Castro Call Obama Visit To Copenhagen A “Show”

Cuban leader Fidel Castro called Obama’s trip to UN climate change talks in Copenhagen as a “show,” and complained that the world’s poor will shoulder the burden of any summit agreement. Castro also criticizes the “fascist methods” used by Danish police to put down protesting environmental activists. Castro has stated that the worst part of the summit “is blind selfishness of a rich and privileged minority that intents to impose the bulk of the necessary sacrifices on the immense majority of planet inhabitants.”

Castro criticized Obama for accepting the Nobel Peace Prize and lashed out at his climate policies, accusing the US president of not fighting the “oligarchy of irresponsibly” who are opposing change. He said, “Obama is not ignorant. Like Gore, he knows the grave danger that threatens everyone, but he vacillates and is weak in the face of a blind and irresponsible oligarchy in that country.”

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