Obama Promises One Year Later

andePromise Broken

No. 24: End income tax for seniors making less than $50,000
No. 234: Allow five days of public comment before signing bills
No. 240: Tougher rules against revolving door for lobbyists and former officials
No. 505: Create a $3,000 tax credit for companies that add jobs
No. 508: Allow penalty-free hardship withdrawals from retirement accounts in 2008 and 2009
No. 511: Recognize the Armenian genocide
No. 517: Negotiate health care reform in public sessions televised on C-SPAN

Promise Kept

No. 15: Create a foreclosure prevention fund for homeowners
No. 33: Establish a credit card bill of rights
No. 36: Expand loan programs for small businesses
No. 40: Extend and index the 2007 Alternative Minimum Tax patch
No. 58: Expand eligibility for State Children’s Health Insurance Fund (SCHIP)
No. 76: Expand funding to train primary care providers and public health practitioners
No. 77: Increase funding to expand community based prevention programs
No. 88: Sign the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
No. 110: Assure that the Veterans Administration budget is prepared as ‘must-pass’ legislation
No. 119: Appoint a special adviser to the president on violence against women
No. 125: Direct military leaders to end war in Iraq
No. 134: Send two additional brigades to Afghanistan
No. 167: Make U.S. military aid to Pakistan conditional on anti-terror efforts
No. 174: Give a speech at a major Islamic forum in the first 100 days of his administration
No. 222: Grant Americans unrestricted rights to visit family and send money to Cuba
No. 224: Restore funding for the Byrne Justice Assistance Grant (Byrne/JAG) program
No. 225: Establish an Energy Partnership for the Americas
No. 239: Release presidential records
No. 241: Require new hires to sign a form affirming their hiring was not due to political affiliation or contributions.
No. 270: Increase funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund
No. 278: Remove more brush, small trees and vegetation that fuel wildfires
No. 290: Push for enactment of Matthew Shepard Act, which expands hate crime law to include sexual orientation and other factors
No. 307: Create a White House Office on Urban Policy
No. 327: Support increased funding for the NEA
No. 332: Add another Space Shuttle flight
No. 334: Use the private sector to improve spaceflight
No. 336: Partner to enhance the potential of the International Space Station
No. 337: Use the International Space Station for fundamental biological and physical research
No. 338: Explore whether International Space Station can operate after 2016
No. 345: Enhance earth mapping
No. 346: Appoint an assistant to the president for science and technology policy
No. 356: Establish special crime programs for the New Orleans area
No. 359: Rebuild schools in New Orleans
No. 371: Fund a major expansion of AmeriCorps
No. 391: Appoint the nation’s first Chief Technology Officer
No. 411: Work to overturn Ledbetter vs. Goodyear
No. 421: Appoint an American Indian policy adviser
No. 427: Ban lobbyist gifts to executive employees
No. 435: Create new criminal penalties for mortgage fraud
No. 452: Weatherize 1 million homes per year
No. 458: Invest in all types of alternative energy
No. 459: Enact tax credit for consumers for plug-in hybrid cars
No. 480: Support high-speed rail
No. 483: Invest in public transportation
No. 498: Provide grants to encourage energy-efficient building codes
No. 500: Increase funding for the Environmental Protection Agency
No. 502: Get his daughters a puppy
No. 503: Appoint at least one Republican to the cabinet
No. 506: Raise the small business investment expensing limit to $250,000 through the end of 2009
No. 507: Extend unemployment insurance benefits and temporarily suspend taxes on these benefits
No. 513: Reverse restrictions on stem cell research

