Obama’s Approval Rating

The president’s overall job approval rating was 56 percent in early October, with 34 percent disapproving, and 10 percent saying they don’t know. Approval dropped twelve points since April, when 68 percent approved. Obama has lost ground with independents and Republicans. In the October CBS News Poll, just 20 percent of Republicans approved, down from 31 percent in April. Most recently 52 percent of independents approved, down 13 points from 65 percent. 91 percent Democrats approved in April; 87 percent do so now.

10/2009 4/2009
Republicans 20% 31%
Democrats 87% 91%
Independents 52% 65%

Other recent presidents have experienced drops in their approval ratings at similar points in their presidencies. There was a twelve point drop in Ronald Reagan’s approval rating by the fall of his first year in office, and he too was grappling with a bad economy. In April 1981, 67 percent approved of the job President Reagan was doing; by September approval had fallen to 55 percent, with 33 percent disapproving. President Jimmy Carter’s approval rating dropped nine points, from 64 percent in April 1977 to 55 percent by October. President Bill Clinton’s stayed about the same: 49 percent approved in May 1993, as did 48 percent in October.

Of course, other presidents have gained ground in their approval ratings during their first year in office. President George W. Bush, who has received both the highest and the lowest approval rating of any modern president, saw his approval rating soar to 90 percent in October 2001, just after the terrorist attacks.

Spring Fall
Barack Obama 68% 56%
George W. Bush 56% 90%
Bill Clinton 49% 48%
George H.W. Bush 61% 69%
Ronald Reagan 67% 55%
Jimmy Carter 64% 55%

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