The Other 95%

Who are The Other 95%?
They claim to be:

Hard-working Americans who are tired of seeing the wealthy and powerful few rig a tax system so full of loopholes for the “privileged class” that we’re left to pick up the tab. We are angry about this.

Middle class Americans who for decades have dutifuly paid their taxes while watching the biggest corporations and very wealthiest Americans pay a smaller and smaller share (50% less since 1960).

Citizens tired of not being heard amidst the media’s fascination with the antics and misinformation of the teaparty fringe 5% which distracts all of us from solving very real problems facing America.

Citizens tired of our rigged tax system that borrows trillions from China and our children’s future in order to give handouts to the wealthiest 2.2%.
We are…

Police, Fire and Rescue officers who understand that tax revenues are the lifeblood of our ability to serve our communities in the safest , most efficient way possible. Taxes pay for our equipment, our tools, our modest incomes, insurance and retirement packages that support our families and help us strengthen our neighborhoods.

Military personnel and veterans, who serve and protect our country with patriotic passion. We work hard to protect our borders, keep our shipping lanes open and safe, and fight for the Red, White and Blue in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere with pride and honor.

Teachers, who know that the success, safety and very foundation of our Republic depends on the education of our future. We rely on taxes to provide us and our young people with the materials and support they need to take the reins of our great country.

Doctors and Nurses, Technicians and other Healthcare providers who dedicate our heart and soul every day to improving the lives of our patients. We know that our healthcare system depends on the flow of information, research, infrastructure and taxpayer dollars to deliver the best practices, procedures to all Americans.

Small Business Owners who continue to be the lifeblood of employment, innovation, community and GDP growth. We realize that taxes supports the infrastructure necessary for us to build new businesses, reach new customers, and achieve the American Dream.

CEOs and other Business Leaders who know that there is no such thing as the “self-made man.” We recognize and respect the fundamental truth that our success is build upon the shoulders of a country that provides the superior education system so that we have access to the best and brightest employees.

We know we cannot build a single product without the massive public infrastructure such as roads or public transit our workers need to get to work, or the safe, consistent electric, Internet and other networks that allows us to thrive. We pay homage to our military men and women who protect shipping lanes and make America the best place on earth to build and grow a business. We know that taxes are an essential part of this and must pay our fair share to ensure it continues.

Moms and Dads and families who expect clean drinking water and inspected foods so that our kids can eat and drink without fear. We know that being part of a community – be it our hometown or our country – depends on all of us contributing to keep our unique, amazing quality of American life intact.

Disenfranchised Tea Partiers outraged about Wall Street bailouts and the unfairness of a tax system that gives massive tax breaks to global corporations and the very rich.
We are all of us…

No matter what creed, color, religion or trade, we know that we’re all in this together and that everyone — from the single mom just scraping to get by to the richest man on the hill — share a common interest in keeping America the best country on Earth.

We are often too busy to be heard, but we are everywhere. And we are hopeful.

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