the site, plus over at our Facebook page, and it’s hilarious.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Did you watch it, Brian?  This is just the tip of the iceberg of the program Sunday night, Family Guy.  It’s hilarious.  This is the first I’ve seen it.  I did the audio but I hadn’t seen any animation until they released a short little 30-second promo earlier this week and now a two and a half minute trailer. So we put it up there at  Family Guy’s at nine o’clock on Sunday nights, Eastern time on Fox, and a major challenge going up against Sunday Night Football on NBC, the Chicago Bears and the New York Giants.  But it’s funny.  You should take a look at it.

RUSH:  Right, right, right, right, right, right.  Baba dooba dooba dooba.  I’ve been getting grief about Darwin. Now I’m getting grief about Family Guy.  It’s never gonna end.  Regarding Family Guy, go to and look at the trailer, two and a half minutes.  It’s funny.  We got it on our Facebook page as well.

Our Folks are Stupid? How’d YOU Look After a Media Anal Exam?

RUSH: Let me ask you a question, folks. Answer this question honestly:  How many of you in this audience are embarrassed of Sarah Palin?  How many of you are embarrassed of Carl Paladino?  How many of you — or, how many of you know other conservatives, slash, Republicans who are, if maybe you’re not, how many of you are embarrassed of Sharron Angle?  You know people, Snerdley, who are?  So do I, is the point.  I know people. I told you once, had a dinner party at my house, a couple people started railing against Palin, sounding just like they were Katie Couric, and I lost it. I literally, I never have lost it the way I lost it.  I got kicked outta my own house.  And I had to fly somewhere anyway, so I got a head start. I got kicked outta my own house. I got in the car and drove to the airport and got outta there, ’cause I was just flummoxed.

How many of you are embarrassed, or how many of you know people who are embarrassed, about Christine O’Donnell?  You know people embarrassed by Christine O’Donnell?  I do.  I run into people all the time: “Can’t we do any better than that? I mean, gosh, these people don’t even know the issues, why, they really — you know, they’re nuts, these people are real kooks, I mean, they’re not even electable, they don’t come off well on TV, they don’t even know the issues.”

I mean, these people are embarrassed, responding to every criticism mounted from the Democrats in the media.  I’m talking about conservatives. And I bet you know people who are embarrassed of the Tea Party in general. How many of you know people who, the Tea Party even makes ’em nervous? And Tea Party rallies and gatherings, that even makes you nervous?  “It’s kind of embarrassing, it doesn’t look like the Tea Party people are political professionals, it’s just kind of embarrassing, really wish they’ve” — I don’t know.  How many of you know people that way?  How many of you are that way?  Well, we have a lot of people that way, and any time I encounter ’em, I get in their faces and I throw some things back at them.  I’ll give you some examples of what I throw back at them when we get back from this.


RUSH: I want to speak to those of you who are embarrassed of Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell and the Tea Party in general, Sharron Angle, maybe Carl Paladino rubs you the wrong way. You think they’re nuts, they embarrass you. I mean they’re conservatives and they’re Republicans and so are you, but you think they’re a little kooky. You don’t even think they can win.  They don’t come off well on TV.  I hear from people who think this a lot.  I’ll tell you what I’ve started doing when people start — because when they tell me they’re incredulous, “Are you just saying this on the radio or do you really think Sarah Palin’s got it all together? Are you really not bothered by Carl?  I mean, Rush, this Paladino guy has a ten-year-old daughter from an illegitimate sexual relationship.  Come on, Christine O’Donnell, Rush, I mean the IRS, you really –” the people come to me with this, wondering if I’m being genuine and serious here on the radio.  What I’ve started doing, I’m going to do it right here, what would happen to you because this is the point that I was making yesterday talking about the dustup that Paladino had with Fred Dicker and Nathan Deal in Georgia and a number of others, Christine O’Donnell.
All of you — and I don’t know how many it is, but you know who you are — all of you who sit out there acting holier-than-thou, saying that these Tea Party people are kooks, how would you do if suddenly your life was uncovered and plastered all over television?  How would you do if cameras were following you and the express purpose was to catch you in embarrassing moments?  How would you do if the media was giving you an anal exam for the express purpose of making you look like an idiot?  How many of you would look like Albert Einstein?  How many of you would look like Winston Churchill?  How many of you would look like paragons of virtue?  How many of you would look like brilliant Mensa members?  How would you feel if an army of motivated people looking to destroy you was following you every moment of the day examining everything you’ve ever done, trying to find every event in your life, from junior high to the present?  How many of you could withstand what these people are having done to them?  And then when it was happening to you, how many of you would say to yourself, “Well, I hope people understand everybody’s got skeletons in their closet?  I hope people understand the media is trying to make us look bad.”

How many of you would be hoping and praying that normal people would understand that what’s going on is not quite fair?  How about you?  You’ve had a couple divorces.  Do you want Katie Couric talking about that on TV?  Do you want Katie Couric going to your ex-spouses, finding out why your ex-spouses don’t like you?  You want it all over People magazine?  You want it all over the New York Times; the New York Post; the Washington Post?  How about all the speeding tickets you got?  You ever knocked anybody up?  You got any illegitimate kids running around that you know of or don’t know of?  What’s going to happen if you don’t but some woman pops up and says that you do and the media following you around can’t wait to put that out there as a possibility?  What if you happen to be somebody who had to get married 30 years ago, you’re living in a loveless marriage, you had to get married because you had some little accident take place, what happens if the media following you around found out about it and everybody in your neighborhood and everybody in your town and everybody in your church found out about it?  Would you not be saying, “Come on, that’s a long time ago, doesn’t say who I am today, and look, I did the right thing back then anyway.”

How many of you could withstand the Democrat Party from the White House on down going through all of your tax returns, every job that you’ve ever had?  How many of you would look clean and pure as the wind-driven snow if the start looking into everything your kids have gotten into and have done?  How many of you took seven years or eight years to pay off a $10,000 medical bill?  How many of you have been audited by the IRS?  How many of you have had it said that you tried to cheat the government?  How many of you could withstand this kind of treatment yourselves?  I mean it’s one thing to sit here and say that all these people are embarrassing and they’re kooks and they don’t come off well on TV and they’re unelectable.  Well, how about you?  ‘Cause these people are just like you, they’re just like us.  How many of you have had the electricity turned off at your house because you didn’t make a payment or how many of you had the phone turned off?  How many of you have gone to psychics to have your future predicted?  How many of you have done any kind of thing that if anybody found out about it you’d be embarrassed as hell?

