Bomb Kills 112 In Baghdag

At least one suicide car bomber targeted a police patrol, while three more car bombs were set off across the Iraqi capital. The blasts were aimed at Iraqi government buildings. Almost another 200 peiople were injured. 112 were killed and 197 wounded. The four attacks showed the ability of insurgents to strike high-profile targets in the heart of Baghdad and marked the third time since August that government buildings were targeted with multiple blasts that brought massive bloodshed. This is an embarrassment to Obama and Iraqi forces in their expanding role as front-line security and Obama’s U.S. forces plan for withdrawal. The blasts happened around 36 hours after MPs had finally settled on 27 February as the date for a national election.

The attacks included car bombings, with the first in Dura at about 10 a.m. local time. Another car bomb exploded at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, while others took place in the busy commercial areas of Nahdha and al-Qashla Square. A fifth bomb blew up outside the Karkh Civil Court in western Baghdad’s Mansour district. Three people died and five were wounded in a first blast in a southern Baghdad suburb, others were killed and wounded in three or four more explosions in the city centre half an hour later. The blasts are the first large terrorist attacks in Baghdad since Oct 25, when two massive truck bombs killed 155 people at the justice ministry and the Baghdad governor’s headquarters. Insurgents have stepped up attacks at government sites in recent months. In August, suicide bombers hit the finance and foreign ministries, killing more than 100. Iraqi officials blamed the October attacks on loyalists to Saddam Hussein’s banned Baathist Party.

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