Helen Thomas “Jews to go back to Poland, Germany”

Below is what Helen Thomas want. (warning graphic images)
The Holocaust was the state-sponsored discrimination, harassment and eventual liquidation of European Jews by Nazi Germany and its Allies from 1933 to1945. The Nazis termed this well-organized murderous policy as ‘The Final Solution’.  The persecution of the Jews began in 1933. They had to wear yellow stars to mark them out from the rest of the populace and they were prohibited from participating in public life. They couldn’t own businesses, ride on public transport, attend German schools and universities, rent apartments from Germans, marry non-Jews and so on. Public signs were put up saying ‘Jews Not Allowed’. Life grew increasingly difficult and a few Jews managed to get out of Europe while it was still possible; for most of those that remained, death was the only way out. Out of the nine million Jews from 21 European countries, close to 6 million were killed in the Holocaust.  In the 1930s, the Nazis began euthanizing mentally and physically disabled Germans and Austrians. Over 5000 children were killed with lethal injections. Their parents had no say in the matter – they had to acquiesce or get arrested and thrown into prison. Aside from the over-flogged notion of biblical time crimes, there is no rational reason as to why the Nazis disliked the Jews to the extent they did. The Jews were neither a threat to the social and economic fabric of the German nation nor its political standing.

6 million Jews were killed in Germany and Poland. Helen Thomas said “Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine. Remember, these people are occupied and it’s their land. The Nazis established 39 concentration camps in total. The original intention of such camps was for holding political dissidents, but later ones were built to accommodate transports of Jews from the conquered Western European and Eastern European countries. Those that were not gassed on arrival – infants, young children, old people and the infirm were all usually gassed – had to face hard labor, starvation, exposure, brutality and disease.

The Nazis established six extermination centers in Poland, where a long-established tradition of anti-semitism made it easier to bring about the destruction of 90% of the Polish Jews. The most notorious death camps in Poland were Treblinka, Auschwitz and Sobibor; nearly 1.5 million Jews died in Auschwitz alone. Some other camps in Europe, where Jews were murdered, were Chelmno, Belzec, Majdanek, Mauthausen, Belsen, Buchenwald and Dachau. After the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union in June 1941, Jews in those territories were rounded up and killed in gas vans. Jews were also marched to wooded ravines in the outskirts of villages and towns, forced to dig ditches and then made to undress before being shot in batches, falling into the open grave on top of one another. Very few managed to survive and escape when darkness fell.

Thomas didn’t miss a beat, saying “They go home. Poland, Germany.

And America and everywhere else.” While Helen Thomas has apologized, saying “I deeply regret my comments I made last week regarding the Israelis and the Palestinians. They do not reflect my heart-felt belief that peace will come to the Middle East only when all parties recognize the need for mutual respect and tolerance. The Obama Kool Aid Drinkers are silent.

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    • Rami
    • June 6th, 2010


    • Jacob
    • June 8th, 2010

    Thomas has retired since she made that comment.

    • Rockderk
    • June 8th, 2010

    You’re taking the words of a flustered elderly woman and sensationalizing them to inflate your blog. What do you think, Israelis returning to Germany and Poland would be arrested by the Gestapo? Idiot.

  1. Actually, Helen Thomas never mentioned Jews. She was asked about Israelis, and she expressed her view, which is that Israelis should get the hell out of Palestine and go home to their own countries. Which is the view of the vast majority of people on the planet.

    • michael thomas
    • November 5th, 2010

    Whatever one thinks of her comments, Helen Thomas never interjected her personal views into her journalism. She was one of the great great journalists of her generation.


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