How many of you can sit there and say that not one thing has ever gone wrong in your life?  How many of you can say you never wrecked a car?  I don’t mean all of you.  I’m talking about those of you or the people that you know who are sitting there from their lofty perch of perfection saying they’re embarrassed by Sarah Palin.  And why, by the way, are you embarrassed about Sarah Palin?  What do you actually know about her?  And then at the end of the day, even with all that, would you say, “Yeah, I’d rather have Obama for four more years.  I really would rather have Harry Reid. I really would rather have Pelosi, yeah, because I’m so embarrassed of Palin and O’Donnell and Carl Paladino. I can’t vote for ’em, they embarrass me, if anybody found out I voted for ’em, I couldn’t live with myself. People would be laughing at me.  I’d have to say how stupid they are so people think I’m not stupid.”  Okay, fine.  Then I assume this means you want four more years of an assault on the American private sector and the economy.  You want four or six more years of wild spending, dooming your own kids and grandkids to having any opportunity for prosperity, all because Paladino or Palin or somebody embarrasses you, they’re not electable, they’re kooks?

How many of you would even have the guts to run for office?  How many of you would have the guts to go do what they’re doing rather than sit on the sideline and complain about how those who are doing it aren’t doing it the right way?  You can tell I’m getting a little ticked off more and more each time I describe it because I run into these people.  I don’t know what they expect my reaction to be when they tell me this.  I’m supposed to agree, yeah, privately, “I know they’re a little kooky but they’re all we’ve got.”  I mean I don’t like arrogance wherever I find it.  Is it not the professional politician that has created this mess?  Is it not the people who look good on TV and who sound good on TV and sound smart on TV and look like Ken dolls and buy hair spray and Botox by the case, is it not those people that have created the problems that we’re in?  So when average, ordinary life happens people decide they don’t want to put up with the pros anymore and they want to roll their sleeves up and get involved and try to fix it, why do we demand of them standards that we do not demand of even Obama or Dingy Harry or Robert Byrd?  I mean can somebody tell me what Ku Klux Klan group Carl Paladino ever belonged to?  Can somebody tell me what shifty land deal Harry Reid made gazillions of dollars on exists in the Republican Party?  Somebody give one.

Can you tell me where the equivalent to Harry Reid is in the Tea Party?  Where is it?  Where is the equivalent to Pelosi?  Where is the equivalent to Barack Obama?  Where is it?  See, what doesn’t compute for me is the vitriol I hear from people describing Democrats destroying the country.  People say this to me: “Rush, they’re ruining the country, they’re destroying the country.”  Right, but we prefer that to Sarah Palin or Christine O’Donnell ’cause they just embarrass us, they’re kooky.  Where’s the equivalent to either of the Clintons in the Tea Party?  I thought we wanted people in Washington who look like everybody else in America.  I thought we want people in Washington who have had negative encounters with the government, the bureaucracy, the oppressive elements of this regime so they can relate to it and stop it.  I thought we want people in Washington who really want a flat tax or a FairTax and are not concerned with the power they’d be giving up in getting rid of the current progressive tax. I thought that’s what we wanted.  If you couple this, what I’m saying now, with the monologue of yesterday, folks, it’s serious.

If you think the Republicans winning the House in November ends Obama, I beg you, think again.  It only just begins.  The real battle just begins.  Because if you think the things they’re saying about Christine O’Donnell and Sarah Palin and Carl Paladino, et al, if you think the things they’re saying about ’em now embarrass you, you wait until they’re elected, if they are, see what they say about them and then see how touch it’s going to be for you and your perfection, your flawless life to sit there and continue to stand with them and support them.  People who have never made wrong decisions have never made a decision.  People who have never made mistakes have not lived.  I want people who have lived lives, who have made mistakes, don’t care who knows it, they’ve learned from them, they’ve made amends, and they have moved on with their lives.  I’m tired, frankly, of Republicans throwing candidates under the bus for not being the political equivalent of Mother Teresa or not being professional enough to get elected.  I really lose my patience with abject neophytes who don’t understand the first thing about politics, criticizing people for getting involved and trying to improve what is a terrible situation in this country, people who wouldn’t lift a finger to do it themselves.

RUSH: To Springfield, Illinois, Kathy, great to have you on the program.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  This is a real pleasure and honor.  I just wanted to tell you that I’ve been listening to you for the past many years.  My mother got us turned on to you, all of us kids, but I just think you’re brilliant and I think that the tirade or whatever you want to call it that you’re on right now is just absolutely wonderful.  And I just want to tell you real quick why I think I’m qualified to call you brilliant.  I have a Ph.D. in humanities, and —

RUSH:  Wow.

CALLER:  — I’ve taught at Florida State, Florida A&M and some other universities and I’m married to a football coach, who was Emmitt Smith’s head coach, and I just love the way that you do not excuse the patriotic behavior of the Tea Party people, that you aren’t embarrassed by their enthusiasm and that you stand by your principles, and I love the way that you are able to analyze a political situation, you kind of distill it and hone into the heart of the matter, and that is why I keep listening to you, because you are the best at doing that.

RUSH:  Well, thank you.

CALLER:  I think you’re great.

RUSH:  Thank you very much.  I really appreciate it and I am passionate about it.  I run into it all the time and it gets more and more frustrating each time I run into this.  And then I look at John Edwards.  The Democrats, the media:  This man was flawless, two Americas, he had the compassion.  Why, his wife, even though she had cancer, they were willing to put their family concerns aside for the country.  They’re a couple of frauds.  But, boy, he looked good on TV, and he didn’t embarrass anybody until the truth came out.  This has been delectable. I can’t tell you the number of people I knew that thought Edwards was it and now they’ve read that book out there by Andrew Young and they find out what a total fraud this guy is.  I say, “Okay, there’s one Democrat down.  Now, if you can think about all of them the way you’ve learned about John Edwards, then we’ll be making progress.  Think about it.”


RUSH:  You know, the kind of people that we have running for office now are the exact kind of people the Founding Fathers had in mind.  I’d rather have somebody who speaks his mind, not talking points, and I certainly don’t want some hypocritical crook or some destructive liberal in charge of this country any longer than necessary.  It’s not complicated at all to me.

