Neo-Nazis At Phoenix AZ Rally

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I asked this question in my “Neo-Nazi Immigration Rallies” post, “Could this rise of attention be directly related to America’s first Black President?” We see in Phoenix AZ, the Neo-Nazis appeared again during an anti-immigration Tea Party protest at the Phoenix capitol. American Citizens United, who organized the Phoenix Tea Party rally, told the Neo-Nazi group that racist messages were not welcome at the demonstration. The Neo-Nazis left, but two returned. When JT Ready, one of the Neo-Nazis tried to unfurl an Adolf Hitler flag, one of the event organizers tried to rip the flag from Ready’s hands. The other Neo-Nazi was holding a Confederate flag and a sign that read, “Bring our soldiers home, and put them on the Mexican border.” Ready responded by shoving the organizer screaming, “You can’t assult me!  After police intervene, he yells, “If you assault me, I get to assault you.”

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