Barack And Michelle Obama Radical Cartoon

It is said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Tell Me What You See?

Click On Links:
Obama Doll Found Hanging From Building
‘Death to Obama’ Sign Holder Detained
The House Negro And The Field Negro
White America Hate Barack Obama
The Race Card
Barack Obama Said He Was Black Before The Election
Obama Shoe Shine Boy
Michelle Obama Chimp Image On Google
Swastika Next To Obama On Golf Course
Glenn Beck calls Obama a racist
Hugo Chávez Calls Obama The Devil
Hillary Clinton Warned America About Obama
Barack Obama A Muslim
Osama bin Laden Calls Out Obama, Remember Your Roots
Obama, 100th Anniversary Of NAACP
Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama and Jews
Obama Kill The Fly
Obama Eyeball E-Mail


  1. This is simple, if you are racist and think along those lines you will find humor and rightouseness in these headlines and stories. If you are liberal or a person of color you will be greatly offended. This sir is a no brainer. We, people of color can see the racial hatred people have for our President, we live that hatred that others say is not there every day of our lives. So we are experts on this subject, and those that perpetuate this hate are experts on hate perpetuation. But those that live on the outside and have not walked in either shoe would be hard press to understand how we feel when we read and see this behavior from the 60’s prevelant today. So, although they question this behavior the begin to question the intent of these action and this is where the debate begins as to the intention of these actions. To us, people of color, there is no debate, only reruns of what we experience everyday of our lives.

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