What Do I Think of Palin, Angle, O’Donnell, or Carl Paladino?

RUSH: Now, one more thing on this business of people being embarrassed over Tea Party people and candidates.  Of all the irritating aspects of it, the thing that grates on me the most is that the people that come up to me and say they’re embarrassed of Palin, don’t even know her.  They’re simply reacting to what the media is saying about her, and these are people who claim to also hate the media.  These are people who understand the media makes things up, especially about conservatives.  These are people that understand the media lies about conservatives, does their best to destroy the reputations of conservatives, to impugn them, and yet some, they forgot all that, media comes out and does a little hit piece on Carl Paladino or Christine O’Donnell and for some reason all of a sudden the media is right: “Yeah, yeah, these people really embarrass –” you know, I had somebody ask me the other day, “Rush, what do you think of Christine O’Donnell?”  I said, “We gotta reduce Obamacare is what I think of Christine O’Donnell.  We gotta stop this.  We gotta get people back to work.  We gotta cut taxes and we have got to reverse Obamanomics. We have got to get rid of this administration, the people running this country.  That’s what I think of Christine O’Donnell.”

“What do you think of Sarah Palin?”

“We have got to overturn Obamacare.  We gotta repeal it.  We have gotta stop these massive tax increases that are coming.  We have got to once again invest in the growth sector of this country.  That’s what I think of Sarah Palin.”

“What do you think of Carl Paladino?”

“I think we’ve got to repeal health care.  I think we have got to lower taxes.  I think we’ve gotta do something to inspire people to once again believe their country is great.  That’s what I think of Carl Paladino.  That’s what it boils down to, to me.”

“What do you think of John Edwards?”

“What does it matter what I think of John Edwards?  He’s a liberal.  They lie.  Every one of them are hypocritical crooks and frauds, the vast majority of them.  We know this.  I don’t see where the choice is.  I don’t see where it’s debatable.”  We can’t have people sit there and agree that the country is going to hell in a handbasket being driven there on purpose and then get into the fine points on whether or not somebody who disagrees on stopping this disaster from happening embarrasses us.

“What do you think of Obama?”

“What do you think of Pelosi, for crying out loud?  Why don’t you turn around and ask the Democrats if they’re not embarrassed of Harry Reid or John Edwards?  I mean how many Tea Party people have driven a car off a bridge and a woman died?  How many Tea Party people go out and buy a $7 million yacht in Australia and try to register it in another state that they don’t live in to save half a million dollars in taxes?  Tell me the Tea Party people doing this.  When I realize that people asking me and criticizing all of these Tea Party people are simply reacting to what the media is saying about ’em, that’s like the icing on the cake to me.  Do you really want to believe the media?  That probably is the most frustrating thing to me right now.  Everybody knows the media is simply the Democrat Party.  So wouldn’t you expect the Democrats, Katie Couric and the rest are trying to embarrass all these Tea Party people?  So what does it matter what they say about our people?  What does it matter?  Let me turn it around.  Why are you insistent that Katie Couric like our candidates?  Why is that the deciding factor?  Why are you hoping and praying that Chris Matthews says good things about our guys?  Why are you hoping and praying that Christiane Amanpour, take your pick, Bob Schieffer, Diane Sawyer, why does it matter what they say about us when in the normal course of events you don’t like them either and you get mad at what they say about others.  It’s, as the phrase goes, time to man up.  Now, let me illustrate this with some audio sound bites.  Last night on NBC Nightly News, Brian Williams was reporting this about the New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino.
WILLIAMS:  Opponents of the GOP nominee for governor of New York are saying he behaved like a thug.

RUSH:  Okay.  So here we have the State-Controlled Media saying opponents of Paladino are saying he behaved like a thug.  What happened?  Well, somebody in the media took a camera to his house and poked the lens into the window to catch his ten-year-old daughter doing something.  They’re constantly asking Carl Paladino about his so-called private life, extracurricular activities.  He said, (paraphrasing) “Why aren’t you asking Andrew Cuomo about his?” and that ended up being Carl Paladino accusing Andrew Cuomo of having affairs, which Paladino said, “I didn’t accuse him of that, that’s not what I’m saying.  But where’s the equal treatment?  You gonna ask me about all the baggage in my life; what about his?  Why don’t you go ask him?”  He’s damn right about it.  Okay, so, NBC Nightly News: “Opponents the GOP nominee for governor of New York say he behaved like a thug.”  Let’s go back to me, this program, November 5th, 2008, talking about the incoming Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

RUSH ARCHIVE:  He is a good old-fashioned Chicago thug just like Obama is a good old-fashioned Chicago thug.  On the night of the Clinton election Rahm Emanuel was so angry at the president’s enemies that he stood up at a celebratory dinner with colleagues from the campaign, Rahm Emanuel grabbed a steak knife and he began rattling off a list of betrayers.  And as he listed their names, he shouted, dead, dead, dead.  And he plunged the steak knife into the table after every name.  This is not a bunch of people that are going to govern from the center.  These are left-wing extremists, they are radicals.

RUSH:  Now, we have just had Brian Williams say opponents of Paladino are calling him a thug.  And here’s a sound bite of me calling Rahm Emanuel a thug.  That’s November 2008, November 5th.  Four days later, CNN’s Reliable Sources, NPR’s Tell Me More host Michel Martin said this about media coverage of Obama.

MARTIN:  For every Chris Matthews there’s a Rush Limbaugh who called the new incoming Chief of Staff and the president-elect “thugs.”

RUSH:  Right.  So it’s okay for Brian Williams to quote people calling Carl Paladino a thug. That makes him a thug. “Carl Paladino’s a thug,” they said so at NBC, and of course opponents of Paladino said he’s a thug and that makes him a thug, that makes it right.  I call Emanuel a thug and they’re offended, and they’re outraged, how dare this be said about the clean and pure as the wind-driven snow Rahm Emanuel.  Same month, same year, November 6th, November 7, 2008, we have a montage of media people talking about Rahm Emanuel in a positive, laudatory way.

CHETRY: Rahm Emanuel, a Washington veteran known for sharp elbows.

REID: A masterful politician with very sharp elbows.

SCARBOROUGH:  Sharp political elbows.

CARD:  I hope he takes his partisan elbows and keeps them close by to his body.

