Obama Admits He Does Not Know What’s In The Health Care Bill

At .45 Obama admits, “by the time the vote has taken place not only I will know whats in it you will know whats in it because it’s gonna be posted and everybody is gonna be able to evulate it on the merits.” Why are the Democrats pushing a bill that nobody has a clue on what’s in it?

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    • Kathy
    • March 20th, 2010

    Don’t kid yourself. Obamaniac knows exactly what’s in the bill. This is not about HC reform. Its about gov’t control of our lives. If this bill passes it will set a precedence to pass more unconstitutional laws marching us straight toward Communism. Look what he has done so far to fundamentally transform our country:
    HC reform eliminating patient/doctor relationship,free choices,drs will no longer have the authority to admit a Medicare/Medicaid patient without gov’t permission. And yes, I have actually read portions of the bill online. Don’t believe me? Read for yourself and you will find many more frightening restrictions! Including “death panels” to determine if you are worth the cost of a specific treatment. I think the term used is “Health Counselor”

    Cap & Trade to skyrocket our utilites w/rationing presented under the false veil of “Global Warming” Poor Polar bear floating around on that last ice cube.
    Takeover of Student Loans controlling who goes to college & who doesn’t.
    Indoctrination of our children in classroom. (How ’bout the Obama jam?)
    The current massive land grab in the Western portion of the US. I suppose that doesn’t have anything to do w/our food supply huh?
    Obama is revisiting Our 2nd Amendment rights & are threatned once again. The appointment of Sonya Sotomayora spell danger to me. She not only opposes gun rights; but,property ownership rights as well. Remember the Holocaust? Jews didn’t have guns to defend themselves.
    Currently McCain is drafting legislation to control vitamin supplements. I guess he doesn’t want us to be too healthy or free of cancer eh? Or maybe big Pharma looses out? U decide. & yes he’s bad news too.
    Obama is trying to ban sport fishing. Yep. U read that correctly. But, I’m sure that doesn’t have anything to do with our food supply either does it?
    National ID card to monitor US citizens presented under the lie of Immigration Reform.
    Currently Obama wants to regulate the Internet stomping our freedom of the press & free speech. Sound like a country u want? Better WAKE UP!
    I can go on & on; but for the sake of brevity I won’t. My next question is what now? How can we stop the HC bill so this ego-maniacal Narcissistic Communist “creature” and reduce him to “Lame Duck” status for the next 3 yrs?

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