Al Gore Cheating

Al and Laurie went from friends to lovers. Al has been having an affair with Laurie, who divorced Seinfeld creator and Curb Your Enthusiasm star Larry David in 2007. The breaking news story is developing, but the details emerging are the following. He has been photographed with a women doing some pretty wild stuff with the female in a blue dress. When the news of Al and Tipper breaking up hit the media, everyone knew it was because of another woman. Tipper Gore constantly thought that Al Gore was having affairs, which had a negative affect on their relationship. Tipper suspected of having affairs with a reported five women throughout their marriage. One was a 23-year-old Texas Titans cheerleader, another was an unidentified massage therapist, Cabinet member and Gore environmental advisor Kathleen McGinty, a “sultry screen star” who goes unnamed and a now-deceased high-school sweetheart named Donna Armistead, and now Laurie David.

For three years Donna Armistead was Al Gore’s girl, the only real romantic relationship in his life before he met Mary Elizabeth “Tipper” Aitcheson. Tipper’s jealousy started early and involved Armistead, who he was linked with romantically in 2001. “Tipper confronted Al about it, and he denied it,” said the source. When Tipper again went on to accuse Gore of having an affair with a Tennessee Titans cheerleader, it got to be too much for Al.

*The high-school sweetheart, named Donna. Donna is dead now. But she gave an interview in 2000 and she talked about how Tipper was a jealous bitch… in 1970, when Al introduced Tipper to Donna, Tipper wouldn’t acknowledge her. Boring. And the woman is dead!

*The Cabinet member, “Environmental Advisor” Kathleen McGinty. There were rumors about Al and Kathleen in 1995, but the Enquirer claims that they investigated at the time and “the two had a strictly professional relationship.” My guess? Bubba probably boned her, but Al didn’t hit it.

*The message therapist, name unknown. Circa 2000, there were rumors about Al having a “fling” with his massage therapist. The source says: “Tipper knew that Al had a daily massage, and she was always jealous of the therapists… he mostly had female masseuses, but Tipper became so vocal about the women that Al switched to male therapists to keep the peace.” Verdict? Hand-jobs, probably.

*The “sultry screen star,” name unknown. Why do I think it’s Leo DiCaprio? Anyway, circa 2001, there was a “whispering campaign” about it. Tipper confronted him about Leo (or whoever) but Al denied it. The source says: “By this time, Tipper’s jealousy was putting stress on their marriage.” My take: Al & Leo 4 Eva.

*The cheerleader, name unknown, but identified as “a gorgeous 23 year-old Tennessee Titans cheerleader.” Once again, this sounds more like Bubba’s type, right? Maybe Al was just being a good wingman, a bro, and covering for his buddy. Anyway, the cheerleader was allegedly the last girl that Tipper went into a “jealous rage” about.

Tipper’s jealousy was putting stress on their marriage, Al finally told her their relationship was over because he couldn’t stand her jealous rages anymore.

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