BROWNSTEIN:  He has sharp political instincts and sharp elbows.

BROWN:  You mentioned sharp elbows.

YELLIN:  A reputation for sharp elbows.

RUSH:  Carl Paladino does not have sharp elbows; he’s a thug.  But Rahm Emanuel plunging a steak knife into a table after mentioning every name, “dead, dead, dead,” he’s got sharp elbows.  He’s a brilliant political tactician, sharp elbows, yet they’re all upset when I call Rahm Emanuel thug.  Last night and this morning we have a montage of various media people talking about a shakeup at the White House.
BLITZER: The White House on the verge of a new shake-up.

HENRY: Shake things up.

GUTHRIE: A shake-up at the White House.

DOOCY: Shake things up in the West Wing

RUSH:  They’re shaking things up.  What are they talking about?  Rahm Emanuel leaving, going back to Chicago to run for mayor.  So they’re shaking things up at the Obama White House.  March 28, 2006, media montage talking about Bush, changes in his administration.

SCOTT: Is this a shakeup or is this just rearranging the deck chairs?

HENRY: Like rearranging the deck chairs, not really a major shakeup.

O’DONNELL: Simply rearranging the deck chairs.

DOOCY: The president of the United States needed to rearrange the chairs.

VANDEHEI: You’re basically just moving the chairs in different directions.

RUSH:  So a little shakeup when they get rid of Rahm Emanuel, rearranging the deck chairs, that means on the Titanic when discussing changes at the Bush administration.  So thug Carl Paladino, definitely, Brian Williams said so because opponents of Carl Paladino call him a thug.  I call Emanuel a thug, and he really is one, and they’re shocked and outraged, how dare this be said, he’s only got sharp elbows.  And this is just, you know, a shakeup at the White House, no big deal.  When Bush gets rid of his chief of staff it’s rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Imagine, ladies and gentlemen, Sarah Palin had done one of the things Charlie Rangel has done.  Imagine.  Imagine that Christine O’Donnell had done or said just one of the things Maxine Waters has done.  Say what you want about Rahm Emanuel, he had the sense to call his fellow liberals F-ing retarded, used the R-word, F-ing retards talking about his own people.  Nobody was really upset about that.  Then he had the good grace to apologize to the mentally handicapped for the comparison.  Didn’t want to insult the mentally handicapped by saying they were just like Democrats.  Never mind that the guy replacing Rahm Emanuel as Obama’s chief of staff when he was a US senator, Peter Rouse, also a thug, even bigger thug, he works behind the scenes, he doesn’t care for publicity like Rahm does.  So you see, folks, as far as the media is concerned, everything the Democrats do, brilliant, forward thinking, very strategic.  Not so when the Republicans do it.

So when the media wants to sit out there and impugn people on our side that’s why I get a little frustrated when people on our side all of a sudden start believing the media.  One of my biggest pet peeves is throwing something in the trash can and missing it, especially when it’s just two feet away.  I’m trying to throw something away and to have to do it twice is, to me, the biggest waste of time. I get so mad at myself if I miss the trash can.  The second pet peeve that I have is people obsessed with what other people think of them, especially people obsessed with what the media think of us or what the Democrats think of us.  I can barely maintain my composure when people tell me things like that.  Okay, you want their respect, go do what it’s gonna take to get it.  What do you think that is?  What do you think it’s gonna take to have the media say good things about us?  I’ll tell you, McCain.  And how many of you liked him?

RUSH: We said earlier today that Osama Bin Laden, who, if he would shave his beard and get rid of the imam cap, could run as a Democrat and get elected anywhere in this country.  If he ran in Michigan he wouldn’t have to shave the beard.  He’d get elected in Michigan with the imam cap and with the beard.  He’s out there saying global warming is killing more people than wars, global warming the single issue of our time.  Last night in Tampa at a Kendrick Meek for Senate campaign rally here is vice perpetrator Algore.

ALGORE:  Have you noticed what happened in Pakistan with those big downpours?  Nothing like that’s ever happened there before.  Before that happened, one of their cities had a temperature of 129 degrees, all-time record.

RUSH:  How come the way Algore speaks doesn’t embarrass anybody?  Did you hear that? (imitating Algore) “Before that happened, one of their cities had a temperature, 129 degrees, all-time record.”  He sounds like an absolute hick.  How come you’re not embarrassed of Algore?  How come you’re not embarrassed of Algore ’cause he’s dead wrong, dangerously so, as a blithering idiot?  And now he’s parroting Osama Bin Laden: global warming, Pakistan.

To the phones, Rick in Chicago.  Great to have you on the EIB Network.  Hello, sir.

CALLER:  Rush, what an honor.  I’m trapped halfway between the People’s Republic of Chicago and the boyhood home of the only true Illinois president, Ronaldus Magnus, so people remember Illinois for that as well.  I am on the same page with you today.  I had to respond to a friend who sent me a leftover Palin joke from the 2008 election, which I won’t even bear going into.  I wrote him a scathing four-paragraph response because I think he’s smarter than that and that he shouldn’t even be disseminating such garbage, but I just essentially told him this should be a Biden joke, that the misconception that Palin is challenged was, as you said, Katie Couric and the Saturday Night Live bunch who you didn’t mention.

RUSH:  Yeah, you know, tell your buddy that what makes the Palin joke fashionable is the media that he probably doesn’t even like.

CALLER:  Yeah.  Absolutely right.

RUSH:  If it weren’t for the media making fun of her these people wouldn’t be.  If the media were lauding her as something brilliant to come down the pike, everybody would love her.  And the people on our side who are suspicious of the media anyway falling prey to the media, I can’t tell you how frustrating, that ticks me off.  Sometimes I want to reach out and choke people into reality.  I want to grab them by the throat and say, “Would you please wake up and stop this arrogant condescension?  Who the hell are you?  Go do one thing she’s done.  Let me see your background.  Let me see how many illegitimate kids you got.  I wanna see all of your DUIs. I wanna see the media following you around every day, un-turning every rock in your life. I want to see how you like it. I want to see how you deal with it. I want to see how you deal when people tell you that you embarrass them.”

