Obama Heckled at Coakley Rally

Can anyone say, “dazed and confused!”

Click On Links:
Obama heckled At Health Care Rally
Obama Angry With Banks
Top 20 US Conservatives/Liberals
Impeach Obama
The World’s Most Powerful People
Obama Facing Debt Payments, $1.6 TRILLION Due By March
Millions To Repay Part Of Obama Tax Credit
Obama’s Approval Rating
Obama Bank Overhaul
Obama’s 9 Trillion Dollar Deficit
Obama Plan To Tax 50 Banks
About Emptysuit
Obama Gun Control
49 Of 50 States Have Lost Jobs Under Obama
I Won’t Vote For Obama Again
Kroft to Obama: Are you punch-drunk?
Obama Prompter Crash!
Obama Joker Poster
Obama Shoe Shine Boy
The House Negro And The Field Negro
Rep. Joe Wilson shouted “You lie!” To Obama
White America Hate Barack Obama
Marine Vet David William Hedrick Rips Rep. Brian Baird
Black People Don’t Like Black Conservatives


  1. Awww. Poor guy’s losing control.

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