52% Say Obama Doesn’t Deserve Reelection In 2012

The message from the poll us clear, America will not vote for Obama again. The twist to this story is The Hill posted this story on February 15th: Dodd: Obama will be elected to a second term ‘overwhelmingly’ By Eric Zimmermann. One day later February 16th, the same source posted this: CNN poll: 52% say Obama doesn’t deserve reelection in 2012 By Michael O’Brien.

Question 6. Do you think Barack Obama deserves to be reelected, or not?

Feb. 12-15, 2010 All Registered Americans Voters
Yes, deserves reelection 44% 44%
No, does not deserve
reelection 52% 52%
No opinion 4% 4%

Does Obama deserve a second term? Obama’s handling of healthcare, according to the CBS poll, has just a 36-percent approval rating. On the war in Afghanistan and terrorism, CBS reports 46 percent approval rating. Last week’s Gallup Poll showed the president sinking to new lows on his handling of the economy and health care, both drawing the approval of only 36 percent of Americans. Sixty percent disapprove of his approach on health care, while 61 percent don’t like how he’s handling the economy. Among independents, just 29 percent approve of his economic policies. Obama promised he would appoint federal officials during Senate recesses if the Senate did not approve his nominations first. By the end of the week, 27 of the 63 nominations had cleared the Senate. Obama has announced that he intends to use executive authority to push through pieces of legislation that are gridlocked in Congress. This decision is causing controversy and significant political risks. Americans have accused the president of hypocrisy because of his earlier criticism of President Bush’s use of executive orders.

The military is not happy with the Obama. Defense Secretary Gates has publicly stating that Obama must make a decision on Afghan troop deployment last year, while Gen. McChrystal was begging for more troops. Both of these men were putting their jobs on the line and basically putting pressure on Obama. Gays in the military are really pissed wth Obama. Obama said during his campaign he opposed a 1993 law stating that homosexuals are not eligible to work in the U.S. military, widely referred to as the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” rule. Each year, the U.S. military kicks out hundreds of soldiers for “homosexual conduct,” although numbers have fallen from 1145 in 1998 to 627 in 2007. Obama opposed California’s ban on gay marriage. He has said he supports equal legal rights for same-sex couples.

The economy continues to remain the determining factor for Obama, and voters are unhappy with their leader. Obama and his administration has claimed that its jobs program is working and claim that the stimulus was responsible for over 1 million jobs. The employment numbers do not support these claims. Businesses slashed 20,000 more jobs in January, and the Labor Department reported that the economy actually lost 150,000 jobs in December, not 85,000, as it reported by the Obama administration. Obama has not focused enough on the economy. Obama’s domestic issues are driving his approval ratings down.

Obama and the Senate plan to tax benefits of union members. This is hidden in the health care bill, the tax would directly impact many who often forsake higher wages for better benefits. Obama plans to increase the Export-Import Bank’s funding for small businesses from $4 billion to $6 billion, to subsidize foreign purchases of U.S. exports with low-interest loans. Taking more capital out of the U.S. economy weakens capital formation and economic growth. Obama has run out of new spending ideas to boost the economy, the problem is, they never worked in the first place.

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