CALLER:  Palin was hit with questions during the campaign that were far more penetrating than what they thought to ask Biden or far worse than what they thought to even ask Obama.  And that’s why we’re in the condition we’re in.  If you ask Obama —

RUSH:  Sarah Palin has never told a guy in a wheelchair, “Stand up, Chuck.  Oh, go, oh, my God, Chuck, God bless you, Chuck, well, stand up for Chuck.”  Sarah Palin has never looked at a poor guy in a wheelchair and said, “Stand up.”  Joe Biden did.  Joe Biden is a walking gaffe, a funny gaffe.

(Obama Parody)

RUSH:  That’s right, Abraham Imam Obama, “It took a while to free the slaves out there.”  You know, maybe Obama can make Bin Laden his climate czar.  Well, he’s spouting the Obama tune on all of this.


RUSH:  I just got an e-mail from someone in the subscriber e-mail inbox: “Why are you so mad at us today?”  I’m not mad at you, unless you are running around telling people you’re embarrassed of all these Tea Party people.  I’m not mad at you all.  I’m mad at the phony conservatives. I’m mad at these phony inside-the-Beltway media conservatives all embarrassed of Carl Paladino and Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell.  I mean no need to repeat this, but I’m not mad at you all.  The e-mail came from a Darwinite, by the way.

Obamacare Disaster Moving Fast

RUSH: Wall Street Journal: “Federal Agency Flexible on McDonald’s Plan — The Obama administration said Thursday that its top health official will ‘exercise her discretion’ in enforcing a new health-law requirement, a move that could help McDonald’s Corp. and other employers from disrupting their health-care policies for hourly workers.”  Now, doesn’t this kind of put the lie to all the denials issued yesterday by the White House and McDonald’s?  McDonald’s even issued a statement calling media reports about it’s health care coverage speculative and misleading.  And yet the regime said yesterday its top health official will exercise her discretion in enforcing a new health law requirement.  Folks, this is the mini-med plan. To me this is an example of the health care bill unraveling, because apparently now what Kathleen Sebelius — and this is in the law, at the secretary’s discretion, I don’t know in the bill it’s in there “at the secretary’s discretion” so she can choose to exempt some people from the law and hold others to it.

“The announcement Thursday followed a report in The Wall Street Journal that McDonald’s warned federal regulators it could drop its health-insurance plan for nearly 30,000 restaurant workers unless regulators waive a new requirement of the health overhaul. … On Thursday, administration officials indicated they are hopeful that HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius will be able to allow certain waivers to the requirement, but that it was too early to confirm they will. She must wait for guidance from state insurance commissioners, and the administration doesn’t expect to release the agency’s final guidance until December.” Now, this is funny.  Ms. Sebelius has no problem issuing dictates about health insurance rates which are in fact approved by state insurance commissioners, but now when she needs somebody to hide behind, she conveniently remembers that they are the ones who actually call the shots.  So everything yesterday was true.  McDonald’s was gonna cancel, and they can’t afford it.  They’re the first of many, by the way, who aren’t going to be able to afford it.

What is supposed to happen, the design here is down the road, not just McDonald’s, but a whole lot of companies are gonna end their health care plans because they can’t afford it.  And down the road these 30,000 McDonald employees then go on the federal exchange, single payer, public option.  This is the design.  It’s just not supposed to be happening this fast.  So the thing is unraveling here right before our very eyes.  That’s what you have to know about this.  This is the design, just not now.  This is supposed to happen after Obama’s election in 2012.  That’s when all of this is supposed to hit the fan, not now.  So now they’re running for the tall grass, and Sebelius is gonna hide behind the state insurance experts, regulators, and let them make the decision here so it doesn’t fall on the regime.  But, you know, Allah forbid, that any of this would have happened before Obamacare was rammed through Congress.  Allah forbid that this happened before the 2012 election.  But it’s happening:  “Federal Agency Flexible on McDonald’s Plan.”  So the denial yesterday I guess doesn’t mean anything.
John Hood, a little post at The Corner on National Review Online:  “Well, it’s official: President Obama has destroyed my health plan and those of two dozen of my employees. Several media outlets are reporting this morning that Principal Financial, which sells health plans to the John Locke Foundation and nearly a million Americans, will exit the health-insurance marketplace. The company is responding to the new costs and incentives created by Obamacare, which (of course) favor large firms over smaller competitors, as the New York Times explains: ‘At the Principal Financial Group, the company’s decision reflected its assessment of its ability to compete in the environment created by the new law. “Now scale really matters,” said Daniel J. Houston, a senior executive at Principal, which is headquartered in Des Moines. “We don’t have a significant concentration in any one market.”‘”

Can I translate this for you?  At Principal Financial, which has just canceled the health insurance for the John Locke Foundation employees, this decision reflected its own assessment of its ability to compete in the environment created by the new law.  In other words, Principal Financial said, “Uh, we can’t afford to stay in business under Obamacare.  So we’re canceling these little plans here because we can’t afford it.”  So the employees at the John Locke Foundation are without health insurance.  Now, United Health Care is reportedly gonna offer health plans to these former subscribers, including John Hood, but Hood says, “We have no idea what those plans will look like. As competition shrinks, they’ll certainly be more expensive and less flexible. At JLF, we had carefully designed two consumer-driven options — one based around health savings accounts and the other around health reimbursement accounts — and experienced excellent results, including several years of nearly level premiums. Now, we’ll just have to see what administration ideologues and federal bureaucrats will permit us to purchase.”

So the McDonald’s story in the Wall Street Journal yesterday and today, now John Hood’s post at The Corner, it’s unraveling.  I don’t mean that it’s going away.  I mean that its promises, its promises of lower cost, you get to keep your insurance, you get to keep your doctor, lower premium, it’s all unraveling a lot of sooner than it was supposed to.  See, this is all supposed to happen in 2012 and after that, actually 2014 was when the bulk of this was supposed to happen.  But, you see, these idiots in the Democrat Party who write these pieces of legislation have no idea about the dynamic aspects of what they do.  They think everything’s very static.  Okay, so you pass a law that says in 2012 and 2014 X is going to happen.  Well, companies say, “I’m not going to wait ’til 2012 or 2014,” and the insurers are going to say, “I’m gonna lose money if I do it this way, if it’s all going to be canceled on me anyway.”  So they’re just getting a head start to avoid taking any losses.  And now the Democrats are running around, “You can’t do that.”  Kathleen Sebelius is running around, “You can’t opt out of the program now, you’re not supposed to do that ’til 2012 or 2014.”  They’re not saying that, but that’s unwritten.