Promise In The Works

No. 1: Increase the capital gains and dividends taxes for higher-income taxpayers
No. 2: Eliminate all oil and gas tax loopholes
No. 4: Extend child tax credits and marriage-penalty fixes
No. 17: Require economic justification for tax changes
No. 20: Make permanent the Research & Development tax credit
No. 21: Require automatic enrollment in 401(k) plans
No. 22: Require automatic enrollment in IRA plans
No. 23: Create a retirement savings tax credit for low incomes
No. 27: Change standards for determining broadband access
No. 28: Create a consumer-friendly credit card rating system
No. 31: Create a $60 billion bank to fund roads and bridges
No. 37: Extend the Bush tax cuts for lower incomes
No. 38: Repeal the Bush tax cuts for higher incomes
No. 39: Phase out exemptions and deductions for higher earners
No. 41: Freeze the 2009 estate tax law
No. 42: Tax carried interest as ordinary income
No. 43: Sign the Employee Free Choice Act, making it easier for workers to unionize
No. 48: Close the “donut hole” in Medicare prescription drug plan
No. 49: Provide easy-to-understand comparisons of the Medicare prescription drug plans
No. 51: Require insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions
No. 52: Create a National Health Insurance Exchange
No. 53: Give tax credits to those who need help to pay health premiums
No. 54: Create a small business tax credit to help with health premiums
No. 55: Require large employers to contribute to a national health plan
No. 56: Require children to have health insurance coverage
No. 57: Expand eligibility for Medicaid
No. 59: Invest in electronic health information systems
No. 60: Phase in requirements for health information technology
No. 65: Establish an independent health institute to provide accurate and objective information
No. 67: Implement and fund proven health intervention programs
No. 70: Eliminate the higher subsidies to Medicare Advantage plans
No. 72: Prevent drug companies from blocking generic drugs
No. 75: Work with schools to create more healthful environments for children
No. 78: Improve recruitment of public health workers
No. 84: Double federal funding for cancer research
No. 89: Fully fund the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
No. 101: Require employers to provide seven paid sick days per year
No. 106: Expand Veterans Centers in rural areas
No. 109: Fully fund the Veterans Administration
No. 113: Expand the Veterans Administration’s number of “centers of excellence” in specialty care
No. 114: Reduce the Veterans Benefits Administration claims backlog
No. 115: Institute electronic record-keeping for the Veterans Benefits Administration
No. 117: Launch a supportive services-housing program for veterans to prevent homelessness
No. 126: Begin removing combat brigades from Iraq
No. 128: Launch robust diplomatic effort with Iraq and its neighbors
No. 135: Increase the size of the Army and Marine Corps
No. 144: End the “Stop-Loss” program of forcing troops to stay in service beyond their
No. 155: Review weapons programs
No. 159: Set standards for when the government should hire defense contractors
No. 161: End the abuse of supplemental budgets for war
No. 164: Work to end NATO restrictions on forces in Afghanistan
No. 165: Train and equip the Afghan army
No. 170: Double U.S. spending on foreign aid to $50 Billion a year by 2012
No. 171: Establish a Global Education Fund
No. 175: End the use of torture
No. 176: End the use of extreme rendition
No. 177: Close the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center
No. 192: Strengthen the Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI) aimed at stopping spread of weapons of mass destruction
No. 195: Seek verifiable reductions in nuclear stockpiles
No. 196: Extend monitoring and verification provisions of the START I Treaty
No. 202: Create a national cyber adviser to coordinate security of electronic infrastructure
No. 203: Develop a comprehensive cyber security and response strategy
No. 218: Increase the size of the foreign service
No. 229: Expand the Nurse-Family Partnership to all low-income, first-time mothers
No. 236: Require Cabinet officials to host Internet town hall meetings
No. 243: Expand Early Head Start and Head Start
No. 258: Simplify the application process for financial aid
No. 259: Reduce subsidies to private student lenders and protect student borrowers
No. 262: Create incentives for tree planting and promote carbon sequestration
No. 263: Improve water quality
No. 265: Restore the Great Lakes
No. 268: Increase funding for organic and sustainable agriculture
No. 275: Expand Pell grants for low-income students
No. 286: Secure the borders
No. 291: Expand the Employment Non-Discrimination Act to include sexual orientation and gender identity
No. 296: Sign the Deceptive Practices and Voter Intimidation Prevention Act into law
No. 299: Eliminate disparity in sentencing for crack and cocaine
No. 306: Push for a college football playoff system
No. 308: Fully fund the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)
No. 319: Fully fund the COPS program
No. 322: Sign the Responsible Fatherhood and Healthy Families Act
No. 333: Speed up development of the next-generation space vehicle
No. 335: Work with international allies on space station
No. 339: Support human mission to moon by 2020
No. 343: Improve climate change data records
No. 349: Support commercial access to space
No. 350: Revise regulations for export of aerospace technology
No. 352: Encourage contests and programs to interest students in science
No. 354: Strengthen the levees in New Orleans
No. 357: Shake loose federal money for rebuilding the Gulf Coast
No. 358: Rebuild hospitals in New Orleans
No. 361: Improve transportation in New Orleans
No. 373: Encourage community service through online outreach and social networking
No. 375: Expand the YouthBuild program, a youth education and housing program.
No. 392: Expand broadband’s reach
No. 393: Double federal funding for basic science research over 10 years
No. 400: Attract more students to science and math
No. 405: Create White House performance team and chief performance officer
No. 420: Create a national declassification center
No. 422: Create new financial regulations
No. 426: Increase protections for whistleblowers
No. 430: Pressure Sudan to end violence in Darfur
No. 433: Sign a “universal” health care bill
No. 439: Create 5 million “green” jobs
No. 440: Reduce dependence on foreign oil
No. 441: Reduce oil consumption by 35 percent by 2030
No. 442: Establish a low carbon fuel standard
No. 443: Require 10 percent renewable energy by 2012
No. 444: Require 25 percent renewable energy by 2025
No. 449: Raise fuel economy standards
No. 453: Create clean coal partnerships
No. 455: Work with UN on climate change
No. 456: Create cap and trade system with interim goals to reduce global warming
No. 461: Require utilities to reduce electricity demand
No. 462: Make buildings more energy efficient
No. 463: Require more energy-efficient appliances
No. 464: Reduce energy consumption in federal buildings
No. 465: Use revenue from cap and trade to support clean energy and environmental restoration
No. 469: Require federal fleet to be half hybrids or electrical cars
No. 473: Require production of more biofuels
No. 476: Modernize the nation’s electricity grid and use “smart grid” practices
No. 478: Modernize air traffic system
No. 479: Support funding and reform for Amtrak
No. 481: Support airline service in small towns
No. 485: Consider “smart growth” in transportation funding
No. 486: Will seek more accommodations of bicycles and pedestrians
No. 487: Help states and localities address sprawl
No. 510: Support network neutrality on the Internet
No. 514: Ensure that stem cell research is conducted ethically and with vigorous oversight
No. 518: Create a public option health plan for a new National Health Insurance Exchange.

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