Earmarks In The $1.1T Federal Spending Bill

The $1.1 trillion federal spending bill passed the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday with a vote of 221 to 202. The $1.1 trillion figure includes 5,224 earmarks totaling about $3.9 billion. Many have characterized such funding as ‘wasteful earmarks’ or ‘pork.’ Highlights of a $1.1 trillion spending bill passed include:

Rep. Jim Oberstar secured over $29 million to pay for transportation and other projects in the Eighth District

$15 million for a jet fuel storage complex at the Duluth International Airport

$450,000: Lutheran Social Services, Facilities Rehabilitation for Homeless and Runaway Youth Program

$600,000: College of St. Catherine, Innovation in Nursing Education: Using Technology to Improve Student Learning and Graduate More Nurses

$675,000: HealthEast Care System, St. John’s Hospital Emergency Department Expansion Initiative

$1,000,000: City of Roseville, Twin Lakes Infrastructure Project

$250,000: Ramsey County Regional Rail Authority, Interstate 94 Transit Corridor from St. Paul to Eau Claire: Alternatives Analysis and Environmental Assessment

$200,000: Neighborhood Development Center, University Avenue Business Preparation Collaborative

$560,000: Ramsey County Community Corrections, Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative

$250,000: Family Caregiver Access Network Demonstration Project

$1,900,000: Renovations of the STARBASE Minnesota Educational Building

$250,000: Bottineau Transit project

$150,000 for educational programs and exhibitions at the National Building Museum.

$400,000 for renovation of the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.

$150,000 for exhibits at the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site Foundation in Buffalo, N.Y.

$500,000 for Mississippi River exhibits at the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium in Dubuque, Iowa.

$200,000 for the Washington National Opera.

$30,000 for the Woodstock Film Festival Youth Initiative.

$2.7 million for the University of Nebraska Medical Center, to support surgical operations in space.

$200,000 for a visitor’s center in Bastrop, Texas.

$700,000 for a project called, “Shrimp Industry Fishing Effort Research Continuation,” at the National Marine Fisheries Service in Silver Spring, Md.

$292,200 for the elimination of blight in Scranton, Pa.

$750,000 for exhibits at the World Food Prize Hall of Laureates in Iowa.

$1.6 million for a tram between the Marshall Flight Center and Huntsville Botanical Garden in Alabama.

$655,000 for equipment at the Institute for Irritable Bowel Syndrome Research in Los Angeles.

$500,000 for science lab renovations at Brescia University

$400,000 Construction of a new hyperbaric chamber for Hennepin County Medical Center

$400,000: Summit Academy Opportunities Industrialization Center’s Green Jobs Initiative

$500,000: Grand Rounds Missing Link National Scenic Byway Project

$150,000: Northside Economic Opportunity Network in Minneapolis

$500,000: For a new downtown Minneapolis transit hub for current and future commuter and light rail lines

$400,000: Digital cameras and computers for the Minneapolis Police Department.

$300,000: Bolder Options Program in Minneapolis.

$200,000: Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis

$500,000: Center for Rural Entrepreneurial Studies at the University of Minnesota-Crookston

$500,000: City of Moorhead SE Main Ave. project

$500,000: Northern Light Express

$2 million for the Central Corridor Light Rail Transit Project

$1.9 million for the renovation of an educational building

$68.2 billion for the Education Department.

$109.6 billion for veterans programs, a 15 percent increase, including $45.1 billion for health care.

$7.3 billion for the 2010 census.

$100,000: Bolder Options Expansion in Rochester

$1,000,000: Minnesota Valley Regional Rail Authority Rehabilitation Project

$1,000,000: National Child Protection Training Center at Winona State University

$250,000: Heart of New Ulm research and demonstration project

$300,000: 55th Street Expansion in Rochester

$584,400: Construction of an interchange on Hwy 14 extending Blue Earth County Roads 12 to 17

$800,000 Interstate 94/Brockton Interchange

$400,000 Interstate 494/169 Interchange

$400,000 Hwy 610 construction

$675,000: Children’s Hospital and Clinics of Minnesota, Energy Efficient Expansion of Operating Rooms for Pediatric Health Care

$18.7 billion for NASA, a 5 percent increase.

$7.9 billion for the FBI, a 7 percent increase.

$3.7 billion for grants to state and local law enforcement.

$5.1 billion for heating subsidies for the poor, almost 40 percent more than requested.

$41 billion for highway construction, a slight increase.

$1.6 billion to subsidize Amtrak.

