Complete Tape Of Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver Spitting Incident

What did you see?

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    • Kathy
    • March 24th, 2010

    I didn’t see any proof that he was spit on. I did see that right before Cleaver was to pass the man he turned away as if looking in the opposite direction. Then he deliberately swerved almost right into him. I saw a purposeful attempt by CLEAVER provoke an incident. If he was spit on why didn’t the policewoman walking right next to Cleaver arrest him on the spot? She just kept walking right along side him. Why didn’t Cleaver say something immediately to her. Why did it take him so much time to wipe his face & not immediately? If the man wanted to spit on a Black Congressmen he had 3 previous opportunities to do so before Cleaver tried to ram into him. Other black members walked by before him. ITS ANOTHER LEFT WING PROGANDA LIE to discredit the Tea Party movement! This circus act is proof.

    • napalm
    • March 25th, 2010

    We don’t know who the teaspitter was. Could have been a teabagger or a double agent amongst teabaggers.
    Cleaver (the guy in the suit) acted exactly like somebody who’s been spat upon, *and* who knows to act “immune” to negative effects. That’s politics, showmanship, etc.
    Since vid resolution is too sh*tty to see spit flying, the best way to find out whether spit flew, is to ask multiple witnesses.
    The cop (who is also the easiest witness to ID) didn’t arrest anyone, because Cleaver’s a “public figure” and this happens too often. The 2nd cop told Cleaver the very same thing, before Cleaver pulled him down the stairs to “do something”. Pretty funny that the spitter still stood there, then shouted with hand on cheek to his buddy. But both he and Cleaver knew they both know who each were.
    “If the man wanted to spit on a Black Congressmen he had 3 previous opportunities to do so before Cleaver tried to ram into him.”
    Nah. You don’t understand teabag/commie (or competent fake of teabag/commie) psycho-dynamics. The spontaneous urge to act (spit) was fueled by the previous two “targets'” indifference to the spitter’s shouting at their faces. Given more time, the spitter likely would have worked out a better choice of “upped provocations” than spitting.
    Btw, the spitter looks like an idiot holding his hands on his cheeks while shouting. Possibly he (subconsciously) adopted this “over acting” pose after watching too many cartoons. Same for Cleavers “oh my dignity! I must wipe my face” moves at the top of the steps. He’s also been watching too much TV.
    Both of these guys could use about 3 months Holiday in Cambodia. Then spitbag and his coach (white shirt and slacks) need to find productive jobs.

    • Kathy
    • March 25th, 2010

    So…what’s your point?

    • Mark
    • September 2nd, 2010

    If any thing, “say it, don’t spray it.” Nice how Cleaver has an oscar moment in front of the camera. Eight steps he took from the protester, on the eighth step he looked in the general direction of the camera,and wiped his cheek. What an ass.

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