Glenn Beck: Planet Of The Apes Remarks

“It’s like the damn  Planet of the Apes!”  One would think that exclamation, made by Glenn Beck, was exotic liberal bait as quickly as liberals have grabbed it to scream racism. Glenn was reacting to a bewildering phrase …

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Read Beck’s comments:

Special interest! What planet have I landed on? Did I slip through a worm hole in the middle of the night and this looks like America? It’s like the damn Planet of the Apes . Nothing makes sense!

The guy who’s helped destroy all these pensions, Andy Stern, he is now on the financial oversight committee. Is this who we want to take advice from? The unions who have collapsed all of the businesses, who have collapsed all of their pensions, they are bankrupting everything they touch and we go to them and we say, yes, tell me, what should we do?

It’s like any marital tips from Tiger Woods. Hey, I got an idea. Let’s appoint the guy who designed the Edsel and the Yugo to head up G.M. This is how crazy it is. That actually might be an improvement. Let’s get the inventor of Betamax to be our technology czar. Yes! Yes! Hey, the guy who created smokeless cigarettes, he’s our new EPA chief. We are turning to the epic failures of our time and hoping that they will fix it. How? I don’t know if God is even powerful enough to help him fix it.

See the original post:
Glenn Beck Compares Obama’s America To ‘Planet Of The Apes’ (VIDEO)

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    • kip
    • August 8th, 2010

    Un freakin’ believable.

  1. wats up man hows it going

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