$400,000 for the construction of a new hyperbaric chamber for Hennepin County Medical Center

$500,000 for the Northern Lights Express

$400,000 to install digital cameras in police squad cars

$4.4 million for homeless youth services, health care, and transportation

$1 million for the Minnesota Valley Regional Rail Authority

$300,000 program to help veterans integrate back into civilian life

$560,000 in St. Paul to develop alternatives to detention for juvenile offenders

$800,000 for Anoka Ramsey Community College in Coon Rapids to pay for equipment and curriculum development in medical device manufacturing

$500,000 for the University of Minnesota-Crookston’s Center for Rural Entrepreneurial Studies

A pay raise for federal employees averaging 2 percent.

$500,000 for a community wellness facility in Hyden

$500,000 for building and infrastructure improvements for the Boyle County Fair Board

$460,000 for the Appalachia Service Project’s Kentucky Summer Home Repair Program in Perry County, which provides running water and other services to disadvantaged families

$375,000 for studies to determine whether the Audubon and Natcher parkways should be future spurs on the interstate highway system

$100,000 for a new helicopter landing pad and transportation facility at St. Claire Regional Medical Center in Rowan County

$100,000 for the expansion of Midway College’s Adult Nursing and Health Science Center;

$500,000 for an Interstate 64 interchange in Harrison County

$250,000 for sidewalk upgrades in Brownstown in Jackson County.

$600,000 for facilities and equipment at Columbus Regional Hospital.

$2.4 million for electric hybrid buses in Indiana.

$500,000 for job training at the Campbellsville-Taylor County Industrial Development Authority

$500,000 for equipment at the Owensboro campus of WKU

$300,000 for eradication of methamphetamines

$250,000 for a small business development center at WKU.

$7 million for a program that monitors drug prescriptions to combat abuse

$6.45 million for anti-drug operations and drug treatment under Operation UNITE in 29 counties in Eastern Kentucky

$1.25 million for wastewater treatment projects

$1.8 million for the Kentucky National Guard Joint Operations Support Center in London

$685,000 to promote tourism in Southern and Eastern Kentucky

$500,000 for educational programs in those two areas.

$14.4 million for a new chapel complex at Fort Campbell

$900,000 for a physical fitness center

$450,000 for the Breathitt Veterinary Center in Hopkinsville

$250,000 for equipment for automotive and technology jobs training at the Western Kentucky Community and Technical College in Graves County.

$750,000 for the Pennyrile Narcotics Task Force in Hopkinsville, which is particularly focused on methamphetamine trafficking

$1.35 million for a bus maintenance facility for Audubon Area Community Services

$250,000 for construction of a farmers’ market pavilion in Monroe County

$500,000 for transportation services by the Pennyrile Allied Community Services

$250,000 for computers and other equipment at the Livermore Community Library in McLean County.

$150,000 for a job training initiative with Innovative Productivity Inc., of Louisville.

$1.85 million earmark to replace older Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky buses with more energy-efficient buses.

$500,000 for repairs on Interstate 471 between the Ohio line and Interstate 275 in Northern Kentucky

$350,000 for equipment for the Northern Kentucky University Foundation

$250,000 for facilities and equipment for New Horizons Health System in Owenton.

$2.5 million for foreign language programs in the Fayette County schools.

$500,000 for the construction of a trail system in the Lexington area

$334,000 for the construction of a facility in Frankfort that will centralize all administrative services of the Kentucky National Guard

$325,000 for a domestic violence program in Lexington

$300,000 for a study of mass transit alternatives in Central Kentucky, including light rail.

$700,000 for a loan trust for first-time home buyers in Santa Clara County.

$300,000 for a new mobile emergency command center in San Mateo County.

$215,000 for a gang violence prevention program in East Palo Alto.

$200,000 to expand a library in Half Moon Bay.

$200,000 for the YWCA Silicon Valley Rape Crisis Center.

$100,000 to expand Eden Housing’s at-risk youth program in East Palo Alto.

$14 million for construction of facilities to support “wartime skills training.”

$18.5 million for construction, including a training building and maintenance shop.

$100,000 to Kalamazoo Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services for something called the Nursing Distance Learning Initiative.

$383,000 to purchase buses and handicapped-accessible vans for its public-transit program.

$150 million for the Washington-area transit system,

$138 million for consolidation of the Food and Drug Administration’s offices at White Oak

500 million for military construction projects in the state.

$3 million in new transit funds for Baltimore’s proposed east-west Red Line

$13 million related to the federal military base realignment program, mainly highway construction projects

$44 million in earmarked military construction around the state

$13 million for an array of juvenile justice and related law-enforcement initiatives

$11 million for health and science research

$9 million for projects related to the Chesapeake Bay, including oyster restoration

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  1. If they really cared about the American people, this wouldn’t be happening. Yet, people keep voting them in.

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