Police Taser High School Student After Fight

The story reported: Police officers used a Taser to stun a student after a fight broke out at a high school basketball game in Monessen, Pa., MyFoxDC.com reported.

After watching the raw video, you see two students were tased. First at min 1:03; second at min 3:33; third at min 3:54; fourth at min 4:02. The incident happened outside the gymnasium at Monessen High School during a game with Washington High Friday. Two girls from competing schools began fighting in the hallway.

Controlling a high school crowd is very hard, expecially when a fights starts. My question is the disorderly conduct of the officer that did the tasing. Looking at the video you see this officer determined to taser the student, while on the ground, contained by officers and in the back shoulder as he leave the gym. Do you think charges need’s to be filed against this officer? Political Note= Will Obama Make Mention Of This Like He Did With Gates/Crowley?

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