So once again, the whole premise is unraveling here.  And this is going to happen to more and more people who are gonna end up losing their health insurance, and there isn’t a public option right now for them to go to, the federal exchanges have not been created.  That’s supposed to happen down the line.  You see, the original plan is when this kind of thing happens, then the Obama regime is going to have a representative, maybe the president himself, “This is so unfortunate, we feel so bad, these rotten companies, we knew, we knew and we told you that these private sector companies would not continue to provide you health care at an affordable price or insurance.  We knew it, that’s why we did this.  So now we are gonna gladly step in, and we, the federal government, will insure you.”  That was the plan, set themselves up as the knights on the white horse saving the day.  The problem is it’s happening two to three years sooner than it was supposed to.  So now you’re gonna have a lot of people lose their health insurance, don’t know where to go to get it because there is no wonderful public option yet.  The federal exchanges aren’t up and running.  The regime might have to ramp up the speed at which they do this.

But it’s just frustrating, because all of this was predictable.  Those of us who understand economics, free market, understand liberals and socialism and how they screw up the free market, this was all predictable.  And couple that with the fact that liberals lie.  So Obama says, “Yeah, you’re gonna keep your doctor and your premiums are gonna go down and if you like your policy you get to keep it.”  Smart money says it’s all a lie.  Why?  Because a Democrat said it, B, the Democrat was Obama, and C, everything he said defies economic and market reality no matter how much you wish it could be true.

RUSH: Here’s Laura in Erie, Pennsylvania, on Open Line Friday.  Great to have you with us.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  Thanks for all you do.

RUSH:  Thank you very, very much.  You bet.

CALLER:  Well, especially with the last caller, I’m a retired veteran, and I would like to contribute $5 up front to her cause.  I think a lot of your listeners might do that if you put her information —

RUSH:  Well, we’ve got her phone number.  We can’t do any of this stuff —

CALLER:  Okay.

RUSH:  We’re on it.  We’re looking into this.

CALLER:  I just wanted to call and give you an update on how that health care bill that nobody knows what’s in it, how it’s affecting people in our local area.

RUSH:  Don’t tell me you’re about to be kicked out of your house.

CALLER:  No.  We’re very blessed.

RUSH:  Okay.

CALLER:  But Representative Kathy Dahlkemper is one of the 40 that signed this health care bill —

RUSH:  Yeah.

CALLER:  — with Stupak and they were the ones who were supposed to get assurances from President Obama with the executive order he signed that none of this new funding would go toward abortion.

RUSH:  Right.

CALLER:  Well, the provision that kids under 26 can get on their parents’ health care —

RUSH:  Yeah.

CALLER:  — my husband works at a local school district so I’m covered under him and we can add our 25-year-old son for another year, and I called the Blue Cross policy, and they said, “Well, abortion is covered, too.”  So I said, “Well, if I had a daughter then she would be covered with abortion?”  And she said, “Yes.”  And I said, “Well, would she have to pay anything extra, you know, because you’re supposed to separate it out with a new provision,” and she said no, that abortion is covered and —

RUSH:  Wait a minute.  They said abortion wasn’t covered.

CALLER:  It’s covered under my husband’s, which we didn’t know —

RUSH:  Oh.

CALLER:   — health care.

RUSH:  Okay I’ve got 15 seconds.  So what is the point?

CALLER:  The point is these girls are now going to have abortion coverage with this new mandate.  And I’m upset because I didn’t know that abortion was even covered under our bill, so I’m having the local newspaper look into it because I think a lot of taxpayers —

RUSH:  Who told you there was no abortion coverage, Democrats?

CALLER:  Representative Kathy Dahlkemper —

RUSH:  Okay.

CALLER:  — went on local radio and said that.

RUSH:  The Democrats, they lie.  I mean everybody knew abortion was going to be covered. (sigh)

The Recession Isn’t Over For Me!

RUSH: It is Open Line Friday, so we go back to the phones to Fort Mohave, Arizona. Liz, great to have you here.

CALLER: Yeah. (pause) I admire you greatly.

RUSH: Thank you very, very much.

CALLER: And congratulations on your recent wedding.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Hope you have many happy years.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I have a question. These idiots in Washington —

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: — that keep insisting this recession is over —

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: (laughing) Are they nuts or what?

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: More and more people are losing their homes. I’m one of them.

RUSH: By the way, it was actually… To be precise it wasn’t “idiots in Washington.” It was idiots at Harvard. It was a group of guys from Harvard who proclaimed that the recession ended in June of 2009. The regime just picked up on it and said, “Oh, good! The recession’s over.”

CALLER: Well, it’s not. Like I said, more and more people are still losing their homes. We’re one of them. My household is four disabled people.

RUSH: And you’re losing the house?

CALLER: And we’re losing the home because we can’t get any help.

RUSH: What kinda help? You mean financial help?


RUSH: Are they gonna foreclose on you, is that what that means?

CALLER: Yeah. I’ve got a week to get my back payments in and if I don’t they’re starting the foreclosure paperwork. (choking up) Like I said, I take a few, four, disabled people, and we have to try and maintain our home on less than 2,000 a month.

RUSH: That’s not the mortgage? That’s how much it cost you to maintain it?

CALLER: No, that’s what we have to live on every month, less than $2,000 to pay all the bills —

RUSH: Including…?

CALLER: — buy my groceries —

RUSH: Including the mortgage?

CALLER: — and the mortgage.

RUSH: Now the disabled people, are they your family?

CALLER: Yes. It’s me, my husband, my mother, and my mother-in-law. We’re also — me and my husband are also — disabled veterans. Our applications for service connected benefits —

RUSH: Well, no wonder…

CALLER: — continue to be denied.

RUSH: Yeah. No wonder you think the recession’s not over.

CALLER: Our Social Security application continues to be denied.

RUSH: Why?

CALLER: They keep saying he can go to work. He can’t stand on his feet but he can go to work.

RUSH: This doesn’t make any sense.

CALLER: Tell me about it. What are people like us supposed to do?

RUSH: Well, it doesn’t make any sense because the regime would have us believe that people like you are who they’re looking out for and taking care of and coming up with all kinds of programs to keep you in your house and keep you from being foreclosed.

CALLER: For two years —

RUSH: Modified Mortgage Relief Program or something. Have you tried to access that?


RUSH: What happened?

