More Job Losses To Come Under Obama

Unemployment hit a 26-year high of 9.8 percent in September. The next monthly reports come out Friday and could show it topping 10 percent. Obama warned that more job losses should be expected in the months ahead despite recent signs of economic recovery. So explain how the economy can recover with people constantly losing jobs? When will Obama and his administration stop laying to America!

Obama lied about the $787 billion economic stimulus program, claiming the program helped create or saved over 640,000 jobs. They only people that got great jobs were his top presidential campaign fundraisers that collected $500,000, he gave them government positions ranging from Cabinet and White House posts to advisory roles. A year ago, November 22, 2008 after the election. (video above) Obama said January 20th is our chance to begin anew, with a new direction, new ideas, and new reforms that will create jobs and fuel long term economic growth. He stated that he has already directed my economic team to come up with an Economic Recovery Plan that will mean 2.5 million more jobs by January of  2011. Why are you asking your economic advisers to come up with job-generating ideas that can be hustled up to Capitol Hill? Did you lie to America again? Is it that you are inexperienced, over you head? The job market is taking far longer to show improvement.


Map Where does your state rank?

The unemployment rate, which last month hit a 26-year high of 9.8 percent, and Obama still has no plans for creating jobs. Obama has kept his Kool-Aid Drinkers in the dark for two years, and they still don’t get the picture, He Has Lied To YOU!  Two day ago he called for for “new models” of economic growth and said that we’re going to continue to see some job losses in the weeks and months to come. This means, jobs are not being created like he said November 22, 2008 = a year ago. Obama and his administration will continue to lie to America, telling the country the economy is recovering. MSM will continue to write head lines saying positive signs, but jobs lag. The bottom line is, Obama cannot do what he stated, create 2.5 million jobs! My question again, Why was he elected President?

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