Obama Ignore Nigeria Killings, Like Clinton Did With Rwanda (WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO)

An international news channel is showing footage of men in uniforms shooting unarmed men after they purportedly were arrested during clashes last year with Muslim militants in northern Nigeria. The footage aired Tuesday on Al-Jazeera shows two uniformed men forcing seven young men to lie face-down at the side of a busy road. The uniformed men then fire into the men’s backs. Boko Haram sect militants sparked violence in late July, unleashing a bloodbath in which 700 people died. Rights groups claimed authorities committed extrajudicial killings.

Let me remind all of you black DEMOCRAT readers of what happened in Rwanda, when Bill Clinton was president. Bill Clinton and Al Gore sat back and watched 800,000 black people be killed and did NOTHING! All you BLACK ‘folk’ that think the democratic party care about you, guess again. Bill Clinton’s administration knew Rwanda was being engulfed by genocide in April 1994 but buried the information to justify its inaction. Intelligence reports obtained using the US Freedom of Information Act show the cabinet and almost certainly the president had been told of a planned “final solution to eliminate all Tutsis” before the slaughter reached its peak. It took Hutu death squads three months from April 6 to murder an estimated 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus and at each stage accurate, detailed reports were reaching Washington’s top policymakers. Senior officials privately used the word genocide within 16 days of the start of the killings, but chose not to do so publicly because the Bill Clinton, the first African American President to black DEMOCRATS, had already decided not to intervene. Three days later the state department’s intelligence briefing for former secretary of state Warren Christopher and other officials noted “genocide and partition” and reported declarations of a “final solution to eliminate all Tutsis”. A secret briefing circulated to Clinton, the then vice-president, Al Gore, and hundreds of senior officials, included almost daily reports on Rwanda. One, dated April 23, said rebels would continue fighting to “stop the genocide, which … is spreading south”. Bill Clinton did not want to repeat the fiasco of US intervention in Somalia, where US troops became sucked into fighting. Clinton also felt the US had no interests in Rwanda, it is a small central African country, 100% black population, with no minerals or strategic value. Now Clinton is running to Haiti acting like he care about these people, he FOOL YOUR ASS AGAIN!  The Clinton administration decided against intervention the Rwanda genocide at any level. On a visit to the Rwandan capital, Kigali, in 1998 Clinton apologized for not acting quickly enough or immediately calling the crimes genocide. 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus died because Bill Clinton, a white DEMOCRAT, and according to black people, the first African American President to black DEMOCRATS, ignored these killings. I never understood how black people followed Clinton after this. Will Obama, a black DEMOCRAT, do the same. Obama has not said anything TO THIS DAY!

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    • Europe
    • February 10th, 2010

    You’re preaching now! I remember Clinton and how he dodged Rwanda. Great post.

    • kay
    • February 10th, 2010

    Mumuzine, you won’t stop your Obama hating. Oloshi.
    You have brought your nonsense here too from Cybereagles. what’s your business with what happens in Nigeria? and what’s Obama’s business?

    That video was old news and I don’t know why Aljazeera is playing a video that had been on Youtube for a while now.

    • henry
    • February 11th, 2010

    I don’t condone or support execution without a trial.

    I wouldn’t call this GENOCIDE. Please refrain from drawing comparison to Rawanda. This allegedly shows the execution of some Boko Haram fighters. As Rights groups stated, it is a case of “extrajudicial killings”, and not genocide.

    Secondly, Aljezeera losses credibility for this report here. in the voice-over the reporter misquotes what the soldier says at 2:35. The soldier says shot him in the chest, you’ll get the heart. The reporter some how heard, “…shoot him in the chest not the head, I want his hat”.

    Don’t let a video you see on the internet make you start drawing comparison to the genocide Rawanda when it appears you know little about what went on in Madugari.

    I agree it is sad that people were shot without trial when there is a legal system that is able to hold trials and sentence those found guilty.

    Nigeria has a trained army, if they decided they wanted to commit genocide, you’d have a body count in the hundreds of thousand and not 700. The security forces were not committing any genocide my friend, but they maybe guilty of “extrajudicial killings”.

    • emptysuit
    • February 11th, 2010

    Henry, I didn’t say that this was genocide. I cover the Rwanda killing for 4 years before the massive killings. IT STARTED OUT THE SAME WAY! Who cares about what was said at point 2:35 that’s not the issue. The issue is people are being killed from riots that started TWO YEARS AGO! after the killing of Dipo Dina. Leaders are still angry from the Nigeria-Biafra war. Last year in May almost 500 were killed in the city of Warri in a span of eight days, and nothing was said. I put this post up, because of concern of the repeat of Rwanda. I’m Proud that I did, because, some body has to speak about these killings. DID YOU! Don’t tell me what to compare and what not to compare. When I see my brother/sisters killed in mass numbers, whether it’s 5 or 700; DAME RIGHT, I’m going to say something. This will become another Rwanda if nothing is done. Public killings show citizens that they will be kill if they resist. Please, don’t tell me what to compare. This will become another Rwanda if nothing is done. My Friend, you may not feel the same as I do. I saw things in Rwanda that I will never forget. Haiti sparked my memory of the bodies (the meaning of why I did many posting on Haiti) and this video brought back the killing scenes. I Pray that this post get some attention to that area! Take care, don’t be a stranger.

    • henry
    • February 12th, 2010

    This video is not new, it was shot when the riots took place.

    As I said above, I’m not saying there isn’t a crime being committed here. There clearly is (extrajudicial killing), and it is very disturbing to think people are being executed without a trial. But I don’t see why you are comparing this to Rwanda?
    What are the parallels?
    What ethnic group is killing or trying to eradicate the other? What makes this similar to Rwanda?

    The killing of Dipo Dina and the Boko Haram sect have nothing to do with each other. They are not related. Dipo Dina was NOT killed by Nigerian security forces! He was assassinated in Ogun state by assassins.

    You mention Warri, but the video has nothing to do with the plight of the people in the Niger Delta region. The video is about the alleged killing of some the Boko Haram fighters in Maiduguri. Since you are convinced it is the early signs of genocide, please let us know who (ethnic group) is trying to wipe out the other?

    You make comparisons, but you are mixing unrelated incidents and then suggesting “This will become another Rwanda if nothing is done”. Maybe you could expand on what you see is happening in Nigeria that is making you believe this will become another Rwanda.

    • clark
    • February 12th, 2010

    Clinton must have read this blog post

    • R. Langston
    • February 12th, 2010

    the world don’t care about niggas, that’s why you don’t hear much about Nigeria, Haiti and Liberia. Suit you did great posting this. Henry you must have problem here. Are you one of the officials doing the killings? I remember Rwanda too, I can’t say much about how it started, but I do know it was ignored by the Clinton administration for a long time. Henry, you’re making yourself seem careless to the killings. STOP THE KILLINGS EVERYWHERE

    • henry
    • February 12th, 2010

    How am I making myself seem careless to the killings?

    Did you read my two comments?

    If you didn’t, read it again. Just because I questioned what the comparison to Rwanda was you think I don’t see the injustice. You are mistaken there, it is deeply sad and unlawful to shot people with no trial.

    If you knew more about what you were watching, besides the obvious unlawful killings, we could have a discussion. However, I’m not to sure what you know about the problem with extremist groups in Nigeria.

    • LQ
    • February 13th, 2010

    ethnic cleansing Warri did try! Nobody Cares. The nation state will be dead before the US intervene.

  1. Thank you for your advice!

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