Obama On “The View”

This man is a JOKE. He is nothing more than a Empty Suit. Will Barbara Walter pick Michelle as Most Fascinating person this year? Michelle Obama Barbara Walters Most Fascinating Person Of 2009

Remember Obama appeared on ‘60 Minutes’ laughing at serious questions about the global financial system, Afghanistan, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner,  AIG’s $165 million in bonuses, the failure of Citigroup. “I mean there were a whole bunch of folks who, on paper, if you looked at quarterly reports, were wildly successful, selling derivatives that turned out to be. . .completely worthless,” Obama said, with a chuckle. Steve Kroft asked Obama, “Are you punch-drunk?” Obama sat there laughing, making jokes about money. Obama laughed and chuckled several times while discussing the state of the world’s economy. There’s gotta be a little gallows humor to get you through the day,” Obama said, with another laugh.

And his visit to Jay Leno. Obama was not thinking about Arizona when he made this statement.

Then he went to Dave Letterman,

Next Will be ……ELLEN

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  1. July 29th, 2010

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