Egypt Uncovers Two 4,300 Year Old Tombs

Egyptian Culture Minister Farouq Hosni said Wednesday that an excavation team discovered two colorful tombs, believed to be some 4,300 years old, in Saqqara district, southern Cairo. Hosni said the tombs belong to a father and his son from the Sixth Dynasty (2,374-2,191 B.C.). The two tombs were found west of the Step Pyramid by the Egyptian team having been excavating in the Saqqara area since 1986.

The first tomb which belongs to the father has a beautiful false door depicting him sitting in front of a table of sacrifices, which means he held important positions during that period. Thieves could not reach the two tombs as the father’s wood- made coffin was buried in a 20 meter-deep well found under the false door. The second tomb was adjacent to the first one. Adding the son is holding the same titles as his father. Will Obama’s image be found in this tomb? Obama Image in Tomb

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