Dr. Laura Ending Her Radio Show (video)

Check out Jay-Z–Nigga What, Nigga Who. How many times did you hear “Nigga?” Did he end his career?


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  1. Only black people can get away with saying the word and that is ridiculous.

  2. Seeing past the emotion, my interpretation is that Dr. Laura, may have seen that she was being ‘set up’ with a particular question. Let me prove my point!

    If you have ever listened to Dr. Laura, you know that she is the most insensitive Dr. known to humankind. So, listening to her, you know that there are topics that she doesn’t work well with, she lacks compassion, she is basically evil in human form. Why would you call Dr. Laura about anything let alone with a topic, such as race, if you are really experiencing such issues. Radio shows suck in advice and Dr. Laura tops the crappy advice list. I don’t know how she got to be a Dr. But if you suck enough dicks, well, anything is possible.
    To be fair, I believe the call was a setup and I believe Dr. Laura knew it and that is why she was so insolent. It was a caller who squeaked through somehow. Being that she knew the caller knew her and her views and her program, she lashed out at her call, telling the woman she aught to have tougher skin. Typical of a bully, which Dr. Laura is. But, I don’t believe, the caller is as innocent as portrayed. Callers do set up hostesses or hosts. Dr. Laura played the wrong card by becoming insolent, I believe….turning into a phony 1st amendment issue. She lashed, I believe, because she knew she was being challenged. Nigger, nigger, nigger was response and the shock and anger of saying, “I have freedom of speech and I will say whatever I damn well please, and I don’t care how you feel about it.” That isn’t the sign of a racists, which she may be, but the sign of someone who is s rebel.

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