Negro Used in the 2010 Census Form

Your census form will be in the mail this spring – and please take 10 minutes to fill it out. Vehicles promoting the census will crisscross the United States, and ads for the census will run in nearly every form of communication. What is the problem? “Negro,” is being used in the 2010 questionnaire, question #9. Is this a big deal? “Negro,” was used in the 2000 question # 8, 1990  question #4, questionnaire as well. It’s used all the time. The question, which asks about race, provides the following answer choice: “Black, African Am., or Negro.” Outside your sensitivity to terms, what’s the difference?

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    • R. Wallace
    • January 7th, 2010

    All the same. There are no boxes for each, the same box would be checked. I did not know the term was used all the time. I figure black people are not negros anymore. Tell this to all these rappers. Great site!

    • John O’Neal
    • February 27th, 2010

    How does one tell if one is a Negro? Does the one drop rule apply? Does the one drop rule apply to Question #8 re: Latinos, et al? Why does the Federal government need to have this information? Are there special Federal programs is an individual fits into one of the “SELECT” catagories? Just wondering.

    • John O’Neal
    • February 27th, 2010

    How does one tell if one is a Negro? Does the one drop rule apply? Does the one drop rule apply for question #8 re: Latinos, et al? Why does the Federal government need this information? Are there special Federal programs for those “SELECT”

    • John O’Neal
    • February 27th, 2010

    I think this is pretty straight forward and moderate. It is a very valid question; How does a person determine if they are a Negro? When this devisive type of question is requested on form placed before me I generally indicate that I am African Hispanic since we all started in Africa and I am almost certain that a survivor of the Spanish Armada gave my Irish sisters their beautiful black hair.

    • Kathy
    • March 17th, 2010

    Its because the black community cannot decide what they want to be called. In the 60’s “N” became Negro, then they wanted to be “black”. Now its African-American. I guess the census just wanted to make sure they covered them all.

    I received a telephone call one evening to conduct a survey. One question was regarding race. “Are u White,Latino, Asian, Black or African American? I asked what the difference is between black & African American. Her response was, “Its just a matter of personal preference”.
    Oh. I wonder what they will change it to next year.

    • Mara
    • April 11th, 2010

    Recently, I found the 2010 Census form hanging on my door. As I began filling it out, I came across a dilemma. The U.S. government wants to know if my children are adopted or not and it wants to know what our races are. Being adopted myself, I had to put “Other” and “Don’t Know Adopted” for my race and “Other” and “Don’t Know” for my kids’ races.

    Can you imagine not knowing your ethnicity, your race? Now imagine walking into a vital records office and asking the clerk for your original birth certificate only to be told “No, you can’t have it, it’s sealed.”

    How about being presented with a “family history form” to fill out at every single doctor’s office visit and having to put “N/A Adopted” where life saving information should be?

    Imagine being asked what your nationality is and having to respond with “I don’t know”.

    It is time that the archaic practice of sealing and altering birth certificates of adopted persons stops.

    Adoption is a 5 billion dollar, unregulated industry that profits from the sale and redistribution of children. It turns children into chattel who are re-labeled and sold as “blank slates”.

    Genealogy, a modern-day fascination, cannot be enjoyed by adopted persons with sealed identities. Family trees are exclusive to the non-adopted persons in our society.

    If adoption is truly to return to what is best for a child, then the rights of children to their biological identities should NEVER be violated. Every single judge that finalizes an adoption and orders a child’s birth certificate to be sealed should be ashamed of him/herself.

    I’d really like to know how Uncle Sam wants adopted persons will sealed identities to answer the race question. Does the U.S. Government want us to lie or does it expect us to be psychic?

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