Zumante Lucero, 9, Dies After State Cut Off Medicaid.

Zumante Lucero, a 9 year-old Denver boy with asthma, died in July after a severe attack. His family had previously been on Medicaid. Repeat: His family had previously been on Medicaid, but was unexpectedly cut off from the program by the State of Colorado.

According to Zuton Lucero, Zumante’s mother, she called Denver Human Services every few days for months. Human Services responded by affirming that all of her children were in fact covered under Medicaid. However, when local pharmacists’ computers did not register the family as having prescription drug coverage. This pattern continued until Zumante’s death in July. State officials have said that errors in a $243 million computer system installed in 2004 are to blame for mistakes like the one that led to Zumante Lucero’s death. A group of lawyers is now considering suing the state for rampant flaws in its benefits management system. The Colorado Benefits Management System’s computer problems also account for rampant delays in processing food stamp cases. Let’s send some prayers to the Lucero’s family.

Question: Who is the blame here? State Funded Healthcare? $243 million computer system installed in 2004? Local pharmacists’ lack of data? Human Services? The State of Colorado? The Mother for not finding another pediatrician? Could private Healthcare coverage plans give better services?

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