Hugo Chávez Calls Obama The Devil

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez spoke at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, and suggested that President Obama is the DEVIL. Chavez was the hit of the show at Copenhagen, a stunning ‘truth to power’ moment, shedding light on the true intent of the left-alarmist-Copengagen wealth confiscation crowd.

Chávez said that “the Kyoto Protocol cannot be declared dead or extinguished, which is what the US pretends to do. Which is why (President) Evo (Morales of Bolivia) tells a great truth: If Obama, Nobel War Prize, said here, by the way, it smells of sulfur here. It smells of sulfur. It keeps smelling of sulfur in this world. The Nobel War Prize has just said here that he came to act. Well, then show it, sir, don’t leave by the back door, eh? Do everything you need to do for the US to adhere to the Kyoto Protocol, and let’s respect Kyoto, and empower Kyoto, and respond to the world in a transparent fashion.” The comment recalled Chávez’s speech to the United Nations in September 2006 when he referred to President Bush as the devil, also leaving behind a scent of sulfur.

Note his jab at Obama.

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