Obama Asian Tour A Complete Failure

Obama’s determination to recast the U.S. relationship not only with China, but with Asia in general, FAILED. By the time Obama left China MSM worldwide were trying to finding something positive to say about Obama’s performance or accomplishments. Nothing. Let me go back, he spoke to students about the internet, said he does not twit, he bowed to Emperor Akihito, some nut made a fire statue called ‘Burning Man Obama’  he didn’t acknowledge the Dissidents, he went to the Wall, and he stopped to see his brother for around 20 minutes, Obama did not address any controversial issues. It appear to have been a vacation instead of Presidential Assignments.

This would explain why he held no press conferences with the journalists covering his tour. This would explain why he was scripted by Chinese officials surrounding President Hu Jintao in the staged so-called “town hall” meeting with students in Shanghai. The Chinese saw through Obama so quick they refused to broadcast his discussions, they were broadcast only on a local TV station and live streaming on the White House website was blocked by Chinese censors. An exclusive interview he gave to Southern Weekend was published in a Thursday’s editions, but the page that carried the interview was removed from many copies. And the official online edition of the newspaper had no coverage of the event. The newspaper, published in Guangzhou, was not available on most news-stands.

Obama spent eight days visiting four nations and didn’t accomplish anything other then a back work-out from bowing to Japan’s emperor (the gesture of weakness). Obama received the embarrassment of being lectured by the Chinese about being protectionist. Obama wanted China to join in pressuring on Iran to stop its nuclear weapons program. He hoped China would step up on curbing global warming. President Hu Jintao still refused to endorse American and European proposals to tighten sanctions on Iran, and Asia-Pacific leaders agreed that there will be no legally binding deal at the Copenhagen summit, the best Obama could offer was a possible U.S. membership in a minor trade pact known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership. In simple words, Obama FAILED.

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