Alvin Greene South Carolina Senate Candidate

Alvin Greene, 32, didn’t raise any money. He didn’t have a website. And his opponent was a relatively better-known former legislator, Vic Rawl, who was already preparing for the general election. Greene was considered such a long shot that his opponent and media didn’t even bother to check his background. If they had, they would have discovered he faces a felony obscenity charge after an alleged encounter with a college student last fall. After The Associated Press reported Greene’s charge Wednesday, the leader of the state Democratic party said she asked Greene to withdraw from the race.

Court records show Greene was arrested in November and charged with showing obscene Internet photos to a University of South Carolina student, then talking about going to her room at a university dorm. Charged with disseminating, procuring or promoting obscenity, Greene could face up to five years in prison. He has yet to enter a plea or be indicted. South Carolina state law prohibits convicted felons from serving in state office. Felons can serve in federal office, although the U.S. House or Senate could vote to expel any member deemed unfit to serve. Camille McCoy, a 19-year-old rising sophomore at the University of South Carolina, said she called campus police after Greene sat down next to her in a computer lab and asked her to look at his screen, which showed a pornographic website.

Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.) is suggesting that the circumstances of Alvin Greene’s victory in the South Carolina Democratic Senate primary Tuesday are suspicious and should be investigated by the U.S. Attorney’s office. Questions immediately arose about the legitimacy of Greene’s candidacy. While Greene insists he is the real deal, Clyburn, a high-ranking Democrat from South Carolina, is still skeptical. “There were some real shenanigans going on in the South Carolina primary,” Clyburn said. “I don’t know if he was a Republican plant; he was someone’s plant.” Clyburn said the U.S. Attorney’s office should investigate whether a third party gave Greene the money for the $10,400 filing fee, a violation of federal campaign finance laws.

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    • Jennifer
    • June 15th, 2010

    A guy who spent $2000 and did spend time fund raising
    did not dodge to serve his country
    made no promises to anyone
    watched himself win at home with his parents
    So he is not the smartest in the room..but I think we have learned we can send the brightest and they will screw the people they serve.
    Maybe the lawyers in Washington can explain how showing a 19 college student porn on the internet is a felony?
    Alvin Greene

    • Alvin Greene
    • June 16th, 2010



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