Obama Honors Fallen Soldiers

Obama joined a party of White House aides, military leaders and his attorney general, Eric Holder, on the tarmac at the Dover Air Force base in Delaware The remains of 18 US soldiers and drug enforcement agents killed in Afghanistan were unloaded from a military aircraft and returned America. The fallen troops died in two separate incidentents on Monday: a Chinook helicopter carrying seven soldiers and three drug enforcement agents crashed and eight soldiers were in a vehicle struck by an improvised explosive device in the Arghandab river valley. Obama met with the family members of the dead. Then he and his party boarded the C-17 aircraft that flew the remains home, listened as an air force chaplain said a prayer and watched six army pall-bearers offload each flag-draped “transfer case” from the plane to a waiting vehicle. Following the families’ request, news media were permitted to witness only one transfer, that of Sergeant Dale Griffin of Terre Haute, Indiana, who was the last off the plane.

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