Obama Jeans Make It Big In Rwanda

Who would have thought that Barack would be Rwanda’s not-so-resident fashionisto. Acompany in Rwanda launched a line of jeans under the name of none other than current United States President Barack Obama! This is no joke, they really did it and the jeans are selling well.

While the news is spreading all over the world, there is still no word on how much a pair of Obama jeans is worth. That’s what I’m really curious about. Would you buy a pair and if your answer is yes, how much would you pay for it? The Obama Jeanswear, spotted earlier by a travel writer on location in Rwanda.

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  1. Good on him honestly. Why not take the punt and see if it works.

  2. Nice read

  3. Thank you. Great submissions you got going on here. Got some extra websites to link to with a bit more stuff like this?

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