Gibbs Fight To Get American Photos Of Obama

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Riots At Copenhagen Climate Conference
Italy’s PM Silvio Berlusconi Punched In The Face
Copenhagen Climate Treaty Summary
The World’s Most Powerful People
The House Negro And The Field Negro
Arrest During Climate Change Summit
Obama/House Passes Climate Change Bill
Obama Cooling Air To Fight Global Warming


  1. You guys are really funny. After Ronald Reagan cut the budget for the mentally ill as California Governor, I wondered where these mental cripples went….since they became forced to live on the streets. To avoid this calamity some mental cripples organized and now we have Emptysuit and the many web sites listed at Emptysuit. We need to applaud these mental cripples for having real spirit and refusal to accept government handouts…. thanks to Ronald Reagan. It goes to show that two half-wits may not equal a whole wit but even so these half-wits deserve credit for saying no to government handouts. Let us all support these mental cripples for the enterprising spirit that so many of us cherish. Let us work together to stamp out mental illness.

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