CALLER: They wouldn’t help us because we’re in a mobile home.

RUSH: They’re gonna foreclose on your mobile home?

CALLER: We’re in a mobile home.

RUSH: They’re gonna foreclose —

CALLER: We’re in a double-wide mobile home within a trailer park, a mobile home park.

RUSH: They’re going to foreclose on a mobile home in a trailer park?


RUSH: Well, this is…

CALLER: Yeah. For two years I’ve been filling out applications for assistance and writing letters. I’ve got over 586 letters sent out begging for help, from anybody.

RUSH: Nobody in the house is able to work?


RUSH: Well, how have you gotten by up ’til now?

CALLER: Robbing Peter to pay Paul. Jugglin’ bills every month.

RUSH: What’s your source of income?

CALLER: My disability, which was 1100. I found out this month the VA is garnishing my wages for prescriptions ’cause I can’t afford to pay for them. So they’re gonna just take the money anyway.

RUSH: Wait a minute. The VA is garnishing a portion of your wages?


RUSH: Well, wait a minute. You have a job?


RUSH: What are they garnishing then? Your disability payment?

CALLER: My Social Security. Disability. I was getting a thousand dollars — 1100 a month —

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: — Social Security, disability.

RUSH: And you can’t work?


RUSH: Nobody in the house can work?


RUSH: When’s the last time anybody in the house was able to work?

CALLER: 2001.

RUSH: So for ten years almost —


RUSH: — you haven’t been able to work. You’ve been living on whatever disability and other things you had.

CALLER: My mother used her life savings to help us up until now. Now she’s wiped out.

RUSH: Right, that’s gone. And there’s nothing any of you in the house can do —


RUSH: — work related?

CALLER: No. My mother has had five strokes. My mother-in-law, in the last three months, has spent two of those months in the hospital in and out.

RUSH: How did you pay for that?

CALLER: We haven’t paid it.

RUSH: What are you able to pay for with your income? You say you’ve got $2,000 a month. What are you able to pay for?

CALLER: We’re barely able to pay the bills.

RUSH: What kind of bills? What do you owe?

CALLER: Just all we have is our mortgage, our space rent, our electric, gas, water.

RUSH: Car?

CALLER: No. Car’s paid for.

RUSH: Car’s paid for. How much do you owe on the domicile?

CALLER: On the home alone?

RUSH: Yeah, the trailer.

CALLER: Twenty thousand is what we owe to pay it off.

RUSH: And they’re demanding all 20,000 or they’re gonna kick you out?

CALLER: Well, right now just the back amount.

RUSH: What’s that?

CALLER: Oh, God.

RUSH: Anyway the point is the recession’s not over for you?

CALLER: Oh, not by a long shot.

RUSH: And you’re sick and tired of hearing the recession’s over?

CALLER: (laughs) Doubly.
RUSH: How do you feel when Obama says, “Hey, be patient. It took a while to free the slaves”?

CALLER: Yeah, I’ve even written him a letter and it got sent back, too.

RUSH: You sent The Messiah a letter and it was returned un-replied-to?


RUSH: Did you vote for The Messiah?


RUSH: Well, that may be why. They probably know.

CALLER: Nooo way, I did not vote for him.

RUSH: All right, now, if you are evicted from your mobile home, where will you go? What will happen?

CALLER: I don’t know. I haven’t anyplace to go. I don’t have money to pay deposits to go anywhere.

RUSH: But you do have $2,000 a month. You say you do have $2000 a month to do something with.

CALLER: I still gotta pay the rest of the bills. By the time I get all them paid, I ain’t going to have nothing to do nothing.

RUSH: Well, but I know it’s not a lot, but it’s still $2000.

CALLER: Fifteen hundred dollars is what they want now.

RUSH: How much do they want?

CALLER: Fifteen hundred.

RUSH: $1500. And how much time would that buy you?

CALLER: What, um, another three months.

RUSH: Are you a veteran yourself?


RUSH: You know what you could do? You ought to call Velma Hart. Velma Hart’s the CFO of AMVETS. Now, Velma Hart is the woman that went to Obama town meeting the other day in Ohio (I think it was in Ohio), and she said, “Is this it? Is this our new reality? Frankly,” she said, “I’m exhausted defending you and your policies.” I mean, this is Obamaville here, folks. This is gut-wrenching to have to listen to. So you have no option. You just have to sit around and wait for the time to pass and for the bank to come along and repossess your home?


RUSH: Now, you… Look, Liz, you sound a little bit more industrious than that. Honestly, you don’t sound to me — now, I’m you just hearing you on the phone, but you don’t sound — like somebody that sits around and waits for things to happen to you.

CALLER: I scrounge every day to make ends meet.

RUSH: I don’t doubt that. Millions of people are.

CALLER: And if I’m lucky, by the time I get done paying everything, I have a hundred dollars to buy groceries for a month, for four people. That’s not easy.

RUSH: Well, have you called the VA? Have you called any of these organizations? AMVETS?

CALLER: Yeah, I’ve called all of them.

RUSH: You’ve called AMVETS?

CALLER: Mmm-hmm. I’ve called them, I’ve called the American Legion, I’ve called —

RUSH: Nobody?

CALLER: — two different ones for disabled veterans.

RUSH: And —

CALLER: But we’re not from the recent wars, Iraq or Afghanistan.

RUSH: Yeah, but your entire family is living with you in your home there? You don’t have any other family anywhere else?

CALLER: No. Not close by.

RUSH: Church?

CALLER: Nope. Nothing.

RUSH: Are you a member of a church?

CALLER: No. Not anymore. I spend all my time taking care of these guys.

RUSH: Hmm.

CALLER: That’s what I do is take care of them.

RUSH: Do you blame George Bush for any of this?

CALLER: Part of it.

RUSH: Really?

CALLER: But it really hit hard about two years ago.

RUSH: And it’s done nothing but deteriorate and get worse for the whole two years?

CALLER: Uh-huh. Yeah. They keep raising our space rent every year.

RUSH: So why did you…? Do you get food stamps?


RUSH: Oh, I know you qualify for food stamps, everybody qualifies for them. They’re trying to give those away.

CALLER: Nope, they say we make too much money.

RUSH: You don’t make any money!

CALLER: That’s my point.

RUSH: Everything you get is Social Security or some kind of benefit.

CALLER: That’s —

RUSH: Are you on any kind of welfare?


