Greek Economic Crisis Could Spread

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  1. As an Irishman I think we should be sitting on the edge of our seats to see how smoothly the Greek bailout materializes. The ramifications of political turmoil and a dissolved Government in Greece would be devastating to any future financing Ireland may desperately crave.

    The Greeks are in an ironically privileged position of being the first in the Eurozone to be bailed out. Although the Greeks will never see it that way, any further bailout will undoubtedly be stricter and given the future outcomes of the Greek situation, further rescue packages may not be forthcoming at all.

    An open objection from member states to another financial bailout could have devastating repercussions for the future stability and tenure of the euro and more worryingly a cataclysmic effect on Ireland.

    • Annomynous
    • May 6th, 2010

    Greece should be kicked out of the EU, they cheated their way in anyways. Instead, Europe should be helping Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Ireland before it gets to that level there.

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