Obama Doll Found Hanging From Building

A doll in the image of Barack Obama was found hanging from a building in the hometown of former President Jimmy Carter. The doll was hanging by a noose in front of a red, white and blue sign that says “Plains, Georgia. Home of Jimmy Carter, our 39th President.” A witness told the station that the doll had a sign with Obama’s name on it.

In my post “Obama Shoe Shine Boy” I asked the question, “America, what did you expect from Obama opposers?” If you are a reader of the blog you have read some of my comments stating that I am against acts of racism toward Obama. Hollyqueen, I did you’re your message about me defending Michelle Obama about a racist remark made by a  reader in Michelle Obama’s Weight Problem. Thank you. Acts like this should be taken very serious and I pray that the SS get to the bottom of this “Hate Crime”

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