Liberal’s Anti-War Hypocrisy.?

Throughout the 90’s every media outlet had some feed showing the anti-war movement toward the Bush/Cheney administration. These Liberal protestors did everything everywhere to voice their opinion toward Bush and Cheney. Remember Cindy Sheehan, Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Independent Progressive Ralph Nader, Republican Congressman Ron Paul,  Democratic congressional candidate Marcy Winogard, and, GONE! What happened to them? Answer, A DEMOCRAT IS IN OFFICE NOW! Correction, A BLACK DEMOCRAT IS IN OFFICE NOW!  His name: Barack Hussein Obama. Is this just a clear-cut case of partisan hypocrisy.

Obama just signed a record $708 billion military budget, bigger than President Bush’s largest defense budget.

Obama allocated over $100 billion in supplemental funding for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The CIA has carried out a record number of Predator Drone attacks on targets in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other nations, attacks which led to the deaths of over 700 Pakistani civilians last year.

Obama instituted two new troop surges in Afghanistan, which added an additional 50,000 troops.

Obama’s two troop surges led to 2009 being the bloodiest year for American & NATO soldiers in Afghanistan.

A record number of private war contractors, approximately over 200,000, now operate in Afghanistan and Iraq under Obama’s command.

U.S. soldiers, mainly special forces, are now operating in Pakistan and Yemen.

Over 100,000 soldiers are still on the ground in Iraq, despite campaign pledges to commence a fairly rapid drawdown.  In addition, a significant spike in sectarian violence has occured in Iraq over the last six months, arousing new worries of yet another delay.

Guantanamo Bay is still open, despite Obama’s pledge to close it in a year’s time.

Obama ‘sproposal for a three-year federal spending freeze, the military budget was completely exempted.

Obama annual war spending now surpasses healthcare, education, welfare, and safety spending by all fifty state governments combined.

Obama notified Congress today that he will sell $6 billion in weapons to Taiwan.

If the anti-war movement and MSM needs to start holding Obama accountable, just as it did President Bush.

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  1. First off, I have warned people about Obama. I told them there would be no change. He is a corrupt Chicago politician.

    However, Cindy Sheehan, Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Independent Progressive Ralph Nader, Republican Congressman Ron Paul, Democratic congressional candidate Marcy Winogard, and are loud and clear about their antiwar stance now and are coming against Obama. Sheehan publicly protested Obama when he was on vacation. It’s others in the antiwar movement that have been hypocrites. They were not against war, they were against Bush. Now that their guy Obama is in, they don’t want to rock the boat.


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