Man Killed By Obama and Biden’s Secret Service Vehicles

secretservicemotorcadeTwo armored U.S. Secret Service vehicles, including a limousine sometimes used by Vice President Biden, struck and killed a man. The two vehicles, each driven by a Secret Service employee, had just arrived by military plane at Andrews Air Force Base and were being taken to a storage facility in the District. They were not carrying any “protectees.” The pedestrian was struck by the limousine and a Chevrolet Suburban at 2:27 a.m. at Naylor Road, just over the District line in Prince George’s County. He was crossing the parkway at an intersection controlled by traffic lights. It was unclear how fast the vehicles were moving or whether the man was crossing the road legally. The drivers stayed on the scene and rendered first aid until police and rescue officials arrived. The pedestrian, an adult male, was transported to Prince George’s Hospital Center in Cheverly with multiple critical injuries. He was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. Because of their heavy armor, the limousine and Suburban are trickier to handle than ordinary vehicles. Both vehicles were used by Biden the day before during a visit to Fort Lewis, Wash.

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