Scott Brown Wins

Scott Brown (R): 51.9% (1,168,107)
Martha Coakley (D): 47.1% (1,058,682)
Joe Kennedy (I): 1.0% (22,237)

Republican State Sen. Scott Brown scored an political upset in the special election to fill the U.S. Senate seat occupied for so long by Democratic Ted Kennedy. Brown, who beat the state’s Democratic attorney general, Martha Coakley, will become the 41st Republican vote in the Senate and robbed Democrats of the crucial 60th Senate vote they need to overcome Republican procedural hurdles. A Republican has not won a Senate seat in the Bay State since 1972. Kennedy held the seat for 47 years. GOP chairman Michael Steele said Brown’s “message of lower taxes, smaller government and fiscal responsibility clearly resonated with independent-minded voters in Massachusetts who were looking for a solution to decades of failed Democrat leadership.”

Interactive Map, Election Results By County

Wall Street watched the election closely. The Democratic health bill angered people and Brown is sending a message that they can’t just ram this stuff through. The Dow Jones industrial average rose 116 points, and analysts attributed the increase to hopes the election would make it harder for Obama to make his changes to health care. With 80% of the vote counted and Brown leading 52-47%, State Atty. Gen. Martha Coakley called Brown to concede defeat. Obama and the White House aides anonymously point to Coakley’s campaign as badly run. Coakley was criticized for running a lackluster campaign. She talked to Obama who said you can’t win them all. Remember Obama campaigned for Coakley in Boston belittling Brown and truck owners several times during his speech. Obama told the crowd, “Anybody can own a truck.” Brown became a moderately successful lawyer, dealing mainly with property deals, and has spent years in the National Guard. He was elected to the state’s lower house in 1998, he became a state senator in 2004. He has pitched himself as an ordinary, pick-up truck driving guy ready to stand up against big government and higher taxes for the ordinary people. He has described himself as “fiscally conservative but socially conscious”. Scott Brown is the man of the hour, now Brown could go down in history as the man who stopped Obama and the Democrats.

Brown owns a truck, a 2005 GMC Canyon pick-up, with 200,000 miles on the clock.

At the age of 22, as a law student in Boston, he was named America’s Sexiest Man by Cosmopolitan magazine. He posed naked as its centrefold in its June 1982 issue. He is now a practising real estate attorney.

He has two daughters: Ayla is a college basketball champion and former American Idol semi-finalist; Arianna is a pre-med student at Syracuse University.

Mr Brown is also a basketball player. At Tufts University he was known as Downtown Scotty Brown, possibly for his long-distance jumpshots.

At theage of 12 he was caught shoplifting but returned to the straight and narrow after a judge made him write a 1,500-word essay on why his brothers and sisters would not want to see him play basketball in jail.

He has been married for 23 years to Gail Huff, a reporter at WCBV-TV in Boston.

Brown joined the Massachusetts National Guard at the age of 19 and rose to the rank of lieutenant-colonel.

He has served as a defence lawyer for the Guard and has also been deployed to Paraguay and Kazakhstan.

The Senate seat he won was occupied by John F. Kennedy, before he came president, and then, for almost 47 years, by his brother, Ted Kennedy.

He ran a web campaign, raising $1.3 million in a single day in an online “money bomb”. Portraying himself as a hard-working, regular guy, he drove his truck everywhere during the campaign.

Mr Brown first won public office in 1992. He was elected to the Massachusetts state senate in March 2004.

In Massachusetts, he backed state healthcare reform. But he has promised to oppose Obama’s nationwide healthcare reforms because he says they would cost too much.

He is a champion triathlete, who gets up to train at 5am.

He worships at a Protestant chapel in Franklin but has raised over $5 million for an order of Cistercian nuns in Wrentham, Norfolk county.

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