Michelle Obama Most Fascinating Person Of 2009

Barbara Walters Ten Most Fascinating People: 2009 Special aired on ABC and we finally learned who the top spot went to this year. First Lady Michelle Obama was named Barbara Walters’ Most Fascinating Person of 2009, one year after President Barack Obama took the honor.

Barabra Walters sat down with the First Lady to talk about the transition of moving to the White House. Michelle had to get her daughters settled into a new city, into a new home, into a new school. They got a dog. She visited eight countries with Emptysuit. She did farm work ‘planted a garden,’ and started a mentoring program.

One of my Liberal Obama Kool Aid Drinking family members left their eyeglasses at my house from Thanksgiving, so I put them on to see how Michelle Obama look through their eyes. WOW!

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