BART Officer Smash Michael Joseph Gibson Head Into Window

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Transit police in California are facing questions over use-of-force after another controversial video surfaced. The video does show a Bay Area Rapid Transit ,BART, officer remove Michael Joseph Gibson, 37, from a train and forcefully push him towards a nearby wall. After a crash, glass shatters onto both men in the West Oakland station. The officer has been placed on paid “industrial leave” – meaning he is unable to perform his duties because of injuries. The officer has worked for BART since May. Before that, he was a Contra Costa County sheriff’s deputy for six years. He has not been involved in a use-of-force case during his BART tenure, transit agency officials said. Records show Gibson was booked on suspicion of two felonies, battering a police officer and resisting arrest, as well as a misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct.

This is not the first time BART has been in trouble, following a New Year’s Day incident where an officer, now facing murder charges, fatally shot Oscar Grant, an unarmed man.

On New Year’s Day, 22-year-old Oscar Grant was fatally shot by an unidentified BART officer. It happened after grant and some buddies got into a scuffle while riding a train. A bystander captured what went down on her cell phone. At 3:03 you hear the gun shot. Grant was in fact cuffed at the time he was shot; he was definitely pressed to the ground by the officer.

Have we lost trust with the Policing System, or Have the Police lost trust in Us?

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