RUSH: But you certainly qualify.

CALLER: They tell us we don’t.

RUSH: Who?

CALLER: DES! I’ve applied for food stamps.

RUSH: DES? What’s that?

CALLER: Department of Economic Security.

RUSH: Well, call the agriculture department. They run the food stamp program.

CALLER: No. You know, our air conditioner —

RUSH: Liz, the food stamp people advertise trying to give away food stamps so as to keep their budget each year up. There’s gotta be something. All you’d have to do to qualify is produce your income tax returns and to show that your income and that none of it’s derived from work. There has to be something that you haven’t exhausted, food stamps at least. Anyway, Liz, this is heartbreaking. Obamaville. (sigh) Snerdley… Liz, if you don’t mind, give Snerdley your phone number and we’ll keep in touch here and see what’s up with you.

I gotta run, take a break, back with more right after this.


RUSH: That’s a tough situation. You have four disabled people, including veterans, who don’t qualify for anything? Surely she’s not exhausted all of the options available to her out there in Arizona.

Communists Destroy Cuban Cigars, Coffee, Sugar (and All They Touch)

RUSH:  Here’s a story from the Scripps Howard News Service.  I thought they were out of business.  I thought Scripps Howard had shut down.  Obviously they haven’t, one of those rare occasions I was wrong.  “With suspicious haste, Cuba’s communist government abruptly announced it would let private farmers cultivate their crops on government land. Now we have an inkling why: The government wanted to get out while the getting was good. … Last year’s coffee harvest was the worst in history and this fall the island will produce only 6,700 tons, according to an agriculture ministry official quoted by Granma. And the government says it can’t afford the $40 million-plus a year to make up the shortfall through imports. … The Communist Party newspaper Granma is bracing the population for a severe coffee shortage. Cuba was once a major coffee exporter. At the time of the revolution it was producing 60,000 tons annually and, as recently as the ’70s, 28,000 to 30,000 tons a year.

“The Associated Press said the newspaper cited ‘inefficiency and negligence’ for the poor production and that to improve output the government had stopped the Communist practice of using ill-trained students to harvest the crop. The AP notes that super-strong shots of espresso heavily laced with sugar are a way of life in Cuba. And there’s still more bad news on that front. This year’s harvest in a country that once led the world in sugar production was just 1.23 million tons, the worst since 1905.”  (interruption)  They have screwed up cigars, yes. I’ll tell you how they’ve screwed up cigars in just a second.  “Fidel Castro recently told an American journalist, ‘The Cuban model doesn’t even work for us any more.'”  Now, folks, this is a teachable moment, it’s an abject lesson.  This is what happens eventually when communists take over private enterprise.  There’s an old joke.  You’ve probably heard this old joke.  What would happen if the communists took over the Sahara Desert?  In 50 years there would be a shortage of sand.  And it’s true.

Look what’s happening here in Cuba.  The coffee harvest has been declining steadily and dramatically under the Castro regime since the revolution.  Now there’s going to be shortages and they don’t have the money to buy coffee to import from other countries.  The communist socialist Marxist paradise has shortages of almost everything, and yet America intellectuals keep telling us that Cuba should be our model.  Sugar is down, and that was a big export, coffee, rum.  Here’s the dirty little secret.  This is what’s sad about this.  Cuba just happens to be located in a place where the soil pH, the amount of sunlight, the humidity, average temperature, rainfall, produce some of the finest stuff that grows in soil ever, from sugar to coffee, to sugar cane, to tobacco.  Cuba, up until the Fuente family figured it out in the Dominican, Cuba was the only place in the world where all three tobacco leaves for a cigar could be grown in one country: the binder, the filler, and the wrapper.  Nowhere else in the world was that possible, and the Fuentes worked as hard as they could for years, and the Fuentes, they are OpusX brand, all three elements of the cigar grown on their plantations there in the Dominican.  And it wasn’t because the communists did anything right.  It was just that’s where the stuff was the best.

What has been shown is that even communism will destroy the absolute best.  It’s like for the longest time Bordeaux, where it was, the geographic aspects and the meteorological aspects, the best wine grapes without comparison grew there.  Now, Australia is making great strides, Napa, California, Oregon, Washington, great strides, people have been working very hard, but I was asked about tobacco crop.  There used to be… (sigh) I’m going to make some enemies when I say this, but if you could get hold of a Cuban cigar even up to 1985, even up to 1990, but certainly get one from the fifties, sixties, that have been kept — no finer tasting cigar in the world.  And even domestic manufacturers will tell you that, but when the cigar fad hit, Marvin Shanken, my buddy, started a magazine, Cigar Aficionado.  Who ever thought that a magazine on cigars would become one of the leading lifestyle magazines in the history of America, and it has.  Marvin Shanken, he also published the Wine Spectator.  It caused a demand on cigars.  Manufacturers popped up all over the world, started creating them and marketing them.  And for a while it was chic to smoke a cigar everywhere, and so the Cubans, their secret was they didn’t overproduce.

They aged the tobacco, a Cuban cigar, by the time you bought it had been rolled three to five years prior.  When the fad hit, the Cubans wanted to take advantage of it, they were rushing cigars to the market the month they had been rolled and it wasn’t long before people figured out, they’re just not as good as they used to be.  And they haven’t come back.  They’re still nowhere near as good as they were, even as recently as 1994, 1991, you get hold of a Cuban cigar in 1994 — somebody who is an aficionado will pay you if you can prove it a huge amount of money for a box of those things.  Now, I am told, I haven’t had a Cuban cigar in many, many moons.  I’m told that they’re starting to come back, but still not anywhere near because the fad’s dropped off, worldwide demand is not as high as it used to be and the feminazis and everybody else have moved in. You can’t smoke anywhere now, sometimes even in your own house.  You have to go outside, which is fine, but the demand is less now, so the quality has come back a little bit.

But all it illustrates is that communists destroy even the most perfect of creation.  They just destroy it by virtue of — I mean, back in the old days, I wish I’d have been alive and smoking cigars, you could order custom-made cigars, boxes, labels, blends of tobacco, all you wanted.  You couldn’t get ’em here, embargo here, but you’d get ’em in London, order from Dunhill or what have you. But anyway, every crop coming out of Cuba, pfft, worthless now, and it used to be among the world’s best, from sugar to tobacco to coffee, you name it.

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