Affordable Health Care For America Act “H.R. 3962″

barack-obama-5aUnveiled by Obama’s Democrats. The Affordable Health Care for America Act H.R. 3962 has been updated with three versions of previous bills passed by the House committees of jurisdiction in July.  H.R. 3962 Complete Bill (1990 Pages)

Key Provisions:

Public Health Insurance Option
The Health Insurance Marketplace
Shared Responsibility
Guaranteed Benefits
Making Coverage Affordable
Consumer Protections and Insurance Market Reforms
Employers and Health Reform
Strengthening the Nation’s Health Workforce
Lowering Health Care Costs
Prevention and Wellness
Delivery System Reforms
Preventing Waste, Fraud and Abuse
Strengthening Medicare
Improving Medicare Part D Drug Program
Maintaining and Improving Medicaid
Medicare Advantage
Health Care Surcharge and Households
Health Care Surcharge and Small Businesses
Women Have the Most to Gain
Small Businesses
A Guide for Seniors
Young Americans
Rural Communities
Health Care Disparities
Indian Health

Top 14 Provisions That Take Effect Immediately »

Top 10 Changes to the Health Insurance Reform Bill

What Health Insurance Reform Means for You

Additional Information:
Complete Bill Text »

Top Line Changes »
4 Page Bill Summary »
10 Page Bill Summary »

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    • Anonymous
    • October 29th, 2009


    • R. Thomas
    • November 3rd, 2009

    Those pages can be reduced to make the bill around 700+ pages. I really believe they have not read the bill.

  1. There is a website at that has the new Health Bill 3962 in .doc, .rtf and .pdf versions as well as a program, myWordCount, that lets you easily count and list all words and phrases in the document. It also lets you select a word or phrase and easily go to each occurence in the document. You can get the different versions of the bill at

  2. HR 3962 Manager’s Amendment
    The newly released HR 3962 Manager’s Amendment is now at in pdf, doc and rtf formats. The 3962 Manager’s Amendment is only 46 pages but has a very interesting section about biofuels — gee, this looks like pork so I am sure that Obama will follow through on his pledge and delete it.

  3. Any tips or advice that can help is always appreciated.-Healthcare Help

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